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How To Build A Storage Shed | BEST Plans

Updated on January 2, 2015

Building A Storage Shed Needs Planning

Let's face it, when most of us want to get stuck into a building project, do we research and prepare for it properly? I bet the answer is no!

I want to show you the best way to undertake any building works, from the small backyard storage shed right up to those much bigger ones that can contain tractors and other large machinery, or even cars.

Whether you are a novice or experienced craftsperson, it's possible to build amazing storage sheds, playhouses or gazebos by following step-by-step blueprint designs.

So, where do we start? At the beginning - by getting our designs so we have a blueprint to work from.

Get Familiar With Wood Construction Terms - Know your stuff!

Woodwork names are on the plan
7' x 12' storage shed

This diagram shows the various names of particular items used in the construction a storage shed.

When budgeting or buying the individual parts, it' important to know what is called what.

When you go into your local hardware store, you can ask with complete knowledge about what it is you are talking about. So, if you want 30' of fascia boards - everyone will understand what a fascia board is.

Stanley Hand Tools - Rely On The Best

Not sure about what tools you may need. Stanley Hand Tools are renowned for making high quality tools that will last a lifetime.

Whatever woodworking project you plan, you WILL need good tools.

building a storage shed
building a storage shed

Why's And What's Of A Storage Shed

Some FAQ's

When we start to run out of useful space in our homes, or are unable to find things easily, or even just want that special space to pursue a hobby - IT IS TIME TO BUILD A STORAGE SHED!

  1. Where do I begin?

    Find an area in your backyard with plenty of access, then work out what size of storage shed you want. This done, you now need to get hold of some blueprint plans to help the job go smoothly.

  2. Will a do-it-yourself project save money?

    Yes and no! Why do I say that?

    Well, YES it will save you money providing you stick to your design plans. If you do, you'll be able to assess accurately quantities and dimensions and avoid wastage. And NO - if you attempt to work blindly, i.e. without any layout drawings or ideas of sizes and measurements. No good building ever works without a set of plans, after all, how can you budget if you don't know quantities in detail?

  3. Is it complicated?

    Not at all. As long as you can wield a hammer, cut with a saw, and read plans - it will be a doddle! If you are an experienced diy-er, you'll sail through it no problem.

  4. Should I build from a kit?

    Building from a kit is perfectly OK for smaller storage sheds, but if you want a decent size garage or garden shed, I would recommend you constructing it from scratch - again using plans.

  5. Is it fun and rewarding?

    It's great fun especially if you tackle the job with some friends or family and get a teamwork ethic going. Tasks become much more enjoyable when shared.

  6. Is a kit build shed stronger than a hand built one?

    Not usually. Had building is nearly always the stronger of the two. Nothing beats good wood craftsmanship.

How The Pros Build A Shed In 6 Videos

How to Build A Storage Shed - Do It Yourself

DIY is satisfying and rewarding

Who suggested that building a storage shed was simple? I did, and it is! Let me show you the best way forward, which will not only save you lots of time, but also money. And what's more, building it yourself, with a little help from some vital blueprints, is both fun and rewarding.

Before you begin

You must think about what type of storage shed you want to build and the different ways to build it. You can either go to your local garden center or shed merchants, and get a lightweight style model. Secondly, you could buy the wood, nails, screws and other raw materials and quickly knock one up - the cheap and cheerful method so long as you know what you are doing! But, by far the best option is to approach it in a professional way, by building your storage shed to a set of plans. These blueprints outline every measurement accurately, saving you both time and money.

Where do you find quality advice during your research on "how to build a storage shed?" Well, the internet is probably the first, and most obvious place most would start with. Then look for a good website that offers a wide range of articles about building storage sheds which will act as a guide for you.


Getting the correct planning is of vital importance, so once you have found your blueprint plans, check to see if any building permits are required with the local county or city ordinances.

Now you have your plans and planning approval, you are ready to go. Work out where you want the storage shed to be located and positioned within your backyard. And make sure that you have easy access to water, electrical and telephone services should you wish to add any or all of those to your storage shed.

