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Kicking the Bottled Water Habit with Beautiful Reusable Glass Bottles

Updated on September 18, 2015

Retap Bottles

Weâre incredibly fortunate in Britain to have some of the worldâs cleanest and safest drinking water, straight from the mains. While in some countries people have to trek miles to a well or mucky pond, all we do is turn a tap and itâs there. But we take it for granted to such an extent that we shun tap water and buy bottled instead.

Back in the 1980s comedians made bottled water the butt of jokes, labelling Perrier drinkers yuppies. But since then mineral water has moved from an eccentric trend for the few to something that we do in our millions without thinking twice. But with trillions of plastic bottles polluting the planet, others are deciding to turn the bottled water tide.

Retap Bottles
Retap Bottles

It's time to celebrate British tap water!

This is where the smart Danish designed and European-made Retap bottle comes in, with its lovely curved shape. It's remarkably comfortable to hold and carry, designed with absolutely no nooks and crannies for bacteria to grow or accumulate. Think French water carafe and you get the general idea: long lasting, good looking, durable, the perfect piece of eco-friendly kitchen kit.

Clean, safe glass and eco-friendly tops

Glass doesn't contaminate liquids, unlike plastic which can release nasty hormone-like chemicals. These bottles are made from tough borosilicate glass, much stronger than ordinary glass with better heat resistance and better environmental credentials. The colourful lids are made from a clever blend of BPA free plastic and rubber, removed easily with a simple, secure twist and pull action. And because they close with an audible click you can tell when they're properly shut and 100% watertight.

The dishwasher safe bottles come in three different sizes but the lids fit all sizes, which means you can mix and match them. Choose from eleven gorgeous rainbow colours including lime green, bright pink, scarlet, baby blue, yellow and navy.  You can buy extra lids, too.

Minimal transport

Bottled water doesn't just mean waste. One of the biggest environmental costs comes from transporting it around the world. Clean British water runs directly from the tap and refilling a Retap bottle to kick the bottled water habit is an easy step to take to help protect our world.

When you live in a hard water area, tap water comes with plenty of calcium so it’s good for teeth and bones. Many mineral waters contain fewer minerals than regular tap water. And it’s easy to make tap water taste more interesting with squash or cordial and a chunk of ice.

Of course you don’t have to stick to water! These handy bottles carry any kind of liquid, from orange juice to milk to gin!

Three sizes of reusable glass bottle to choose from

  1. The smallest in the tribe, the 03 bottle is perfect for taking out and about, nice and light, very strong and perfectly safe. 300ml - 15.5cm high, 6.8cm max diameter - weight 183g including the lid
  2. The 05 version takes 500ml and measures 19cm high, 7.8cm max diameter, weight 202g including the lid
  3. The 08 bottle takes 800ml liquid, 23cm high by 9cm max diameter - and weighs just 200g including the lid

A great gift and a lovely addition to every eco-aware home

Retap reusable glass bottles are presented in a cardboard gift tube, making a thoughtful ethical present as well as a practical addition to eco-friendly homes.

Water Bottles

Not quite the same eco credentials as the Retap bottles but close!

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