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Keep Clutter in its Place

Updated on February 11, 2013

The Simple Tips and Tools That Will Keep Clutter at Bay

Does an involuntary shudder course through your body when you think of people dropping by your home unannounced? Do you shove items in closets and behind bedroom doors when family comes to visit? Do you clean for the cleaning lady because you would be horrified if she saw what kind of mess you really lived in until her scheduled appointment? Are you tired of the stress of the extra junk?

Well okay. If you really are tired of the junk then read on in this lense as I point out some ways you can get on top of it all. Now remember you didn't make the mess in a day so it make take a leetle bit long to clean it up.

Pencil it In

Make an appointment to declutter your home.

It's time to get busy so pencil in a time each day that you will devote to decluttering your home. It doesn't have to be long and can be as short as 15 minutes.

Until you get the hang of keeping your home neat one of your best defenses is to set a daily appointment with yourself to take care of this issue in your home.

Organization Tips: How to Declutter Your Home

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Pick a Place to Start

Choose a place in your home to begin decluttering.

Some will tell you to start in the kitchen. Some will tell you to start in the bedroom. I also say start with the room that is bothering you the most.

Is your front entrance a nightmare? Hang up those coats. Get those library books back to the library. Remove the excess that doesn't belong there.

What about your bedroom? Do you throw your clothes all over the floor? Are shoes peaking out from under your bed? Are your favorite books stacked a mile high beside the bed?

Start with the messiest room.

Once you have begun to see progress in this room it will motivate you to keep going.

Contain Clutter With Baskets

Organize It All Set of 3 Twist Square Baskets 24468
Organize It All Set of 3 Twist Square Baskets 24468

Baskets are a great organizing tool. Little things if left sitting out quickly become organized when categorized in baskets. You can use baskets in any room in the home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, to the baby's room.


Declutter the Laundry Room

How about the laundry room? Could your laundry room use a touchup? Here's a step by step list to getting your laundry room under control.

  1. Go around the house pick up what's on the floor and put it in laundry baskets.
  2. Make piles of light clothes, whites, darks, and towels/rags.
  3. Grab one rag to dust and have two plastic grocery bags-one to collect junk, and the other for later.
  4. Dust the dryer from the lint-leftovers and use a little window-cleaner if it doesn't come off readily
  5. Do the same to the washing machine.
  6. Do you have empty bottles or boxes lying around from spent detergent and/or fabric softener? Clean those out.
  7. organize what's left and update your shopping list with items you need to buy.
  8. Now look at your floor. Does it need sweeping? If so, grab a broom and sweep.
  9. Then start the task of doing the excess laundry that you've been collecting-one pile at a time.

Clear Spaces Look Much Neater

Clear Spaces Look Much Neater
Clear Spaces Look Much Neater

Photo Credit QuickColor

6 Tips to Keep Clutter at Bay

  1. Put things away when you are done with them. Don't put it down, put it away.
  2. If you bring something new into the home find something to give away, throw away, or recycle. Don't keep adding new things to your home without editing what you already have.
  3. Donate often. Gift of your excess.
  4. Deal with the mail pile every day. Don't let junk mail pile up.
  5. Don't let your weekends get ahead of you. Keep things tidy through the weekend so you don't have a big headache come Monday morning.
  6. Use baskets and containers to coral and contain clutter. You can find these very cheaply in your local dollar store.

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    • maryseena profile image

      maryseena 4 years ago

      I love minimalism in someone else's house. Mine is destined to be cluttered. I'll follow your list on cleaning spree days.

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 4 years ago from Concord VA

      I love the uncluttered look, and work to keep my house that way. husband's garage is another matter....