Storage Shed Plan


When it comes to the construction, a good firm, level foundation is vital to a well-built building. The best permanent foundation is made from concrete; however, the cheaper, easier alternative is the skid foundation. On top of the foundation, timber lengths are placed and joined at intervals, forming a base plate - for the storage shed walls to be built onto. Gravel spread a few inches thick surrounding the base area helps to form a channel for the rain. This is an adequate type of foundation for most small outbuildings.

Concrete foundations are recommended when building storage sheds in cold climates as they can withstand any ground movement due to the freezing and thawing process. While they are strong and durable, they require a certain amount of know-how to build them. Remember, concrete needs a week or two to cure depending on the weather, and never lay concrete in frosty conditions.

Now that your foundations are laid, the next part is the construction of the walls. There are so many ways to build a wall. First the framework needs to be assembled out of solid lengths of timber, such as 3"x2", then the skin cladding will be attached to this frame. The skin can be made from many different materials, i.e. timber planks, vinyl sheets, tin sheets and a variety of plywood types. Should the storage shed require insulation, this is easily done by placing the insulating material within the framework, prior to sealing the interior skin of the wall.

Any entrances into the storage shed must now be considered. Accurate measurements for the space openings are important to ensure that the doors and windows fit correctly, and can open and close properly without catching. It is advisable to use highly durable doors that can withstand plenty of movement without warping or bending.

Finally, as you have a good firm wall framework a solid roof can easily be built onto it. There are two factors with a roof, weather retention and looks. Obviously, most importantly the roof is there to keep out the sun and rain, so a good waterproof membrane is necessary over the plywood sheeting. Also, by using a barn or gable style of roof you get a building that is good to look at.

There so many ways to build storage sheds. All you have to do is find the design you like, select good materials and get under way. Although building a storage shed requires quite a lot of time and effort, the final result is very well worth it. Just imagine the pleasure and reward you'll have in doing it yourself. Use your time and resources wisely, and very soon, you will have that wonderful all-purpose storage shed of your dreams.

The Dewalt Miter Saw In Action

Dewalt is a name to look out for - their tools are rated amongst the best quality and value.

DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw
DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

As an enthusiastic amateur woodworker who knows the value of quality tools, I knew this miter saw was for me.

After reading so many excellent reviews on this model of saw, I went ahead and bought one. It's well built and operates beautifully. The supplied blade makes good cuts in softwoods, but I may upgrade in the future to enable sturdier hardwood cut requirements.

I have mounted this saw to a portable stand, but it's light enough to be portable, so it can be used on site if required.

In summary, this is a useful, well designed saw and ready to go, and better still it's reasonably priced.



Storage Sheds For Sale - Example

Arrow Sheds Vinyl Murryhill 12'x10'

For truly extra-large storage needs, the Vinyl Murryhill is your solution for organized storage. The unique roll-up, garage style door and gable roof blends with a durable vinyl coated exterior steel finish to give you maximum value for your storage dollar! Includes a sliding side door for added access to stored items! Use for storage or as a small workshop or hobby space.

* Premium vinyl-coated steel

* 5 times thicker than standard finishes

* Easy to assemble

* Over 8 ft. tall

* Roll-up "garage style" door

* Sliding side door

* Full Line of Accessories

* Wall Color: Almond with coffee brown door frame trim

* Roof Color: Almond

* Model# VT1210

* Size: 12'W x 10'D

* Storage Area: Sq Ft: 110' Cu Ft: 801'

* Interior Dimensions: Width: 141 1/8" Depth: 111 3/4" Height: 102 "

* Wall Height: 73 3/4"

* Door Opening: Width: 95 " Height: 72"

Lifetime 11' x 13.5' Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime 60005 10' x 8' Side Entry Garden Shed
Lifetime 60005 10' x 8' Side Entry Garden Shed

Store your outdoor equipment in this sturdy storage shed. Steel-reinforced high-density plastic construction resists dents, while rigid steel trusses provide additional roof strength. The realistic 2-tone wood-grain wall panels simulate natural shingled-roof colors that go well with most surroundings.

