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Get Started With Vertical Gardening

Updated on August 23, 2017
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Brandi has been publishing her words online since 2002, receiving much inspiration from her kids and a desire to live a rich, healthy life.

Earthbox Minigarden
Earthbox Minigarden | Source

You can grow veggies in small spaces with this Vertical Garden how-to page!

If you have a small yard or garden, with limited space for growing flowers, fruits and vegetables, you might want to consider learning how to vertical garden!

Using vertical space for gardening can be achieved in many different ways. On this page, I highlight 5 different ways to take advantage of vertical gardening space, from stacked pots to classic espalier to gorgeous living walls!

Click here to see this Earthbox and other Vertical Gardening options.

Scroll down to learn more vertical garden how-to and see many beautiful photos that will spark your imagination...all it takes is a little creativity to have the garden of your dreams in your small space!

Ways to create a vertical garden - Vertical gardening made easy

Stacked Container Gardening

Boxes, Pots and Planters

Stacked Flower Pots
Stacked Flower Pots | Source

Stacking pots, planters and containers

Get creative...make it fun!

I have seen so many fun ideas on Pinterest lately for stacking containers vertically to create visual interest and save space in gardens and on porches, balconies, patios and front stoops.

You can really get creative with this idea. Start with any type of containers you would normally use for planting flowers, fruits or vegetables. Test out your stacking design before filling the containers with dirt, seeds or plants. Once your design is created, start planting!

As the seeds and live plants grow and fill in, you will be pleasantly surprised how these stacked gardens take shape. Cascading plants will take on a gorgeous waterfall effect, while plants that grow straight up will "climb" along the sides of the containers above them.

Click on the links below to see examples of stacked container designs and get your own ideas for how to grow plants in this type of vertical space. There is no wrong way to do this...use your imagination and see what you can come up with!

Stacked Container Garden - National Garden Clubs

Stacked Container Garden
Stacked Container Garden | Source

Climbing Plants

Trellises, Arbors and Fences

Climbing Bitter Melon
Climbing Bitter Melon

Plants that climb vertical surfaces

How to vertical garden

Certain plants will climb up anything they can find! Growing climbing plants is a wonderful way to get started with vertical gardening because it just happens naturally!

These plants will grow up trellises, arbors or garden fences. You can even use bamboo, corn stalks or poles to integrate these plants into your existing garden.

Below are some great climbing plants you could get started with. Be sure to check which zones these grow best in so you can choose the ones that will be the most hardy in your location.

Best climbing flowers: Clematis, Wisteria, Morning Glory, Jasmine, Climbing Roses, Climbing Hydrangea

Best climbing fruits: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Grapes, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Mini Kiwis, Tayberries, Loganberries

Best climbing vegetables: Many varieties of beans and peas (make sure they are not the bush variety)

Even melons, squashes and gourds can be grown up trellises...make sure you learn how to use slings to support the growing melons, as they will quickly become too heavy for the plant to support on its own.

Climbing Roses - Absolutely gorgeous!

Climbing Roses
Climbing Roses | Source

Dura-Trel Pergola Arbor - For climbing plants and vines

Espalier Plants

Trees, vines and other plants that can be trained to grow flat against a vertical surface

Espalier Apple Tree
Espalier Apple Tree | Source

The Art of Espalier

A beautiful way to go vertical

Espalier is truly an art form that involves dedication and patience...not to mention an excellent working knowledge of the craft! The end result is fascinating and so rewarding.

Learning how to espalier is best done from someone who has experience. However, there are resources online and in bookstores that can aid you in teaching yourself. It involves pruning and training the branches of a tree or plant in order to cause it to grow flat along a vertical surface.

Espalier is a beautiful and sophisticated way to grow fruit trees in a small garden or other limited spaces.

Check out the links below to see more about the art of espalier online.

Espalier Tree - Pears

Espalier Tree
Espalier Tree | Source

Espalier Gardening - by Allen Gilbert

Hanging Plants

Using overhead space to your growing advantage

Hanging Baskets
Hanging Baskets | Source

Using hanging baskets to increase garden space

You might already be doing this!

Hanging baskets allow you to use an endless amount of overhead space to increase your gardening space!

You can grow so much more than ferns and flowers in those hanging containers. I have successfully grown small tomatoes, blueberries and even leafy greens in hanging baskets on my front porch. These plants are beautifully ornamental!

Experiment with your favorite garden might be surprised how many you can move from your traditional garden and into hanging pots on your porch, on trellises or even inside your home!

There are literally an endless array of containers you can turn into hanging baskets with some rope or cord and a little imagination! Go for it and create a look that is unique to your home or outdoor space.

Hanging Plants - Making good use of vertical space

Hanging Plants
Hanging Plants | Source

Living Walls

You have to see these works of art to believe it!

Living Wall Indoor Vertical Garden - Vertical Gardening for Indoor Spaces

Living Wall Indoor Vertical Garden
Living Wall Indoor Vertical Garden | Source

How To Make Your Own Living Wall - These living walls are really incredible!

What do you think of vertical gardening? - Do you have any experience with these growing methods?

Would you ever plant a vertical garden?

Ultra Modern Vertical Gardening - This vertical garden uses fish waste for plant food!

Ultra Modern Vertical Garden
Ultra Modern Vertical Garden | Source

This method of vertical gardening is called aquaponics. It is a self-sufficient growing system that uses fish waste to feed the plants growing above. This method is also being used in green houses and to fertilize indoor living walls. Some savvy gardeners are using fish tanks to grow plants on walls in their homes and offices.

Click here to learn more about's not as complicated as it looks!

As you can see, ANYONE can garden ANYWHERE! Urban and small space gardens are popping up all over the place. It is simple and very rewarding to grow your own fruits, veggies and flowers. Will you be giving it a try?

I would love to hear from you before you leave! Please leave comments, advice and vertical garden how-to tips here. Thank you!

Do you know how to vertical garden? - Have you ever given vertical gardening a try?

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    • profile image

      growownfood6 3 years ago

      Vertical gardening is the latest, most talked about trend in gardening. Outdoor living walls planted with anything from succulents to vegetables, are springing up in urban and suburban areas and even commercial spaces.

    • maryseena profile image

      maryseena 4 years ago

      Vertical gardening is the new rage, but personally, I prefer climbers which grow naturally vertical. Less labor, less use of resources(plastic containers and grids), easy to maintain.

    • SetlikeJelly profile image

      David 4 years ago from Europe

      some good ideas. i''ve definitely got some good ideas now for my urban garden

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 4 years ago from San Francisco

      I have seen a number of vertical garden walls, both indoors and outdoors. Some cover the entire face of multi-story brick buildings and are quite beautiful. I would love to give vertical gardening a try sometime.

    • GardenIdeasHub LM profile image

      GardenIdeasHub LM 4 years ago

      Great ideas about vertical gardening. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      AlleyCatLane 4 years ago

      Great ideas! These look really beautiful.

    • BobZau profile image

      Bob Zau 4 years ago

      I have not done any vertical gardening, but can see how it will allow you to get more productivity out of small spaces,