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Inflatable Screen - Where to Find The Best Inflatable Movie Screens, Outdoor Screens and Projection Screens

Updated on September 26, 2012

Large Inflatables are not just for holiday decoration anymore!

There is a new and very popular trend arising when it comes to using Inflatable movie screens at functions such as outdoor movies viewings, backyard movie viewing, block parties, sporting events, outdoor business functions and just about any other occasion where you want to entertain large groups of people.

Communities are finding great success at bringing traffic to their town by having weekly outdoor movie nights in their local parks and recreation areas, because it is such a fun and inexpensive way for people to enjoy a night out with their families while also enjoying some fresh air and a sense of community. (Actually many of the communities that have been staging these events are saying that people are showing up extra early simply to watch the screen itself be inflated.)

For many people these screens are a flashback to the good old days when drive-ins were so popular and an entire evening could be enjoyed simply by going to the movies.

Children of today are loving these new inflatable screens as well. What better way to keep the neighborhood kids entertained than by having them all gather together in a backyard to enjoy a private screening of a favorite movie while parents get to enjoy some adult child-free time?

Companies and charity events are also finding these awesome inflatable screens a benefit because they can be set up at any indoor or outdoor event quickly and easily and are the perfect way to show slides, movies or picture shows relating to their events.

Even Tailgaters are getting in on the fun by playing favorite sports moments in parking lots to get the crowd going.

See below for a list of the newest and most popular inflatable screens on the market today. For larger pictures, more details and where to purchase simply click on the blue link next to the pictures.

Sima XL Inflatable Home Theater Kit

This inflatable screen is made from high-definition bright white vinyl material.

It features a 72" white PVC viewing surface that supports both 16x9 HD widescreen format and a 4.3 format.

It is compatible with all projectors (projector not included) and supports both front or rear projection.

It is easy and quick to inflate with a pump that does not have to continuously run and it is perfect for indoor, outdoor, tailgating, camping, backyard parties or family movie nights.

Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen with Storage Bag

This is another great inflatable screen. This item is manufactured by Gemmy.

This screen self-Inflates in minutes. Simply plug it in and let it go. It is also very easy to store.

Everything you need for setup is included in this kit: 1 Airblown inflatable frame, 1 movie screen, 8 tether stakes, 8 base stakes, 8 nylon tethers, 1 spare fuse and 1 storage bag.

When fully inflated this screen measures

Gemmy Inflatable Screen Deluxe

Here is another great Gemmy Inflatable Screen in the deluxe version.

it is a Free Standing Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen that measures 12' high x 11.5' wide with 144" image area.

It has a perfectly flat viewing service and an independent screen and masking control.

This screen also self inflates and is raised off the ground for better viewing. It contains black borders on all sides.

This too comes with everything you need such as: Tethers, Stakes, Storage Bag, AC Adapter, and Spare Fuse.

Cick on blue link to the right for larger photos and descriptions.

Open Air Home Theater Inflatable Screens - 3 Sizes

These Open Air Home Screens come in five different sizes depending on your needs and available backyard or theater room space. 

Sizes include 9 foot screen, 10 foot screen, 12 foot screen, 14 foot screen or the extra large 16 foot inflatable screen.

These are quality made screens and set up is a snap.

You simply attach the quiet air blower to inflate the screen and then tie down to twist stakes.

The Open Air Home Screen's intelligent design provides optimum tension for the projection surface without the need for tying, clipping or zipping on a projection surface.

For larger photos and description of each screen simply click on the blue link next to the sized screen you are interested in.

Cinebox Complete Backyard Home Theaters System

If you are interested in purchasing everything you need to use your inflatable screens you can buy a complete home theater system such as these Cinebox Backyard Home Theater Systems.

You have a choice between 9 foot, 12 foot or 16 foot screen, but each of these screens also includes a LCD Sanyo Projector, DVD player, Audio Mixer, Speakers and Cables.

These screens are all lightweight (the very largest screen only weighs 20 pounds when deflated) so it makes it easy to take anywhere you want to go including tailgate parties, camping, backyards or even by the pool.

Sima XL-PRO 480p Projector Bundle with 72-Inch Inflatable Screen

This is another inflatable screen bundle set.

This set is manufactured by Sima.

This indoor/outdoor Inflatable theater kit includes a 72-inch inflatable screen sealed air system (that inflates in 5 minutes) an LCD projector with LED technology, operates AC / DC
Resolution options include 1080i, 1080p, 720p, XGA, SVGA and it even comes with its own travel carry case.

Mickey Mouse Inflatable Screen

The perfect item for Disney or Mickey Mouse fans, this is a Mickey Mouse inflatable screen licensed by Disney.

it is a free-standing Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen with a 130" Screen (W 14' x H 11')

It self-Inflates, has black borders on all Sides, is easy to clean and comes with its own storage bag.

How to Use Inflatable Screens And Other Fun Uses

A common question among many is how do you actually display your favorite movies, television events or sporting events on these screens and the answer is so simple -- by using a DVD projector.

Many of these new projectors not only play dvds, but can also be hooked up to your television cable or video game player giving you the option to watch or play your favorite games indoor or outdoors at a size of 8x larger than a 40" screen!

Visit Epson MovieMate for an example of how much fun these projectors are and all of their different uses.

If you would like to see other dvd projector options - visit the site listed below.


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