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How to Restore Wicker Furniture

Updated on September 13, 2014

Repair and Restore Old, Worn-Out Wicker Furniture for Less Than $10.

Restoring wicker furniture can bring the beauty back to your patio without spending a fortune to replace it. As wicker furniture ages the paint can crack, peel and the wicker and break and unravel, both causing an unsightly mess. Learning how to restore wicker furniture is simple and very inexpensive.

If you have the time and energy to restore your wicker furniture there is no need to throw it out and spend hundreds of dollars replacing it. Wicker furniture can easily be restored with a little elbow grease and a few coats of paint. Here you will learn how to restore wicker furniture for under $10. These directions will also teach you how to repaint wicker furniture in the even you don't need repairs but a change in décor.

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Cleaning Wicker Furniture

How to Restore Wicker Furniture Step #1

How to Clean Wicker Furniture

To restore your old wicker furniture start by giving it a good cleaning. The weather along with morning dew can lead to mildew which can cause your wicker to turn shades of grey and green.

Use a spray bottle to apply a bleach solution made up of 1 part bleach and 2 parts water. Allow the solution to set for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse away using a high pressure nozzle.

After rinsing the bleach use a dish soap and a scrub brush to scrub the entire furniture to remove any dirt, grime, mildew or other particles that may prevent the paint from adhering to the surface. Mean Green and Simple Green are also effective in removing tough mildew stains but bleach is just as good. Either way, use what you have on hand. Both can be bought from the dollar store for around $2.

After washing, allow the furniture to dry completely. A dry cloth will help get off the excess water but will not dry it completely. For best results set in the sun and allow the wicker furniture to dry for a few hours.

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Repair Loose Ends on Wicker Furniture
Repair Loose Ends on Wicker Furniture

Repairing the Loose Ends

How to Restore Wicker Furniture Step #2

How to Quickly Repair Wicker Furniture

After your wicker furniture is dry use a sharp pair of scissors to cut any loose or frayed pieces of wicker that may have come undone. Check the arms, legs and seating area for any loose pieces that need to be tightened back up, woven back into place, or repaired completely.

The wraps are on the end of legs, edges, and on the arms. They are the most common repair needed for wicker furniture. It's a simple piece of wicker that has been wrapped around the base to hold the strands in place. These need to be replaced or compensated for... the tie strap will do just that. You can buy those for a buck or two at the dollar store or at box stores. You can also find them online.

If you have wicker wraps that have to be cut back they can be replaced using white tie straps with the connector facing the backside of the furniture. Once it is painted the tie strap will blend in perfectly and will not be noticeable.

If you have parts of the seat, arms, or back that needs to be repaired, that too, is simple. You can purchase the wicker, commonly referred to as 'cane'. To weave back in. I'm not sure what types of stores would carry it but you might could check craft stores or just purchase it online. Below are a few quick and easy links to Amazon where you can purchase kits to repair your wicker furniture using cane.

Image Source: Homemade Beauties by Heidi

Complete Wicker Repair Kit

Commonwealth Basket Comcraft Chair Caning Kit, Medium 3mm Cane
Commonwealth Basket Comcraft Chair Caning Kit, Medium 3mm Cane

This kit includes everything you need to repair a piece of wicker furniture. You can find it in a variety of sizes and lengths.


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How to Prime Wicker Furniture Before Painting It

Priming wicker furniture is not required, but it will help the overall appearance of the finished piece by maximizing your painting efforts. Priming wicker furniture before painting it will help seal any exposed wood, cover any painted surfaces that may be glossed and prevent new paint from sticking, and it will also help create an even paint color for beautiful finished look.

Again, priming is optional, but I would recommend it so that your paint last longer. If you are painting over a dark color to start with, it is highly recommended in order to get an even paint color and minimize the amount of paint needed to cover the original color.

You can use primer in a spray can for the easiest application and to insure that you are able to cover the entire surface, including the gaps in between the strips of wicker. You will only need a single coat so one or two cans should do fine unless you are painting multiple pieces of wicker furniture.

Krylon Sandable Primer Aerosol, shown on the right, comes in white and grey and is a great primer for using on wicker. It is also sandable so that if there are any minor flaws in the wicker you can simply primer, sand down and prime again until the area is smooth and all scratches, pits, and nicks are filled and flawless.

