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How To Remodel Your Kitchen The SMART way

Updated on February 3, 2011

Remodeling your Kitchen: Basic Overview

So you have this crazy idea to remodel your Kitchen. It started as just an idea and now you really want to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Maybe you purchased a new home, with a hideous, old style Kitchen. Maybe your home has a loving, but care worn Kitchen and it's time to give it a face-lift. Maybe you are building a home from the ground up, and you want your dream home to include your dream Kitchen. Maybe you just want a big financial headache and the aggravation of a slow, overpaid contractor, and a major life disruption for the next few months. I won't sugar-coat this, a remodel is not as easy as it looks on paper, but with the right resources, and proper planning, you can make this difficult process flow a LOT smoother.

If you are remodeling your Kitchen, you may become overwhelmed with the number of choices you are presented with. There are a vast number of options for products you can choose. You must decide on things like plumbing fixtures, sinks, light fixtures, appliances, small appliances, furniture, cabinet hardware, door hardware, drawer pulls, other accessories etc. This can be a time consuming task ESPECIALLY if you want to find the very BEST products available. Experience in the industry has given me a great perspective on what manufacturers exist, and what products they carry which may be suitable for various elements of a Kitchen Remodel. I will only suggest products I have actual EXPERIENCE with. These are all just ideas to get your creative mind thinking about some of the possibilities. Remember, remodeling your Kitchen can create a major disturbance in your life, but it WILL change your life for the better once it's finished. The Kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house, so dream a little and get what YOU want.

This hub is going to split into multiple hubs each focused on a specific element of a Kitchen remodel. I will be getting all of this information posted ASAP but I will also continuously add to it. Please take a moment to follow my hub and subscribe to my RSS feed. That way you can be sure to stay current with all the Kitchen remodeling advice I have to offer you! Also feel free to comment with suggestions and topics you would like covered.

Based on my experience dealing with this kind of project, please follow this advice: PLAN AHEAD, be PROACTIVE, ORDER early, and get what YOU WANT. After all, you are the one who will end up living with the results.

We will cover:

Plumbing fixtures


Light Fixtures

Large Appliances

Small Appliances

Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls


Door Hardware

Other Accessories

Cool tools if you want to Do it Yourself

I will also talk about some more general information in this hub. So please keep reading!

DREAM what your Kitchen could be!

How would you like to have your morning coffee here?
How would you like to have your morning coffee here?

Software program to design your own Kitchen remodel layout

Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 10
Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 10

Professional home-design software for the serious do-it-yourself user

Kitchens and baths, interior design, remodeling, decks and landscaping, and more

Choose from built-in home style templates, create your own design, or use the House Wizard

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Get started quickly with easy how-to videos for step-by-step instruction


Deciding who will Remodel your Kitchen

To begin must decide on whether to do the work yourself, or hire a contractor. Contractor's are notorious for wanting to get a job done and often they will push a product on you because they get a rebate from the manufacturer, or just because it's easy for them to get. Many times they purchase items locally from showrooms at very high prices, then mark them up even higher for you.  Doing as much work yourself can same money.  But I don't just mean the actual labor.  I'm talking about sourcing the materials.

If you have a strong eye for design and like to make decisions for yourself, the internet has opened a whole new realm for finding your own products at GREAT prices.  

Many people now opt to sidestep using the Contractor to source products, and choose only to use them for the labor of installing everything. This is a great plan, especially once you start to discover everything available online. You will literally be able to find thousands of different styles for each fixture, at a fraction of the showroom price.

Buying online can be tricky however, since there are delivery time-frames you must work around. Also, if you are ordering items based only on a picture, you will want to have enough time to return and exchange the product should it fail to meet your specifications.  Make sure to UNDERSTAND what you need before ordering it.  Get the sizes you require measured and planned and consult a product SPEC Sheet to make sure the item will fit in your desired application.  Make sure to deal with reputable dealers such as AMAZON as then if you have any issues it will be easy to resolve them.  

Another issue is narrowing things down online. Because there is such a large volume of products out there, it is hard to decide.  A mere Google Search for "Kitchen Faucet" will yield a staggering 1,740,000 results.  YOU NEED SOME DIRECTION!

Keeping up with home design trends is a good place to start. Unique design options exist, but I recommend sticking with designs that are current, aesthetically pleasing (I had a customer want to order a bright red faucet once - yeah - don't recommend that), and somewhat coherent with the other items in the room. You need to consider both your use of the space for everyday life, as well as for entertaining. You also should consider if you ever sell your home, what can you do to maximize value (BIG HINT - don't go too bizarre with your style choices). Still, with that warning in place, you truly can assert your own personal design taste into your kitchen - IF you don't let your contractor role over you and make all the decisions for you.

Why you should follow this hub

I will be using this hub as a central access point for all the various aspects of remodeling a kitchen.  I will be updating it with ideas for the way to use your space, give product ideas, and share information on installation issues, useful tips to find matching products, and more.  I'm fairly new to Hubpages but I used to operate an online store selling home improvement products.  I left to travel and pursue some other dreams (studying Chinese in Beijing for one).  I ran the site for 5 years, went to tons of conventions in this industry, dealt with thousands of people sitting right in your same position.  

If you are CONSIDERING a kitchen remodel, if you have just STARTED a kitchen remodel, if you are currently in the PROCESS of a kitchen remodel, this hub might have good information for you. 

Oh yeah, you don't have to be remodeling your kitchen to learn about some of the products out there.  You can change a faucet here, a light there, a cabinet knob over yonder and PRESTO CHANGO!  You have a quick overhaul.  This hub is hear for you too!

LAST thought for now - If you have any ideas to share with fellow readers, any products you have used, any thoughts/experience I'd love to hear your comments!  Don't be shy!

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