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Classic Bistro Italian Wine Glasses

Updated on May 25, 2013

My Favorite Collection Of Old School Italian Restaurant Wine Glasses

Whenever my wife and I are in Las Vegas, we always have to stop by our favorite Italian restaurant Casa Di Amore, they have the most quaint Italian wine glasses serving house wine. The first time we went to this place we fell in love with it's retro charm and fun ambiance. On our first trip there we'd made reservations for a Wednesday night. As we pulled up to the restaurant, we were astonished to find that the parking lot was packed!

We were expecting a Wednesday night to be sort of slower considering it was a weeknight. As we walked into the restaurant we were greeted cheerily by the hostess like she had known us for years.

The atmosphere was very cozy with candlelight and even retro red leather seats. The booths are decorated in black tufted leather and old, rustic wood tables. Sitting down in our large booth, we really could feel the old charm of old Las Vegas in the 60's. They had a floor act on that was singing old Frank Sinatra songs, and doing a very good job at it.

This is the classic old school Italian restaurant with amazing dishes, cute Italian wine glasses and even more amazing table wine. One of the things we like the most is the wine selection and the nice little Italian wine glasses that they serve it in. These tradition Italian wine tumblers are usually only used in older restaurants or restaurants in Italy.

We loved these Italian stemless wine glasses so much we decided to get a few for our house. They ere so hard to find that we decided to share with others that were looking for these amazing glasses. These Italian wine glasses come in a variety of different designs and sizes.

My Favorite Italian Wine Tumblers

...Old School Italian Wine Glasses

These Italian wine glasses are some of my favorite table wine glasses that you would typically find at an old school Italian restaurant. These wine tumblers are perfect for table wines or really any Italian wine. Some people even use these for juice and other beverages. They are a great casual alternative to stemless glasses or regular wine glasses bringing an old school charm to your table!

Duralex Picardie
Clear Tumbler, Set of 6CHECK PRICE

Duralex Gigogne
5-3/4-Ounce Glass, Set of 6CHECK PRICE

Duralex Picardie Tumbler,
8-3/4 oz Set of 6CHECK PRICE

Duralex Gigogne
Tumblers - Set of 6CHECK PRICE

Duralex Amalfi 7.5 Oz
Clear Tumbler, Set of 4CHECK PRICE

Bormioli Rocco
Juice Glasses, Set of 6CHECK PRICE

I've written extensively about red wine glasses, white wine glasses and how wine glasses can really change the taste of your wine but I haven't written about stemless wine glasses. Why are there stems on the glasses and are they worth having? Well I am going to do an in-depth break-down of stemless wine tumblers.

I have to admit that while most serious wine drinkers look down on stemless wine glasses, I love them. They are very elegant looking, they fit much easier in my cabinets and they are much less likely to break when using or washing them. I also like the casual feel of them as opposed to the formal and stuffy feeling of stemware for small gatherings. I don't have to worry about people knocking them off the edge of the counter or knocking them over when reaching over the table.

For more formal occasions and lager groups I do use stemware but when it is a casual , intimate gathering I usually lean toward the stemless. The stemless wine glass is not by any means a new "trend". Wine has been consumed in these handy little tumblers for a very, very long time all over the globe. These tumbler wine glasses have been around for thousands of years and are still a big part of cultures today. For example in Spain & Italy the daily table wine is often served in this style of plain, stemless juice glasses that have a flat bottom.

These glasses are great for table wines and other inexpensive wines. I would never suggest drinking a really great wine from these glasses though. The really nice wine glasses like Waterford Crystal Wine Glasses have all been specifically engineered and designed to give you the best experience and to get the most out of each specific wine.

The stems on wine glasses do serve a purpose and that is why I would not suggest using stemless for anything expensive. The stem on a wine glass is there to keep your hand away from the wine. Since wines are best when served at specific temperatures this can make a huge difference. For example red wine is typically best when served at room temperature (55 Fahrenheit). This was the typical temperature of houses in old world Europe. Even though we have modern advances such as central air and central heating red wines are still typically served from 65-52 degrees Fahrenheit . When it comes to white wines the best temperature is a bit cooler at 50-43 degrees Fahrenheit.

The human body has an average temperature of roughly 91 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface of the skin while the internal temp is 99.5. This is much warmer than the 65-52 degrees that the wine is best served at. When your hot hand touches a cool glass wine bowl heat transference will inevitably happen. You will

unknowingly change the temperature of your wine with your own body heat.

