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How to stop a fire | prevent, detect and escape from fire

Updated on April 5, 2014

Prevent, Detect, Stop and Escape Fire

There are 4 important things to remember about fire. First is how to prevent the fire. Second, if the fire was not prevented, know how to detect the fire. Third, After fire detection, know how to stop fire. Last, and the most important thing, how to escape from fire.

There is no doubt, everybody was afraid of fire. But still many people have been killed because of lack of fire awareness. After the fire accident you will hear "I can't believe that happened."

We are aware of fire. It can happen anytime, but fire is only on our subconscious mind until the time we saw or hear hearth breaking fire accident.

Image Credit, Fire Fighters , Flicker

How to prevent fire

Prevent from being trap on fire

Prevention is still better than cure. Preventing fire doesn't only mean telling kids not to play fire or use electrical equipment safely. There are many other things we should do as an elder.

  1. Look for zone chart. Zone chart will tell your current location and will teach you the fire escape. Familiarize the fire escape everytime you are new on a place like hotel, mall, school, or in any other place.
  2. If you go to a school or nursery, do not limit yourself from asking about their standards. Ask also their fire escape plan. Ask when are the schedule of fire drill for students. Look for permit to operate. Do not assume they have legal documents.
  3. Inside your house, do not overload electrical connection. Buy electrical products from authorized dealer. Do not put excessive lighting decoration like Christmas lights if your house are not designed to hold such amount of electricity.
  4. If you forgot to turn off the gas range, open the window or door to allow fresh air to come before lighting the cooking range.
  5. All heating equipment are susceptible to fire. Do not forget to turn them off. Clothes iron is one of the most common heating equipment we use.
  6. Do not obstruct your window with big closet or anything that can't be push or pull quickly. Window plays an important role as an escape.

How to detect fire

Fire detectors don't sleep

There are many kinds of detectors that can inform all the occupants or tenants that there is a fire. Even during the night when everybody are sleeping the sound of alarm can wake you up in deep and sound sleep.

  1. Manual Alarm or break glass in case of emergency is a great way to inform others there is a fire.
  2. In your home, you can install portable smoke alarm detector which are battery operated.
  3. If you are living on a flat or apartment protected by smoke detectors. Ensure that your smoke detectors are not covered by plastic. Remove plastic caps.

How to stop fire

Fire Fighting Equipment

There are many fire fighting equipment available on the market. The most common are Fire Blanket and Fire Extinguisher.

  1. Fire Blanket is a must in every kitchen, that's the first line of defense on your kitchen. If there is a fire on cooking equipment, cover it with fire blanket. Even grade school kids can do that.
  2. If you cannot control the fire on your kitchen. Immediately close the door and call for help. Kitchen doors are usually fire resistant for 1 and a half hours.
  3. If you have fire extinguisher, ask the authority for certification yearly. Expired fire extinguisher may not work.
  4. If your house are protected by sprinklers, do not make an obstruction to the sprinkler. Do not place big closet under the sprinkler to make as a room divider. Placing big object under the sprinkler will make "water wall" and will prevent sprinkler from scattered supply of water.

How to escape fire

If you cannot stop the fire, escape.

Its easy to escape fire if you can see where you are going. If fire starts and generator did not run to provide light on your path. You can do the following.

  1. Hot air is lighter, crawl on the floor and feel the wall. If you reach the end of skirting on the wall, you are already in front of a door, feel the door especially the door handle or door knob, if the door is hot, do not open, there is a fire inside. If the door is not hot, slowly open the door and go through it.
  2. If you are passing through a smoke and fire, cover yourself with wet blanket. Run very fast because you can only have 1 minute to survive from a heavy smoke. If you think you cannot cross the heavy smoke and fire in 1 minute, do not attempt, plan for another escape. Do not go to the toilet to escape from fire. Sure you will not want to feel the heat of boiling water.

Fire and Smoke Hood

It is highly recommended for those who are living or working on a high rise building. After wearing this you have 30 minutes to escape the smoke inhalation. Without smoke hood, you will only have 1 minute to run from fire and smoke.

Three-Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder

If you are living on the third story building, You can have this to escape from fire through the window. No installation necessary and can support up to 1000 pounds.

Fire Resistant Emergency Blanket

It composed of fire-resistant sheets of glass fiber material that operate on the principle that smothering a fire starves its oxygen, and is commonly used to put out pan fires, as well as bodily fires.

Save yourself and others life

Fire can spread very quickly. If you can't stop the fire after the first attempt, escape from the fire and call the emergency hotline.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

There are many international standard code that are required to implement during the design stage of any building or establishment. One of the most comprehensive standard are NFPA.

What is your emergency hotline number?

In Qatar it's 999, Police, Fire Department, Ambulance. Just call them and they will reach you in as early as 1 minute, 3 minutes is the maximum if you cannot inform them your location.

Do you know your emergency hotline?

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    • LornsA178 profile image

      LornsA178 5 years ago

      This is good a reminder for all to be aware of. Thanks!

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      malena10 5 years ago

      It's always good to know this stuff