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Gifts for Hydrangea Lovers

Updated on July 2, 2014

A backyard classic

My mother has nurtured her huge hydrangea bush for years. It's the old-fashioned mophead variety, and produces huge clusters of blue flowers in early summer.

Hydrangeas used to be popular in the South, and they seem to be making a comeback. You can see them around houses again, weighed down with beautiful pink, blue, or white blooms. The color depends on the climate and quality of the soil.

These classic flowers also make beautiful decorative motifs for jewelry, china, and more. Anyone who loves garden or flowers will appreciate a hydrangea-themed gift.

[Photos by Charlotte R. Proctor]

Night Light - Soft Glow

Beautiful blue hydrangea stands out from the glowing lamp, sculpted in bonded marble.

Pink Hydrangea Blossom

Hydrangeas will tend to pink blossoms in soils with higher pH, which helps keep them from absorbing the aluminum which turns them blue.

Charm Bead - Brilliant Blue

Murano glass hydrangea charm fits European style cable charm bracelets such as Pandora, Troll, or Biagi.

Blue Hydrangea Flowers

Lower pH soil that contains aluminum will produce vibrant blue blossoms.

Tapestry - Flowers and China

USA-made loom woven wall hanging, of blue hydrangea blossoms in vintage blue willow china.

Deep Pink Hydrangea

There are some varieties of red hydrangeas available today, but they need cool weather to turn a true red. Here in the south we can't get much beyond a deep pink.

Tea Set - Floral Elegance

Loveramics Flowertime 42-Ounce Hydrangea Teapot
Loveramics Flowertime 42-Ounce Hydrangea Teapot

Elegant white porcelain teapot with realistic flowers. Can be washed in the dishwasher or heated in the microwave.

Loveramics Flowertime Hydrangea Sugar and Creamer Set
Loveramics Flowertime Hydrangea Sugar and Creamer Set

White cream pitcher and sugar bowl with lid, decorated with blue photo-realistic hydrangeas.


Vibrant Blue Hydrangeas

This bush is poised to send out suckers and take over the back yard. It needs to be watched!

Cutting Board - Vintage Blossoms

My Mom keeps cutting boards out on the counter to protect the work surfaces, but none as beautiful as this. The tempered glass board is decorated with vintage-style hydrangeas and text from French postcards. It would be perfect for serving as well as food prep.

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