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How Much Does Drywall Cost?

Updated on August 23, 2009

How much does drywall cost?

So, how much does drywall cost?

The cost of drywall is determined by many factors in the housing market. The main thing that changes the cost of drywall is the cost to the manufacturer during that time period.

If you're putting the drywall in yourself, you'll find a huge saving because the cost of installation will pretty much double the cost of the drywall material itself.

Drywall comes in many different sizes and the cost is determined by the thickness and brand name.

If you're simply looking for a drywall patch kit, the cost will be much more expensive than buying it in bulk.

Here's a link to a drywall calculator to help figure out your pricing: Drywall Cost Calculator

Hopefully you'll get a rough estimate of how much drywall is going to cost you.

Random Did You Know:  An average sheet of drywall weighs around 77 pounds!

How much did your drywall cost you?

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