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KidKraft Table And Chairs - The Various Sets To Choose From

Updated on August 1, 2015

KidKraft Table And Chairs - Forget The Flimsy Plastic Ones!

KidKraft table and chairs sets are generally more expensive than the other brands available in the market. Not only because they are made of wood, but also they strive to maintain certain standards of safety such as formaldehyde emissions and compliance with other laws and safety regulations.

You certainly cannot compare those flimsy plastic table and chairs set with a wooden KidKraft set. For toddlers especially, they are less likely to be able to sit still for long and a sturdy set is thus necessary. Plastic chairs are more likely to tip over when your young child wants to get on and off and it is also easier to slip when it is on a non-carpeted floor. Furthermore, you can bet that your kid will learn to climb on to the table in due course and a flimsy plastic table may not be able to withstand the weight of a child standing right in the middle of the table top.

That is why a more expensive set may be better if you intend to use it over the next few years. Although you may be looking for durability and safety in a table and chairs set, your child will love it just the same with its right height and nice colors. It will make her feel like a big girl sitting at her own table and chair to eat, play, draw and read!

KidKraft Table And Chairs - Where To Buy?

Many of KidKraft table and chairs set can be obtained at Amazon at competitive prices. Some also come with free shipping. We have highlighted the popular ones below and you will need to click on the link to find out more. Do check out the deals available if you don't want to miss out on any great bargains!

Pastel Colors For A Softer Look

KidKraft Nantucket Table & 4 Pastel Chairs
KidKraft Nantucket Table & 4 Pastel Chairs

Soft pastel shades for this set and highly affordable too!


The Nantucket Collection

If you want a KidKraft table and chairs set with pastel colors, you can look at the Nantucket Collection. This one comes with a white square table and four different color chairs, namely, sky blue, sage, buttercup and pink (right picture). The color combination makes this a very nice set for a playroom although it may be a little girlish for some.

If that is the case, you can consider getting the same design that comes in primary colors (picture below). The table color is honey-like while the chairs are in blue, red, green and honey. This makes it more gender-neutral which would appeal to boys and blend in well in a boy's room.

One good reason to buy this set would be the colors. It is the colors that make it looks cute, even from afar. The colors immediately tell us that it is a kid's furniture piece and with its more toy-like appearance, your kids might also love it better.

Nantucket Collection Price Check - Look Out For Free Shipping

Nantucket Table and Primary Chairs
Nantucket Table and Primary Chairs

This KidKraft table and chairs set is one of the more popular ones around. The primary colors make it more attractive to young kids and blend in well in most playrooms. At time of writing, this set is being sold with free shipping by Amazon at a very competitive price. Even the set with pastel colors can be obtained with free shipping from a few other sellers. Click here to find out the latest deals available before they go out of stock!


Farmhouse Set - A More Natural Look

KidKraft Farmhouse Table & Chair Set
KidKraft Farmhouse Table & Chair Set

A natural wooden look to better complement your house decor with the Farmhouse table and chair set.


KidKraft Table And Chairs For A Natural Look

One good thing about many KidKraft table and chairs sets is that they are not too fancy in design. Sometimes, simplicity is best because it easily matches any home d├ęcor and it doesn't go out of fashion. For instance, if you take a look at the Farmhouse model (right picture), you can see it is a plain wooden set but it still looks good and inviting.

There are no other colors and pictures on the table and chairs and its attractiveness is just its simplicity. You can put it in your living or dining room and it will still turn out alright with its natural wooden color.

The other alternative is the Aspen model. The difference is this set only comes with two chairs compared to four for the Farmhouse. If you only have to accommodate two kids, then the Aspen set is a better buy. Most parents prefer the easier assembly and generally better quality of the Aspen with its rubberwood construction.

KidKraft Aspen Table And Chair Set

KidKraft  Aspen Table and Chair Set - Natural
KidKraft Aspen Table and Chair Set - Natural

This KidKraft table and chairs set is one of the more affordable ones around and highly rated by parents for its durability, quality and easy assembly. You can find out what other parents have to say as well as the latest offer for this set right here. Don't miss out!


Higher Chairs And Bigger Table

If you want a KidKraft table and chairs set which has a bigger table and slightly higher chairs, there is the Euro Honey model (right picture). It has a rectangular table in honey color with four chairs that come in honey, blue, red and green. If such a colorful set is not for you, then settle for the Avalon table and chair set instead. This set only has two chairs but it has a drawer for your kids to keep their papers, pencils and crayons. It also looks more classy with its natural colors and when your kids are older, they won't be complaining that it looks too childish for their age.