Painting Wicker Furniture

How to Restore Wicker Furniture Step #4

How to Repaint Wicker Furniture

White is the most common color of wicker furniture and helps maintain that cozy, cottage-feeling ambiance created by wicker. While white is the most common color, you can paint your furniture any color you would like. Keep in mind the colors of your cushions, outdoor décor and the colors you wish to bring into your sitting area.

Once you have chosen the color you want to use, you can begin the final part of your wicker restoration. Spray paints work the best and when applied correctly, they will make your furniture look brand new. Follow the directions listed on the spray paint to insure proper application.

After applying an even coat of paint to the wicker furniture, allow it to dry completely and finish it off with a second coat. Once the second coat has dried completely you are finished restoring your wicker furniture and can be proud of your work.

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Wicker Furniture
Wicker Furniture

Decorating Your Wicker Furniture

Spruce of Your Newly Restored Wicker Furniture

New or recently restored wicker furniture makes a beautiful accent for patios, porches, sun rooms, sitting rooms and just about any other area that you wish to have to add an elegant sitting area.

With wicker furniture, you can create a comfy, cottage feel by adding blues, whites, pinks, yellows, and other light colors. If you want to create a warm, sophisticated area consider painting your wicker a darker color such as mocha, black, brown or another dark color. Finish it off with creams, browns, dark reds, dark oranges, and golds. these colors give a warm and relaxed feel that is inviting but still very appropriate for sophisticated areas such as offices and entry ways.

You can also make wicker fun by painting it other colors to match your décor. These days, it's not uncommon to see wicker painted in reds, teals, blues and other bright, fun colors to brighten up any spot. One of my favorite is a wicker bedroom set painted teal.

You can decorate your wicker furniture and make it more comfortable by adding cushions, throw pillows, throw blankets. These items will add color, style, comfort and make the area more inviting.

Creative Commons Image by Furniture Fashion

Wicker Furniture Cushions

Cushions for Your Wicker Furniture

Make your furniture more comfortable, add color, and coordinate it with the rest of your décor using cushions to decorate your wicker furniture. Here are some beautiful cushions to spruce up your sitting area and add beauty to your newly finished wicker project. The cushions below work wonderfully with wicker furniture and come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Each of the patterns listed below also have matching cushions for the seating area, throw pillows and more accessories to match. For a huge variety, check out Wicker Furniture Cushions on

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    • Shirdun profile image

      Shirdun 3 months ago

      What type/sort of glue would stick wicker?

    • profile image

      Mary Dadds 6 months ago

      I have some wicker that is in bad need of restoring and repainting.I have put it off,but this article has been very helpful.Now I plan to get to work and I know it will look good.Thank you.

    • profile image

      Catherine 10 months ago

      This was very informative. Thank you. I have a lot of wicker and I use it throughout my house. I always paint it white. I do refresh the color about every two to three years beacause it tends to become dull. I love wicker and I Make sure all my cushions are very cozy.

    • profile image

      sandy 12 months ago

      Just received a free chair and it has a hold in the back wondering how to fix it/

    • profile image

      Pam 17 months ago

      I am going to use this info to restore a Lloyd Flanders rocker. Thought about cleaning with Murphys oil soap. It's old but in very good shape. Just needs cleaning and painting.

    • profile image

      Jan 19 months ago

      Very helpful I have 2 beautiful vintage chairs I do not want to let go of now I can restore them.

    • profile image

      Andi 21 months ago

      I really appreciated the information on the wicker furniture, I will get started on the morning:)

    • profile image

      DYoung 2 years ago

      Very helpful. Thanks

    • profile image

      msvick 2 years ago

      Going to attempt to restore a older set of wicker to it original state thanks for the advice think I will enjoy this project

    • profile image

      tmrdivy2 2 years ago

      Thanks for the post. I plan on using it to restore the used set I just bought.

    • profile image

      ryangflo 4 years ago

      Very useful information, thank you!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      That was really well covered, thanks. I have 3 chairs that need 'fixing' up, and just inherited a beautiful old wicker table that needs work. I am so excited. -but- I'm not as 'handy' as I'd like to think I we'll see how it turns out..

    • profile image

      ScottMckinzie 5 years ago

      Although I have not restored any wicker furniture, I really enjoyed reading your Lens. Very interesting:)