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How to Get Rid of Indoor Mold

Updated on July 22, 2012

Mold in your home is caused by water or moisture. Getting rid of indoor mold is impossible, but you can make sure that there are not areas with moisture that can attract future mold problems. As long as there is no moisture or water present where the mold is currently growing, it will stop growing.

In order to clean up the mold that is already in your home by:

  • Fixing leaks in your plumbing or any other leaks that may be present in the home. Also make sure that the areas are completely dry after fixing the leaks.
  • Use a detergent with water to scrub the mold off of surfaces. Make sure you dry the area completely when finished.
  • Absorbent and porous materials will most likely have to be thrown away if they contain mold. These materials will be extremely difficult to remove the mold completely from them.
  • Make sure that during the mold cleaning process, you wear rubber gloves, goggles, and a N 95 respirator or dust mask to keep yourself from breathing in the mold.

If you are unsure that the mold is completely gone or want a second opinion, you need to call an expert or contractor that is familiar with cleaning up mold to inspect the area.

Breathing in mold can be extremely harmful to your health, so getting the mold cleaned up in a timely manner will help prevent health problems for you and anyone else in the home.


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    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks! I had found this by using other pages, so I didn't actually know how to get rid of mold myself. Your solution sounds much easier!

    • profile image

      the dentist 9 years ago from Midwest

      I would think that some of the mold you show needs to be remedied by removing the plaster board, etc...

      I just cleaned up a concrete basement floor that had some mold under a piece of carpet. My research suggested this:

      Step one: use a bleach solution (maybe two cups in a gallon). Mop it around, let it dry.

      Step two: Mix borax solution (like 20 mule team borax, two cups per gallon) and then mop this around and let it dry (don't wash the borax back off).

      The first step kills mold. The second keeps it from coming back.