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How to sell your house on the Internet?

Updated on June 11, 2012

So you want to sell your house and you have no idea on how to do it. Though, listing your house on sale with real estate agents is always a good option but that will cost you around 2% to 3% more on the house value and more property listings with agents means more depreciation on your total house value. So if you want to sell offline via agents then it is always better to list your house with only two or three popular agents who have the real potential of selling your house on maximum value. Remember patience is the key here as it will take time. The more patience you have, you will be 5% to 10% plus and if you are in a hurry, then you can lose 5% to 10% plus.

Now if you want to sell it directly, then you will definitely save some money that you can keep for maximum profit if it is your investment property, but if it’s a house where you are going to stay, then this money will help you buy extra items for your newly bought house after selling your old house. So whatever is the reason, the main point is to save money and sell the house on maximum profit. For this, listing your house on online property websites that offer free and paid ad spaces is a great option.

A well maintained house with swimming pool.
A well maintained house with swimming pool. | Source

Now, there are loads of websites on the Internet where you can list your house on sale but it is always best to opt for sites that have a potential of bringing real buyers of house. As there are so many property agents involved with these websites, you need to talk with them and compare who are direct buyers and who are estate agents. As a simple understanding, a direct buyer will always give you 10% more on the house value of what an agent might be giving you as the agent keep his commission with himself while selling your house to his client.

Now here are some step-by-step instructions on how to list a house on sale on the Internet:

  1. Find top property listing websites that have good clientele. Check if the site you want to list your house is getting good traffic or not. Check if a particular website is involved in social media marketing and have pages on twitter, facebook, and other social networking sites. If yes, this is a good website.
  2. After you are able to find top property listing sites, check what they are offering. Are they offering a free listing or a paid listing? It is always better to list your property free initially and then you can opt for a paid listing afterwards.
  3. Now in the next step, sign up for a property website, verify via email, and post your first property online. While listing property online, always remember to keep some space for negotiation, like if you want to sell a flat in 1 crore then ask for 1 crore 5 lakhs so that you have a margin of 5 lakhs rupees. Also include as many good points as possible like proximity to schools, hospitals, local markets, metro stations, parks, etc. Also you can include that your house is Vastu compliant, has 30- to 40-feet wide road in the front and rear, ample parking space and can also use keywords like lift inside house, well ventilated flat, well maintained house, etc. to fetch maximum buyer inquiries for the house.

After listing your website, you will start receiving calls within 2 to 3 days from potential buyers of house. If they are interested in buying your house after telephonic conversation, you can call them to have a look of your house. If you find that a particular client is ready to give out the money you are looking for your house, finalize the deal, grab the token money, and sell your house.


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thank u so much sell house fast USA

    • profile image

      sellhousefastusa 5 years ago from Sell house for cash in new york , brooklyn, queens, long island, bronx & nationwide !

      Helpful tips on how to sell house online :) Thanks