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Kids Novelty Pillows

Updated on March 16, 2011

Best Pillows For Kids

If you're having trouble getting your children to bed, try switching their pillows. Kids novelty pillows gives children something to look forward when going to bed at night. They will have a cute cuddly friend that they can sleep with. Some of those pillows for kids can also be used as toys to play with during the day.

You may find that your children love them so much that they will take them with them every place they go, like sleep overs and summer camps. There are lots of pillows out there that your kids will love going to sleep on and a large variety as well.

Novelty pillows are not only a good way to get your child to go to bed at night, they are also a good way to decorate their room. Most of these pillows are very colorful so what better way to add some color to a child's room then with something that is also functional.

In this Hub we will take a look at some kids novelty pillows and see if we can find some that you and your kid will absolutely love. Whether you want something to get your kid to bed easier, something to decorate their room with or you just want to give them a great gift, there's bound to be something here that will suit your fancy.

Kids love sleeping with Pillow Pets!
Kids love sleeping with Pillow Pets!

Pillow Pets

My favorite kids pillows are the pillow pets. They are cute plush animal pillows that are simply adorable. They are made of very soft chenille and when folded they are cute little critters like a lady bug, a bumble bee, a unicorn and other lovable creatures.

Once you loosen the Velcro strap and unfold them they become a plush comfortable pillow that your child can sleep on. You won't have any trouble getting your child to bed if they have one of these adorable little critters.

I like the pillow pets so much I made a couple of Squidoo Lenses dedicated to them. Just follow the links below to check them out.

Pillow Pets - Best Pillows For Kids!

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Winne the Pooh Story Book Pillow
Winne the Pooh Story Book Pillow

Storybook Pillows

Storybook pillows are like big story books your children can sleep on. But it doesn't stop there. they are also actual story books with stories you can read to your kids that they know and love. Stories like Cinderella, Diego Rescues the Kinka Jou and many others.

You can read a story to your child from the pillow and when your done just close it up and it's ready for your child to sleep on. You can even use it to teach your child how to read. Just think of how much fun that can be for them. Just check out some of these pillows below.

Girls Cutie Plush Pillow
Girls Cutie Plush Pillow

Girls Plush Pillows

The Girls Plush Pillows features subjects that are of interest only to girls. I'm talking subjects like Angels, Princesses, Divas, and more. These pillows are about what every little girl dreams of being. If you have girls they will surely cherish these pillows for a long time.

Just ask your little girl who she would like to be and see if you can find a pillow to match. Look at the pillows below and see if there's one that fits your little girl.

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M&MS Candy Pillows
M&MS Candy Pillows

Candy Pillows

Your kids can now have candy pillows. That is, pillows that represent their favorite candy. There's M&Ms, Nestle's Crunch, 3 Musketeers and others. Your child can child have sweet dreams on something for their sweet-tooth.

The only drawback with these pillows is that they are a constant reminder for your child to bug you about getting them some candy.

So Many Pillows So Little Time To Try Them

There are lots and lots of these kids novelty pillows and I could spend lots more time showing all of them to you, but what I've done here is showed some of the more popular ones. Below are a few more that I thought you would like.

These pillows make a great gift for a child and it's something that they will love and you will love also. Another good thing is that they are practical and fun.

More Kids Novelty Pillows

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