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How to recycle newspapers into seedpots

Updated on January 14, 2015

How to recycle newspapers into seedpots

You can use simple paper folding technique to make little biodegradable seed pots with old newspapers. There is no need to remove before planting. Just drop it in the ground, and the paper will disintegrate The seeds will sprout through the paper.

All the seedpots you need

You will be able to make all the seedpots you need without spending anything. You can start all your garden plants in little seedpots you make from recycled newspapers. There is no need to take the plant out of the pot before planting. The paper will biodegrade in the ground.


All you need are newspapers, and two tiny pieces of celophane tape. Sometimes, depending upon the size of the newspaper, you may have side pieces to fold down on the sides, and you won't even need the tape. But, I like to put two tiny little pieces on mine to keep the side seams together.

Start with a sheet of newspaper

You will start with a single sheet of newspaper, not colored sales papers, but newsprint. This is half of a double sheet. You will fold this in half right on the fold in the paper.

Fold in half

Then fold it in half, in an upward motion.

Fold in half, left to right

The fold is closest to you.

You now need to fold it in half, left to right.


Unfold it, because this is just to get a guideline for you. You are now looking at the project with the fold towards you. Place a mark for future reference somewhere on this page.

Place finger in right side of the folded paper.

You now will put your finger in the right side of the folded paper, opening the fold.

Line up the fold with the guideline

Bring this over and line the fold up with the guideline in the center.

Flatten and crease

Flatten it out, and crease the folds.

Fold this over

Then fold this over like pages of a book.

Repeat with the left side

Now do the same thing to the left side.

Left same as right

Continue with the left as you did with the right side.

Fold it over like a book page

Fold it over like a page in a book, too.

Paper airplane fold

Just like making a paper airplane, working from this point, we will fold over the right point to the center guideline.

Another paper airplane fold

This is like the second fold in a paper airplane project.

Repeat for the left side

Do the exact same paper airplane folds on the left.

Just like a paper airplane

Continue folding like a paper airplane.

Do the same thing on the other side

Flip the piece over, and do the same thing on the other side, right and then left. You should have a piece that looks like this.

Form little box, secure with tape

Carefully open the piece to become a little box shaped seed pot.

Secure the sides where the sides meet with a small piece of celophane tape.

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