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How to Keep Moles Out of Your Garden and Flower Beds

Updated on June 10, 2013

Why Moles Are Bad For Your Garden, Lawn and Flower Beds

 Keeping moles out of your garden can be quite a pain. Letting them stay can be worse! Moles are a common problem for many gardeners. While they don't eat your plants, they do injure or even kill them by tunneling under your garden surface ripping up anything in its path. However, with proper care and prevention methods, you can keep moles out of your garden.

How to Get Rid of Moles In Your Garden

The first step in preventing and getting rid of moles in your garden is to know what brought them there to start with. Moles don't care for vegetation but they love grubs, slugs, worms and other slithery pests. If just a matter of 2-3 days, moles can completely turn a yard and garden upside down to find their meals. They ruin your lawn and garden by burying tunnels about a foot under the surface killing the roots of your plants, shrubs, grass and other vegetation.

The easiest way to get rid of moles is to get rid of the their food source. Using pesticides to control the slugs, worms and grubs will keep them away. They will find other places to feed and therefore, be out of your yard. This is the easiest way for keeping moles out of your yard.

If you don't have the time or money to constantly treat for slugs, worms and grubs, or it's to late and you already have moles pushing up your lawn, there are other options. One option to get rid of moles is to use mole traps. Moles traps are available at local garden supply stores, feed and seed stores and on the Internet. Many people don't care for them because they do kill the moles but depending on your preference, mole traps are available.

In addition to moles traps, there are a few more products you can try. They are as affective, but they will help keep the moles out temporarily. These alternative items include mole poison baits, mole repellents, and fuming devices. These aren't always affective because they have to find these products in order to be detoured.

If you have raised beds, keeping moles out of them are a little bit easier. Simply use chicken wire, medal mesh, or another sturdy barrier and bury about 2 foot under the ground. This will block their entrance before it's ever made!

These are the most common ways to keep moles out of your garden. Again, the most affective and most reliable method for preventing moles is to prevent their food, keep slugs, worms and grubs under control and out of your garden.

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