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How to Decorate: Creating a Comfortable Home

Updated on November 11, 2008

Decorating for Comfort

There are many styles of decorating ranging from the clean contemporary and traditional looks to the cluttered whimsical and country. Somewhere in between is what I call California Comfortable. This is the kind of house, everyone feels at home in. You can’t wait to plunk down in the couch and you may even consider putting your feet on the coffee table. It’s the kind of place that says, “we’re all friends here, what would you like to drink.” There is something artsy and tactile about these homes. The furnishings are intriguing but never put-offish. Its a style you can easily have; it just takes a little examination of your residence.

Comfort is in the details. When selecting furniture and accessories, note that fabrics and natural materials have a more comfortable feel than hard metals, glass and plastic. Not that you can’t use the later but use them sparingly. Curves and organic lines are more comfortable than flat surfaces and sharp corners. Decorating a whole house can be a little overwhelming, but just take it one room at a time. Consider the tasks performed in that room and how you can make them more enjoyable. Examine your common necessary items. Can you pick ones that would be more unique?

Design a living room filled with natural elements.  Thanks for the photo, ooh_food's photostream on flickr.
Design a living room filled with natural elements. Thanks for the photo, ooh_food's photostream on flickr.

Decorating the Living Room

First, look around your living room. I think its a good idea to have a throw blanket near your reading chair. Since this throw is for function, make sure its an incredibly soft one. Then add a throw pillow for the lovely part, make it washable, that's the livable part. When you decorate this room don’t use accessories that should never be touched. Use things with texture, character and pieces that invite some interaction. Don’t be too matchy, matchy or too balanced. This leads to a stiff formal feel, not the comfortable haven we’re striving for.

Decorating the Bath

Next, lets try this approach on your bathroom. You bathe in here; make those baths luxurious. Use a bath caddy to stretch across your tub and hold all your goodies, some will even hold a magazine, a candle and glass of vino! Always use rich bubble baths, fragrant shower gels, and triple milled soaps to make you feel pampered. If you don’t want to land on your derriere when exiting the tub, a bath mat is a necessary pleasure. Don’t choose an ordinary one; make it a scrumptious rug, a treat for your toes. Please don’t get one with a rubber back; they disintegrate after too many washings. Instead of walking around in a soggy towels after your bath, have welcoming robes hanging on hooks, just waiting for you and your guests. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, make them interesting, noteworthy hooks, and make them incredibly soft, thick, fluffy robes.

Bella Notte Linens make a comfortable Bedroom
Bella Notte Linens make a comfortable Bedroom

Decorating the Bedroom

Finally bedrooms are probably the easiest room to cozy up. The most important element, of course, is the bed. Foremost, it must be conducive to a good nights sleep. I think quality sheets can make or break a good slumber. Its o.k. to be generous with pillows, especially the taller european reading pillows. Put a big apple basket or vintage hip bath next to the bed for unloading the pillows at night. Since bedrooms are actually multifunction rooms, have several options for lighting in the room. Include bright working lights, subtle mood lighting, and directed, late night reading lights. and for ambiance, place a few scented candles around. Candle light is soothing, flattering and you can choose aromatherapy candles with relaxing essential oils in them.

Try this with every room in your house. It may take awhile, and that's o.k. Homes like shoes need to be worn-in a little before they’re really comfortable.


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    • Patricia Costanzo profile image

      Patricia Costanzo 8 years ago from Behind the Redwood Curtain

      Its a fake room, so yes it needs light. Hope you enjoyed. :)

    • Morris Streak profile image

      Morris Streak 8 years ago from UK

      I am looking at that curtain on the picture of the bed with pillows, wondering what the window and the view looks like. Maybe that rooms needs air and light. I don't know. Good hub, by the way. I'm into home improvement myself. Particularly windows.

    • Patricia Costanzo profile image

      Patricia Costanzo 9 years ago from Behind the Redwood Curtain

      I'm glad you love it Lgali.

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      I love this article lot of good ideas

    • Patricia Costanzo profile image

      Patricia Costanzo 9 years ago from Behind the Redwood Curtain

      Thanks Dorsi, sounds like we decorate similarly. Mine leans towards the Mediterranean with one foot firmly planted in California Comfortable.

    • Dorsi profile image

      Dorsi Diaz 9 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

      I love this hub- I didn't have a name for what my decorating style is but you've hit it right on the head - California Comfortable! I love French Country and "Eclectic", the warm hues, and comfort.comfort,comfort. I want people to be able to come in and feel like home and plop down in a chair!

      Great reading!