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How to revamp a room on a budget

Updated on August 5, 2014

Spruce Up Your House Without Clearing Out The Bank

TV makeover shows have dominated our screens for more than a decade, and their popularity shows no sign of waning. Many of us hooked on the chance they give us to glimpse into other people's lives and watch their shabby rooms being transformed effortlessly into chic spaces. Back in the real world, redecorating can be time-consuming and expensive, especially at a time when lots of homeowners are tightening their belts. But there are plenty of ways to switch the look and feel of a room without breaking the bank:

Freshen up your furnishings

Buying a few new cushion covers and a cheerful rug can add brightness to a gloomy room. And don't forget your curtains. Even if you can't afford to replace them, you can make a real transformation simply by stringing some pretty fairy lights along the top or making bright new tiebacks from spare material.

Stainless Steel Switch
Stainless Steel Switch

Switch Ideas

Standard white plastic electric sockets and switches can look a little drab and dated. Investing in modern chrome or antique brass versions add an instant air of class to your room. Just don't forget to keep them polished!

Handles with Care

Make sure the door handles match your new switch and socket fittings! There's nothing worse than shiny new sockets and switches being let down by scuffed or mismatched handles. Take care when unscrewing old handles and fitting the new - you don't want scratches on those doors!

Glossing Over

If you can’t afford to repaint the whole room or re-paper walls, focus on the gloss. Re-touching doorframes, skirting boards and picture rails with gleaming white paint will instantly revive a tired room.

De-Clutter Your Home!

De-Clutter Your Home!
De-Clutter Your Home!

Out With The Old

It's easy to accumulate, especially when you have a young family. But if you want your room to be a relaxing and welcoming space, it's time to get ruthless. Bag up any items you or your children haven't used in the last six months and sell them online or at a car boot sale. Your room will look more inviting and you'll make money at the same time!

What are your quick tips for revamping a room?

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