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Irobot - Where to Find the Best Irobot Vacuum Cleaners

Updated on September 1, 2011

Once upon a time, while watching a futuristic show or cartoon such as the Jetsons, the idea of a machine that will actually do the cleaning for you seemed like just a pipe dream!

Thanks to awesome technological advances however, such a machine really now does exist and people are swearing by it.

The irobot is basically an automatic vacuum cleaner. You place it on the floor, hit the switch and off it goes around the room doing the vacuuming for you. It's sleek low design even helps it to go around and under furniture that you yourself would not be able to reach easily.

When it's cleaning cycle is done - it will even go back to its own docking station to recharge.

Since it's original release in 2000, over 5 million units have been sold.

It is so popular in fact, that in 2006 Roomba came out with the Scooba, which is a floor washing robot and Dirt Dog which is designed specifically for workshop use and can pick up nuts, bolts, dirt and debris.

Then there is the Roomba Irobot PetVac that is specifically designed to collect pet hair, which is a must-have for most pet owners.

Read on to find out more about each of these Irobot models, their costs and where you can purchase them to start making your life easier.

Basic Roomba Irobot - 530 and 560 Versions

These are the Roomba IRobots designed for household cleaning.

They pick up dirt and debris with the touch of a button. Each of them contain easy-to-empty bagless dustbins and a fine-filtration system that traps allergens.

With anti-tangle technology they have gentle-touch bumper systems and built-in cliff sensors to prevent them from falling down stairs.

Both of these models have a self-charging Home Base, 2 Auto Virtual Walls, an extra filter, and more!

They each measure 16-3/4 by 21 by 5 inches and come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Roomba Irobot Scooba - Floor Washing System

The following Roomba Scooba Irobots are a floor cleaners dream.

These irobots prep, wash, scrub and dry all sealed hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors.

They use water, water and vinegar, or Clorox Scooba cleaning solution and can handle up to 500 square feet on a single battery charge.

Each model measures approximately 14-3/4 by 14-3/4 by 3-1/2 inches and come with a 1-year warranty.

Irobot Roomba - Professional Series Cleaner

This is the iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series auto vacuum.

This iRobot is designed for small business owners or those with larger areas to clean.
This vacuuming robot efficiently picks up dirt, debris, pet hair, allergens, dust, and more from carpets and hard floors
It is designed to cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges.
You can even schedule up to seven cleaning times per week and it has 3 different cleaning modes.
It measures 17 by 18 by 5 inches and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

iRobot 110 Dirt Dog Workshop Robot

This is the iRobot 110 Dirt Dog Workshop Robot.

This is a vacuuming robot designed for heavy duty cleaning in places such as work shops, basements and garages.

It is a cleaning machine that works great on hard floors, shop carpets, or industrial-floor surfaces and picks up items such as nuts, bolts, dirt and debris.

It has a simple one-button operation system is high-speed and has counter-rotating brushes.

Includes an oversized dust bin, a stair avoidance system and fully charges in 7 hours.

Also includes a standard battery and charger, cleaning tool, and owner's guide.

It measures approximately 13 by 13 by 4 inches and has a 1-year limited warranty.

iRobot Roomba Pet Series Pet Vac

These auto vacuums are designed to be a pet owners best friend.

They specialize in picking up pet hair, kitter litter or dander and they have a high capacity sweeper bin.

They can clean up to 3 standard size rooms on a single charge and even have 2 virtual walls that will tell Roomba where to clean by restricting off-limit areas.

Each measures approximately 19-1/2 by 21-1/2 by 5 inches and come with a 1-year limited warranty.

iRobot Roomba Cleaning Supplies and IRobot Accessories

To keep your iRobot working efficiently, there are also a bunch of replacement brushes, batteries and filters you can purchase depending on the type of Roomba iRobot you own.

Here are just a few of those replacement supplies.

If you would like to see the other Roomba items available simply click here.


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