The stems on wine glasses prevent this from happening by keeping your hand away from the bowl of the wine glass. You will even see that high end wine glasses and more expensive wine glasses tend to have mush longer stems that the cheap ones, especially for with white wine glasses.

The second reason for having stems on wine glasses is to let you see the wine and analyze the color and the "legs" of the wine. You would be amazing at what the color and the clarity of a wine can tell you. A stemless wine glass makes it very hard to hold the wine up to the light and really look at it.

The last reason that glasses have stems is to allow you to swirl or "aerate" the wine. The swirling action helps to aerate or oxygenate the wine. This technique can do amazing things to wine. You can help bring out the unique and amazing aromas and bouquet of the wine as well as change the entire tasting experience.

All of these reasons is why when I am tasting a wine for the first time or am drinking a really good bottle I use stemmed wine glasses.

My Favorite Stemless Italian Tumblers

...The best stemless wine glasses

These are some of my favorite brands of stemless wine glasses or also called wine tumblers. They are perfect for casual gatherings or any occasion that is not formal. They have a very elegant look and are a bit more sturdy and hardy than stemware.

Luigi Bormioli Set of 4
Atelier Stemless GlassesCHECK PRICE

Item Text...Libbey Vina
Stemless Red-Wine Glasses CHECK PRICE

Govino Wine Glass Flexible Shatterproof RecyclableCHECK PRICE

Bormioli Rocco Riserva
Grappa GlassesCHECK PRICE

Riedel O Tumblers, Set of 2 Stemless Wine GlassesCHECK PRICE

Bormioli Rocco Misura
PZ Carafe, 33-3/4-OunceCHECK PRICE

Dessert wine aka Sweet Wines are some of the most unappreciated and looked down upon wines in America which is very unfortunate. I understand why most people view these wines with such distaste especially when their first experience with a sweet wine usually lays at the bottom of a sickeningly sweet $2 bottle of bottom shelf wine. When a wine is lumped into the same category as wines like that it's no reason so many people have turned their noses up to them.

Since the onslaught of cheap sweet wines that are mass-produced by giant conglomerates higher end sweet dessert wines have taken dive. In just the past decade sweet wines have really suffered a giant blow in their reputation, especially with the contemporary and newer wine drinkers. The fact is that most modern dessert wine have a varied and deep, rich history to them. Dessert wines like a good French Sauternes or even a rich, deep Douro Valley Porto are actually some of the worlds finest and most exclusive age-able wines available. These venerable wines are not those bottom shelf, sugar packed entry wines that so many amateur wine drinkers fall prey to.

These wines provide an amazing drinking experience where you get to slowly peel back the layers and discover the nuances that make them so special. One interesting fact is that the worlds oldest drinkable wine is actually sweet wines. the French Sauternes, the German eiswein and even Portos have been know to be very drinkable even after over 200 years in the cellars.

Each winery makes their sweet wines differently but the real reason sweet wines are sweet is because of the additional processing they go through. Some have brandy added during fermentation while others like Ice Wine or eisweins are made sweet because they discovered that the grapes that they had left of the vines for their livestock would actually create an amazing wine.

I urge all of you who have not given sweet dessert wines a second chance to do so. Even if you are a Cabernet person that loves the big, tannin-laced wine you might just fall in love with a sherry or even a port. You can even try paring a sweet wine with a savory dish or a much more mellow sweet flavor!

Glass blowing factory in Venice, Italy Demonstration

What do you think of classic Italian wine glasses? - ...Thanks for your feedback!

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    • profile image


      21 months ago

      I have been looking for the wine glasses shown in the photo, I finally think I found them! Tavola Wine Tumblers :) I ordered thru amazon, went to a NY company. Didn't see on this list, but great article! I will have to check out this restaurant next time we're in Vegas. thanks for writing the article!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Loved this article. We loved being in Italy and drinking wine at the table with these--feeling like part of their Italian family!

    • Toytasting LM profile image

      Toytasting LM 

      6 years ago

      Good one! Loved the "Glass blowing factory" video.

    • ChrissySays LM profile image

      ChrissySays LM 

      6 years ago

      These are really awesome! I think I might need a set! I had never heard of this style of Italian wine glasses before

    • nicolekato profile image


      6 years ago

      I love wine, and I love this post. I have the "regular-looking" wine glasses, but I definitely want to get me some of these.


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