Product Features:

* High-pitched roof provides over 7' of headroom for a spacious walk-in interior and quick drainage of rain and snow

* High-arched steel-reinforced doors lock with an internal latching mechanism and feature a full-length steel hinge system for reliable protection

* UV-protected frame prevents fading and cracking and is weather-resistant to keep the shed interior dry

* Easy-to-maintain frame never needs painting

* 2 shatter-proof windows swing open, latch and lock

* Screened vents provide airflow and keep out annoying insects

* Steel-reinforced shelving system allows you to store and organize your tools. There are five (5) 30"x10" shelves and two (2) 30"x14" shelves included.

* Pegboard (two (2) 16" strips) with metal tool hooks gives you an additional storage option.

* 2 large polycarbonate skylights provide natural light.

* Integrated anchoring brackets for a steady foundation

* High-density plastic floor won't crack, chip or peel

* Floor features a slip-resistant surface with beveled edge that resists oils, solvents and stains


Safety Matting for Shed Floors

Having good heavy duty interlocking safety matting (90cm x 90cm) on the floor of your shed, or any other area, ensures an easy-to-work and safe environment for all to work in.

DEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand

DEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand
DEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand

Sturdy, Lightweight Aluminum Construction

This DEWALT saw stand is both strong and lightweight, and at just 35 pounds, the stand is easy to transport.

The stand's legs are angled to provide superior support and can be folded up for storing. When all components are fully extended, the stand measures a generous 151 inches wide and 33 inches high. This stand conveniently folds up to a compact 72 inches wide and 6 inches high for storing between jobs.

Extending Beam Design Delivers Big Capacity

The DEWALT miter saw stand has two 5-1/2-foot horizontal beam structure that extends to provide support for materials measuring up to 16 feet long. The work stops can be repositioned quickly anywhere along the rail, providing the support you need where you need it most.

Compatible with All Brands of Miter Saws

This stand features a universal design that is compatible with all brands of miter saws.


Dewalt De7023 Heavy Duty Mitre Saw Workstation

Please leave some comments or suggestions, and thanks for dropping by!

Have You Ever Built A Shed Before?

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    • OriginalShelters profile image

      Chris Denem 

      3 years ago from Texas

      Tremendous storage shed information presented in this tutorial! I would like to build a shed from plans, but an easier way is storage shed kits. These kits are designed for easy assembly and cost a fraction of custom sheds built from shed plans. - offers reviews and storage shed info for the diy!

      Thanks again for your great storage shed info!

    • norma-holt profile image


      4 years ago

      Lovely directions and good instructions and pics. I have helped to build a storage shed from metal but my dad had one built of timber which he used as a workshop. Well done.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great advice. Got me in the mood to tackle the potting shed project.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      5 years ago

      Not as MY project, however, I usually get roped in as handyperson, builder's mate, electrician's mate, plumber's mate, or Gofer, etc for whatever project my husband wants to work on, including building storage sheds for logs, from old wooden pallets! (Gofer = go fer this, go fer that! :) ) Personally, I always prefer to work from plans when I am making something but I think he probably has a standard plan in his head.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very helpful. thanks!

    • MJ Martin profile image

      MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

      5 years ago from Washington State

      Not completely. This is a perfect lens for helping us complete it. We are still drooling from the first picture because our frame is real similar to that and I love the colors.

    • TheEnglishHouse profile image


      5 years ago

      No, not a shed, but I have built a few houses before!

    • TheEnglishHouse profile image


      5 years ago

      Dude, this is an awesome lens! Very well presented, nice diagrams and video tutorials. Good on ya!

    • Socialpro54 LM profile image

      Socialpro54 LM 

      5 years ago

      no, but you make it look easy

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      No, but I am planning to build for my collections of stuff and electronic gadgets that needs to be repaired. This is a good guide for me.

    • Cynthia Haltom profile image

      Cynthia Haltom 

      5 years ago from Diamondhead

      The only shed I built was from a kit. It was a very easy project.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      I haven't, but you make it look easy.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very Informative Lens on building sheds...Good advice.:)

    • IWS LM profile image

      IWS LM 

      6 years ago

      Build it yourself, if you are a handyman, or a handywoman :) but if you are not, get a reputable company, like Idaho Wood Sheds to build it for you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very nice presentation of the video. I love this lens. Thanks for sharing.

      Dewalt Saw Sale


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