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Interlock Driveway, Walkway & Patio Sealing | Info & Tips |

Updated on June 19, 2011

Interlock Sealing Information & Tips

So you're the proud owner of an interlock driveway, congratulations! This is including your flagstone, natural stone or pattern concrete surfaces as well, don't worry.

Now that you have had your stones laid beautifully, it is a good time to think about how you're going to protect them. How will you keep them looking as new as the day they were first put down?

In this lens, you will learn how to properly prepare and thoroughly clean interlock, prior to finally sealing it. It is necessary to follow our 3-Step Formula that will transform your interlocking brick surfaces. Sealing your interlock will make them look like the day they were laid.

We recommend you hire trained and experienced professional contractors to do any major work on your home: its cheaper in the long run, the job is done right and with the right company, the level of service is excellent.

Read below for more! Visit our website for more information. NOTE: We serve only the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada)

Power Washing Interlock (Toronto, ON)
Power Washing Interlock (Toronto, ON)

Interlock Power Washing (Toronto, ON)

Part 1 of Our 3-Step Process We Use to Transform Your Interlock

For more information, visit

Even after your interlock stones have been worn down and abused, they can still be restored to their original beauty after proper treatment of washing and sealing.

Sealing your interlock driveway, patio, or walkway doesn't need to be complicated! Let us walk you through our simple 3-step process to make your interlock look like new: Washing, Sanding, and Sealing.

Step 1: Washing

The Washing step is often under-emphasized which leads to major blemishes once the finished product is complete. We take care to thoroughly power wash your interlock with our high-pressure industrial power-washer to ensure meticulous cleaning. On top of that, we also include a soap wash and scrub to further guarantee that your interlocking stones are free of all the old grime and dirt that used to cover them!

Stains on your interlock can usually be removed: oil, gum, gas, etc. Some stains are more stubborn and require heavy chemical treatment to be removed, for example rust stains. Careful though, these cleaners are powerful enough to discolour your bricks where applied. It is important to test any extremely strong cleaner being used on your interlock prior to applying it!

After your interlock has been given a wonderful wash, scrub and rinse down, we allow the surface to dry completely before we move onto step 2.

Recommended Pressure Washers - For the Do-It-Yourself

If you're looking to treat your interlock driveway, walkway or patio yourself, you will need to invest in a decent power washer. Power washers are very versatile and can be used not only on your interlock, but for other parts of your home.

Polymeric Sand Replacement
Polymeric Sand Replacement

Polymeric Sand Replacement

Part 2 of Our 3-Step Process

Step 2: Sanding

After the Washing phase, your interlock will have no jointing sand remaining. It is necessary to replace this sand with new, fresh and strong polymeric sand before moving onto the final step.

Polymeric sand is jointing sand mixed with polymers specially formulated to fill the joints in pavers and stones. We gently and carefully sweep new sand of the appropriate colour into each joint, pushing the excess around to make sure they are all filled.

After gently blowing the remaining sand off the surface of the interlock, the polymeric sand is dampened to activate the polymers. This is the magic step that will solidify your interlock and will protect against weeds, moss, ant hills and loose stones.

Once again, we wait for the surface and joints to dry completely before proceeding to the final step.

Recommended Polymeric Sand - For the Do-It-Yourself in You!

Make sure you use the right polymeric sand when you work on your interlock, or else the whole job could be ruined.

Freshly Sealed Interlock Walkway
Freshly Sealed Interlock Walkway

Interlock Sealing (Toronto, ON)

The Final Step of Our Transformational 3-Step Process

Step 3: Sealing

Now that your surface is sparkling clean and completely solid from our polymeric sanding, it is finally ready to be sealed.

We use a top-quality commercial grade VOC-Compliant Solvent-Based sealer for all of our jobs. We can apply your choice of natural look, regular shine or super shine. Each finish is equally as strong and provides the same amount of protection.

We use a high-pressure sprayer to apply the sealant. Spraying the interlock allows for an even, uniform and thick coat of sealant, all while better penetrating the interlocking stone. This allows for improved curing and better protection from harmful and damaging factors.

We apply two small coats as opposed to one thick one. Once the first coat has been applied, we allow it to dry completely before doing the other. For surfaces that have been sealed in the past, one coat usually does the trick. You should be aware that over-spraying causes major problems such as peeling, bubbling, slippery surfaces and other negative effects. It is appropriate to take heed of the old saying "too much of a good thing", as it applies here.

Once the final coat is applied, we put up ribbon to prevent any undesired traffic and you can watch as the sealant dries, cures and transforms the look of your old worn out bricks. Our sealer will provide a beautiful gleam and will brighten your property instantly. On top of that, sealing will give a formidable barrier of protection to your interlock.

Sealing your interlock with YSeal:

- protects against oil and other stains

- prevent UV wear down from the glaring sun

- prevent daily breakdown from regular use, parking, furniture, etc.

- provide protection from the extreme winter & summer weather

- give pavers a brighter-than-new look

- boost your curb appeal

- instantly increase the value of your home

Sealant usually lasts 2 to 3 years depending on the amount of traffic and use. As a rule of thumb, interlock driveways are recommended to be sealed every two years, while interlock patios and walkways can be done every three years.

There you have it, a complete check-list of how we will help you transform your home into what you deserve.

Call today: (416) 436 7559


Visit our new and often updated website for all the information you need: http://www,

Let us transform your property and protect your pavement.

We love answering questions! Anything that helps you understand the process of interlock sealing or any other pavement surface.

Guestbook - Please leave us a comment or any questions!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      When is the best time to seal an interlock driveway?

    • businessb2b profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you so much for posting nice information about natural stone. when my house was constructed, i used grey stone because i like grey color.

    • infiniti99 lm profile image

      infiniti99 lm 

      6 years ago

      Great lens.I'm a landscaper that uses poly sand all the time.Thank you for sharing

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is really great post. I have read through your articles and posts. they are great and it gives me a sense of thoughts. So i look forward to see next updates.

      driveway sealers 

    • Y-Seal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Stonesaver Concrete Sealer or Techniseal are sealants that I am most familiar with.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      im not in the toronto area, can u suggest a sealant i can apply myself?


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