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How To Filter Water

Updated on February 12, 2018

How to Filter Water

How to filter water with the expectation of having safe clean drinking water is becoming a greater concern these days. Generally there are many products on the market that filter water and explain the concepts of how to filter water. Many offer an explanation on how their process works which helps when discussing the theory of allowing water filtration.

Pure Water

Pure water is in essence a desirable quality when wanting clean drinking water. Pure water for bathing and other hygienic uses creates an interest of consideration when one thinks about the water that comes out of the tap. For drinking, bathing, brushing teeth, etc... pure water, clean and free from bacteria and chlorine are things one may consider.


Most systems allow the water to pass through a filtration system which helps remove impurities and bacterias from your water. There are many different kinds of filter systems to choose from that actually have different filter types. Each different system offers specifications and a data sheet that explains their filters in their water filtration process.

Purified Water

There are many concepts on purified water. The industry is booming with purified water and it can be purchased anywhere however the taste may vary between suppliers. The decision to continue purchasing water or bottled water weighs when you consider the process of installing a purification system in your home weather it be for under the sink or for the whole home. The installation of a home purification system may ensure the quality of the water. 

Water Purifiers and Filter Systems

 There are many different kinds of water purifiers and filter systems on the market today. Choosing the one that suits your needs will depend on the extent of the results that you are willing to achieve.

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Bio Sand Water Filter

Another way of water filtration is by using sand and filtering the water through this system that was designed by a Canadian Firm to bring fresh clean drinking water to developing countries. This can be found in the descriptive and informative video below:

How the BioSand Water Filter works - Samaritan's Purse CANADA



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