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How to keep flies away from your dustbin and out of your kitchen

Updated on October 1, 2012
How to keep flies from entering your home?
How to keep flies from entering your home?


The warm weather brings unwanted guests with them every summer. Flies are coming back into the kitchen and lay eggs in the dustbin, which then hatch. Followed by more flies in your home.

To get rid of these flies I will give you some tips that will hopefully help you to chase away flies that are hiding in rubbish bins or in your home.

Tip 1. Be hygienic

Clean your garbage cans regularly with soap and water and keep the kitchen clean.

Do not leave leftovers behind in trays or pans that have not been washed off and throw away beverage bottles or cartons immediately if they are empty.

Tip 2. Keep your dustbin dry

There are biodegradable waste bags. Use these rather than ordinary plastic bags. Moisture from the waste can evaporate from these waste bags and the waste dries out decreasing the risk of attracting flies. The trash can also remains cleaner.

You can also put newspapers at the bottom of the dustbin which helps to absorb moisture. A dry trashcan also attracts less other insects.

Tip 3. Pay attention to the fruit basket

If you have a fruit bowl, check often whether the fruit that is in there, is still fresh. If you place new fruit on the scale, wash it first.

Fruit that is rotten or matured will attract fruit flies. Fruit flies are annoying little flies, which come in dozens. To get rid of them is even more annoying, because they will sit on dark backgrounds.

Tip 4. Use vinegar

When you clean the stove and hotplates in your kitchen, you could put a few drips of vinegar on it. The smell of vinegar chases flies away. Clean your stove regularly.

This also increasing the life span of your furnace.

Fruitflies on strawberries!
Fruitflies on strawberries!

Tip 5. The location of the bin

If you have the space, then put the trashcan outside the kitchen. For example, in a laundry room. Possible flies can’t come into your kitchen anymore.

If you have a wheelie bin in the garage, then leave the lid closed. If it stands in the garden, in full sun, you could leave it open for an inch or what to let the waste breath and dry out. Waste that is dry attracts fewer pests.

Prefer to use natural pesticides

Herbs and plants such as lavender, basil, African marigolds, and elderberry chase flies away. You can use these herbs best, by hanging them at the front of your doors and before windows, this will cause flies not to enter so quickly.

You can also use lavender oil. Put the oil on a towel or sponge and put these down in your kitchen. You’ll see that fewer flies will enter your home.

Another solution is of course installing a good insect screen or gauze.

What to do if you don’t have a botanical garden

In most supermarkets and garden centers you will find flycatchers without poison.

You can also get started with a traditional or electric whisk. If you however don’t want black speckled walls, I would recommend the electric fly swatter.

Sprays can also be used, but these contain toxic and flammable gases. And they bring even more waste with them!

Last radically solution would be to paint your walls and doors blue. Flies do not seem to like this color.


Flies could be very annoying, but with above standing tips and tricks, you should be able to get rid of them or keep them outside.

Good luck with keeping flies from coming into your home!


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    • lilalollie profile image

      lilalollie 5 years ago from The Netherlands

      Thank you, I hope it will help you :)

    • sethpowers profile image

      sethpowers 5 years ago from Virginia

      Quality tips.