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iRobot Roomba Red Vacuum Cleaner

Updated on November 29, 2013

Product review - iRobot Roomba Red

The iRobot Roomba Red, is a cool robotic vacuum that my uncle has purchased many years ago, and he has the down grade of course, but if you notice in the video up above this robot its pretty versatile in its variable movements. When it hits an object it actually is programmed to change its angle of trajectory, which allows for the sweeping, and vacuuming effect to get to a wider range of surfaces on your carpet or hard wood floor areas. However the the much newer versions change such rotative motions without hitting objects.

Underneath the robotic vacuum cleaner you will notice it has some advanced collections and sweeping components, make sure to keep this area checked for blockages, and change out the vacuum collection compartment frequently, so that it won't build up to much debris, and cause potential wear and tear damage to the robots internal systems. Motors will tend to malfunction, if to much debris gets in them over time, and so this is also the reason why it should be checked and maintained every now and then.

Parts that need to be checked for excess debris, & untangling


Things to be aware of

If you also notice in that cool video up above this can be fun for small children to watch, but it isn't a toy, and so this video is showing both how it looks, functions, and works in real time action, but also try not to allow your children to place toys underneath it, as seen here in this video or to manipulate its movement or overall functionality, because this can cause harm to the machines mechanical functions as well.

Human hair may do harm to it as well to the wheels (but it does indeed get rid of pet hair), and so try to remove all human hair if any has fallen on the floor due to grooming in areas of the house. The robot really isn't much of a danger to children, but children can break this machine if its not properly monitored, and so be advised to try using it when they're not around, maybe while their at school or something, so that it doesn't interrupt the full purpose, and usage of such an advanced vacuum cleaner. (Its very noisy so also think about putting it to action when no ones home, to avoid any annoyance)

A docking station where the Roomba 560 and up recharge itself


Newer versions

They have a 600 series, and much more advanced 700 series version iRobot as well, these two have even more accurate cleaning functions with what they call iDapt technology. The robot has an option to be scheduled, to help perform cleaning at intervals of your choosing, and this is a powerful convenient tool, it also has a intuitive touch pad, allowing for your instant suggestive change in its cleaning functions.

I highly recommend the usage of this product to anyone looking for a futuristic, super cool floor cleaning tool, that beats a broom or normal hand controlled vacuum any day.

The Pro's

The benefits of using this sort of instrument is pretty obvious, it removes the need for any human involvement, besides having to charge it when the batteries run low, and so it will signal you with some very loud beeping sounds when it need charging.

The much newer and upgraded version of this cool product, the iRobot Roomba 560, actually makes its way to the charging station on its own, and its much more advanced in doing such a thing. Pretty much freeing you from all required physical functions, leaving it as a completely automated system, that works pretty much on its own. All you would have to do its turn it one, and it autonomously does the entire cleaning job for you, leaving the floor spic and span.

The Cons-

  • Be advised that corners of rooms will need to be swept manually due to its circular design, and inability to reach those tight spaces.
  • Its a very noisy machine as you can tell by watching the video, and so we put it to work as soon as we leave the house, and it works wonders for us each time.


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