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Kingfisher Greenhouses

Updated on November 12, 2014

Kingfisher Greenhouses

Kingfisher Greenhouses are the new name in cheap greenhouses in the UK. Constructed from strong aluminium frames with twin wall polycarbonate glazing the Kingfisher Greenhouse is a great choice for the keen gardener looking to grow vegetables and protect plants over the winter.

Kingfisher Greenhouses are available in the following sizes: 8x6, 6x6, 6x4 and a 4x2 Lean-to greenhouse.

There are many budget priced greenhouses on the market today, not all of them worth recommendation. However the Kingfisher is certainly worth a look as a starter greenhouse.

Kingfisher 8x6 Aluminium Greenhouse - Green Greenhouse 6ft Wide

Kingfisher 6x8 Aluminium Greenhouse
Kingfisher 6x8 Aluminium Greenhouse

The Kingfisher 8x6 Green Greenhouse is new to the UK greenhouse market but will be competing with the big established brands in cheap greenhouses.

8x6 is by far the most popular greenhouse size as it offers enough space and practicality for any gardener. The Kingfisher model comes in a powder coated green finish which will protect the frame from the elements therefore keeping rust at bay but also looking good and blending beautifully into your garden.

The greenhouse features a sliding door as standard as well as one opening roof vent.


6' x 8' x 6'8" / 183x244x203cm

Kingfisher Premium 6' x 8' Green Aluminium Greenhouse

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Glazing - 4mm Double Glazing

twin wall polycarbonate
twin wall polycarbonate

The main advantage of polycarbonate over glass is that it is far more durable and strong and has many safety benefits. Many greenhouses are glazed in 3mm horticultural glass as standard which can be dangerous if broken as it breaks into shards which are extremely sharp. It's generally recommended that if the greenhouse is sited in a public place polycarbonate be used.

Polycarbonate glazing is highly recommended if you have children or animals present as any impact will merely result in the child or dog/cat bouncing of the polycarbonate panel or at the worst popping a panel out. The insulation properties of polycarbonate are superior to glass. The most effective greenhouse polycarbonate is 4mm twin wall polycarbonate sheet. This polycarbonate has a thermal insulation "R value" of around 1.42 whereas horticultural glass has an "R value" of around 0.93.

Twin wall polycarbonate is easy to clean and fairly cheap to replace should you manage to damage or lose any panels.

4mm twin wall polycarbonate also out performs glass where protection of your plants from harmful scorching UV is concerned also as it effectively diffuses light coming into the greenhouse whilst maintaining 80 to 85 % light transmission.

Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet x 6 sheets @ 610 x 1550mm

Manual Roof Vent - Kingfisher Greenhouse standard feature.

Kingfisher Greenhouse 6x4 Roof Vent
Kingfisher Greenhouse 6x4 Roof Vent

All Kingfisher polycarbonate greenhouses come with a ventilation window allowing effective temperature control. It's very simple to add an autovent opener at a later date so that you don't always have to be around monitoring the temperature inside your greenhouse.

Kingfisher 6x6 Silver Greenhouse - Cheap Greenhouse

Kingfisher 6x6 Greenhouse Silver
Kingfisher 6x6 Greenhouse Silver

The silver framed Kingfisher 6x6 greenhouse features a single sliding door, one opening roof vent and 4mm twin wall polycarbonate for the ultimate in insulation, plant protection and above all, safety.

Kingfisher, 6x6 Aluminium Greenhouse


6' x 6' x 6'5" / 183x183x195cm

Integral Gutter System - Kingfisher Greenhouse standard feature.

Kingfisher Greenhouses come with an integral gutter system that allows for effective water drainage, making sure puddles cannot collect around the base. Using the integral guttering it's then possible to collect rainwater in a water butt or other container for watering the very plants within your greenhouse. Fresh rainwater is much better for your plants than tap water and it's free !

Green Powder Coated Frames - 8x6 Model Green Frame

Kingfisher Greenhouse 8x6 Interior
Kingfisher Greenhouse 8x6 Interior

The powder coated green frame on the Kingfisher Greenhouses 8x6 model protects it from rusting and also helps the greenhouse blend into your garden or allotment environment.

Kingfisher Silver 6x4 Greenhouse - Small Greenhouse

Kingfisher Silver 6x4 Greenhouse
Kingfisher Silver 6x4 Greenhouse

The Kingfisher 6x4 Silver Greenhouse will sit perfectly in any garden. This small greenhouse features 4mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing, a sliding door and one opening roof vent.

Kingfisher Premium 6' x 4' Silver Aluminium Greenhouse


6' x 4' x 6'5" / 183 x 122 x 195cm

Kingfisher Greenhouse 2 Tier Staging - 2 Tier Greenhouse Staging

Kingfisher Greenhouse 2 Tier Staging is available to fit 8x6, 6x6 and 6x4 greenhouse models and runs the entire length of the greenhouse for the ultimate in practical plant and seedling display and storage.

Greenhouse Sliding Door

Kingfisher Greenhouse 6x4 Sliding Door
Kingfisher Greenhouse 6x4 Sliding Door

All Kingfisher Greenhouses feature smooth running single sliding doors as standard for easy access.

Kingfisher Aluminium Lean to Greenhouse - 4ft x 2ft Lean to Greenhouse

The Kingfisher 4x2 Lean-to Greenhouse is great value and allows even those of us without a garden the ability to grow plants and vegetables as it will easily fit into the corner of a yard or on an apartment balcony !

This greenhouse includes a manual roof vent and a sliding door. The Twin Wall Polycarbonate panels are 200 times stronger than any glass and provides over 90% of light transmission for your plants and seedlings. This new Kingfisher Greenhouse provides excellent value for money. The polycarbonate is safe and extremely hard to break, unlike glass.

The Kingfisher Lean to Greenhouse is the ultimate in small space gardening solutions, a mini greenhouse for the masses !

Buy on Amazon here:

Kingfisher Lean To Greenhouse in aluminium


4' x 1'8"' x 6'6" / 122 x 51 x 168cm

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      julieannbrady 5 years ago

      I am an advocate and fan of greenhouses too! You know, the Kingfisher is a great name for the type of greenhouse to grow fish in! Aquaponics? So many fine selections, I can't pick just one!