If you have the space, a bigger table is always better. This is because as your kids grow, they will use the table to do their puzzles, art and craft projects and other things. They will also start to take up more space at the table. Therefore, a bigger table will be able to accommodate them better when they are older. It won't be so quickly outgrown and they can still play and do work together at the table for a couple more years compared to the small square table.

Moreover, you too can sit at the table more comfortably to play or work with your kids if the table and chairs are bigger and higher. At least, you don't have to squeeze for room at a smaller table and fear the smaller chair will collapse under your weight!

The Kidkraft Avalon Set - Higher Chairs, Bigger Table

KidKraft Avalon Table and Chair Set - Honey
KidKraft Avalon Table and Chair Set - Honey

Available in natural, espresso and honey, this set is made of solid wood. It is ideal for those aged 3 to 4 years. With a drawer in the center, there is a place to store a few books as well as coloring pencils to keep things organized.


Table With Benches - Storage Available Too

KidKraft Table with Primary Benches
KidKraft Table with Primary Benches

Instead of chairs, benches could be more comfortable for some. Plus storage is available under the table too.


KidKraft Table And Chairs With Storage

KidKraft table and chairs sets also come with storage for some models. If you have a lack of storage space for your kids' stuff, then it is a good idea to get a set that provides you with the space for bins. This means you can chuck some of your kids' toys and art supplies into the bins and push them neatly under the table. That way your home will look tidier and it is also easier for your kids to retrieve their things when they sit at the table to play and draw.

For the Star table and chair set, there are two storage bins that are included which fit under the center of the rectangular table. Your kids will therefore sit at both ends. The bins are in red and blue to match the colors of both chairs. There are also star cut-outs on the sides of the table and at the back of the chairs. You can also get the same design in pastel colors for a little girl with heart-shaped cut-outs instead of star.

For another option, you also can have a table that comes with benches instead of chairs. The KidKraft table with primary benches (right picture) has one red and blue bench with a green storage bin that rolls on casters which fit nicely under the table. While you may think that benches take up a lot of space, this set has this problem taken care of with its neat design. The benches are made to fit under the sides of the table when not in use. You should get this set if you want more comfortable seating for your kids as they are less likely to be able to fall off sitting on a bench compared to on a chair.

The Heart Set

KidKraft Heart Table and Chair Set
KidKraft Heart Table and Chair Set

This is a cute set that will delight any girl. If you are buying for a boy, you can have the Star set which is exactly the same design, just in different colors. It is nice to have storage in-built into the set because your kids will not have to trouble you to look for their art and craft stuff when they want to sit and draw or paint. For a selection of prices from different sellers, drop by Amazon. You will find different offers available here for this particular item, giving you many options.


What's New - Kidkraft Pinboard Desk With Hutch & Chair

This Kidkraft Pinboard desk set is more for older kids aging around 4 to 8 years old. Rather than having a table to be shared among a few kids with chairs surrounding it, this one is more for a single child's use with a pinboard for personal stuff. As we all know, kids tend to have a lot of drawings and pictures to display and this is perfect for them.

Made from quality wood, there is also a center drawer and a shelf on top of the pinboard for books and other small items. If you have a younger kid around toddler age, this wouldn't be the desk to get. More for kids who are able to sit still and do some writing or reading on their own, this is probably what you would get when your kid starts school.

Kidkraft Pinboard Desk - Price Check

KidKraft Pinboard Desk with Hutch and Chair(Discontinued by manufacturer)
KidKraft Pinboard Desk with Hutch and Chair(Discontinued by manufacturer)

This desk is getting good reviews from parents with a 4-star rating on Amazon at the time of writing. Parents like it because it is sturdy, well-constructed and comes with a nice finish. It should look great in your kid's room anytime!


Fun Poll: Color?

What color would you buy if you are shopping for a kid's table and chairs set?

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    • LluviaDeArte profile image


      4 years ago

      Yes, in Mexico childrens furniture is very popular. We have a few baby chairs. Since we work with wood, I am now inspired to make a child table for my six year old. Neat lens thank you for writing it.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      None as we no longer have kids but these ones really look great.


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