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Hardwood Flooring DIY New Edgy Design Inexpensive To Do

Updated on November 24, 2010

Give Guests Something To Talk About

Looking For Something Different

Well, here it is. The greatest thing about it is, with different colored wood, cutting designs, and rock you can take your new hardwood floor to a whole different level. To top that off if you do it yourself it's so inexpensive you'll want to do the whole house.

I've always loved remodeling, decorating etc. mainly because I like being unique, edgy, just wanting something different, (wait until you see the sofa I'm building I promise your jaw will drop when you see what it can do). The living room/office is next with a different floor design and then the final coat, (sealer) will go on both.

But can you imagine the possibilities? Every room can be customized to fit that persons passions in life. Please if your going to do a child's room let them help create the design. Kid's have an imagination and creativity that can go beyond our wildest expectations if we let them, (trust me I'm a big kid myself)

So How Much Is Inexpensive?

First off let me say that I am not a carpenter, floor installer, etc, etc so for all you pros out there go ahead and take your shots. It's not perfect, and was done with trial and error, including a few dog footprints I guess they wanted to have their signature on it But I love it as well as everyone who has seen it so far. So it stays. How long will it last? I don't know but it's sealed, (excluding last topcoat) really well and by the time it needs renovating I'll be ready for a change.

Now as far as cost. My house is pretty small, (more room for horses and other critters) so the cost is minimal especially since the wood, (used) was already here piled up doing nothing, (like being a kid in candy store) I've priced the wood online and at my favorite local home improvement store, (love you guys Lake Wales, Fl /Home Depot) and the kitchen cost less than $280.00. The wood, depending on how wide you make the rock, was around $140, the rock, (I used river rock around $3.50 a bag) a whopping $30, and the rest was adhesive, sealer, mortar, and thats really about it. Oh yeah and grout if your gonna use it. But if you use colored mortar you won't need it. In fact I think it takes away from the rock. That's cheaper than I could have done it in a good vinyl.

How Hard Is It To Do?

I did it by myself, and again not a carpenter, floor iinstaller etc. If you can use a measuring tape, a circular saw, push around some mud/mortar, and paint/seal, your good to go. If you don't think it's a task you want to tackle alone, call a friend or your local handyman I'm sure they could help.

A few helpful hints, (remember trial and error already taken care of)

1 Make sure both sides of the wood are sealed before you adhere it to the floor. Depending on what type of adhesive you use this will make sure if you have a water leak it doesn't hurt the wood.

2. Make sure your mortar will bring the stone up to an even level with the wood. Obviously that's not as far with 1x6's as 2x6's I used a piece of wood to make sure the rock was level after I put it down.This helps with using less sealant and for cleaning purposes.

3 Test the sealer/polyurethane/whatever your gonna use before you buy a bunch of it. The sealer will change the color of the wood and the stone, (it really brings out the colors). So try a small spot on the bottom, let it dry, and then have at it. I think next time I'll use red rock and a light redwood stain. Maybe not, hmmmm

4. Unless you want footprints from children or pets make sure to keep them off the rock until it dries, (overnight worked best for me) If leaves dips which is hard to correct when dry.

i'm sure I'll think of something else or if anybody has any ideas, helpful suggestions or comments please let us know. Anything that makes it easier would be great.

Please send me pictures if you do it. I would love to see them.

As soon as I finish the sofa I will post another article with pictures and show you how I did it, so keep in touch

Make it an incredible day. See ya


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    • Charlu profile image

      Charlu 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks I try to take something that normally would be either thrown away or put in storage and put it to use. Sometimes it works out really well. I've done some designs that are definitely unusual I'm getting ready to do a ceiling in branches from a dead tree Thanks again

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      After reading your profile I just had to read this article first. Wow! You are VERY CREATIVE!