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Kitchen Scales ~ The Debate

Updated on January 17, 2015

Scales are an Essential Kitchen Tool!

To me scales are an essential appliance in the kitchen. You may get by with approximate measures but it's easy to get it can mean a cooking disaster.

Think about that recipe that calls for 250 grams of sugar. Now is that a cup? Or, what is it in pounds?

Kitchen scales help to cut down time and gives a more accurate result.

Here we're going to look at the pros and cons of digital and standard scales...the essential kitchen tool.

Photo: Scales at ivgStores

kitchen scales
kitchen scales

These scales are not unlike my first set of scales but mine was in red. They were not the most accurate but they did the trick in my early days of cooking and baking.

I now use a digital scale and leave it on the bench whereas I used to keep my red scales in the cupboard. It certainly gets more use that way!

Photo Credit

Digital and Electronic Scales - The Pros

While teaspoons and measuring cups may do the job for many recipes, often you need a more precise measuring appliance. This can be accomplished with digital kitchen scales. These scales are often used in restaurants and bakeries that need to mix ingredients with exacting measurements to avoid errors. By zeroing out the scale after each ingredient is placed on the top you can weigh each ingredient without using separate containers.

  1. High accuracy
  2. The ability to convert weights and measures
  3. Great for dieters with its calorie or carbohydrate counting.
  4. Great for people with special needs requiring accurate measures

The Cons

  1. Must remember to set to zero by placing bowl or plate on the scale before measuring
  2. If using a big bowl it may be difficult to see the face of the scale because of overhang.

Digital scale
Digital scale

Digital Scales are especially great for dieting!

Cibo Kitchen & Multifunction Scales in Silver Gray, Blue - $59.95
from: ivgStores, LLC

The Cibo kitchen scale is in silver-grey with a blue finish. This scale displays Calories, Sodium, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Cholesterol or Fiber via the input of 999 different food codes. Not only that it calculates total nutritional value of up to 99 different meal components! The stainless steel plate is easily removable for cleaning.

An attractive piece on your bench top.

Capacity: 6.6 lbs / 3000 grams.

Has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty provided.

Do you use a scale?

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Standard Kitchen Scales - The Pros

Standard kitchen scales certainly look the part!

  1. Can be a conversation piece on your counter top!
  2. The bowl can be used for mixing.
  3. Easy to see the measurements.

The Cons

  1. Higher priced scales tend to be more accurate, otherwise not very precise.
  2. Cannot measure smaller quantities with accuracy.
  3. Can be too large for small kitchens


Good looking kitchen appliance

This Retro scale will be a center piece in your kitchen. As it's a classic scale it is larger than the digital variety -- it certainly isn't tiny. It will add a bit of pizzazz to your kitchen bench top. It's a wonderful appliance for the larger kitchen and as a kitchen accessory it's fabulous. It will weigh whatever you need up to 11 pounds.

The bowl on the top rests on a small platform and is easily removed for convenient mixing of items on the countertop. It is ideal for basic cooking and kitchen needs. The mixing bowl is dishwasher safe and this makes for quick and convenient cleaning up.

The 5" dial display provides for easy viewing angles on any kitchen bench top and has four rubber feet to stop sliding of the unit.

It's not a scale that accurately weighs objects to within a tenth of a pound, that's not what this scale is made for.

The Scale Debate

Which scale would you prefer in your kitchen?

weights and measures
weights and measures

Using Other Measures

I have several old recipes that use pounds and ounces. In New Zealand we now use kilograms and grams (kg and g)....and then there are the recipes you find online that use lb and oz (pounds and ounces).

This is my trusty kitchen measure chart. It has oven settings too which is different in different countries -- Farenheit (F) and Celcius (C) as well as gas settings. So yes, I still use my chart but find that digital scales help to calculate equivalent weights.

Kitchen scales are an essential gadget to me!

Do you use other measures: cups, spoons etc?

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Other Measures

We don't always require a scale for a recipe. Sometimes the recipe calls for a cup of this and a teaspoon of that, a pinch of something else...accuracy not being essential. Other measures are handy to have in your kitchen drawer.

Let me know you dropped by! - How did you go on the quiz?

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