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How to select and install a Kitchen sink faucet

Updated on March 17, 2011

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Deciding on which Kitchen sink faucet to purchase can be a little tricky. This page will walk you through the installation of most standard Kitchen faucets. It will help you select the right faucet depending on what kind of Kitchen sink you have. Deciding the right faucet based on your sink's hole pattern and your desired functionality is important. We will talk about single kitchen sink faucets, double handle kitchen sink faucets, electronic Kitchen sink faucets, pull down and pull out kitchen faucets, Kitchen sink faucets with side-sprays, and more. After you know the faucet will fit, and meet your requirements, it is then time to think about what finishes of Kitchen sink faucets available, and what color will match your Kitchen sink and the other items in your Kitchen. This page will describe IN DETAIL, how to install Kitchen sink faucets and give you some helpful information on the DIY process, and also information on caring for your faucet after installation. Furthermore, there will be some information on some easy to install Kitchen sink accessories to match your faucet which you may want to consider purchasing.

  • Select the right Kitchen sink faucet for your sink
  • What are your faucet's requirements?
  • Different Kitchen sink faucet finishes
  • How to install a Kitchen sink faucet
  • Caring for your Kitchen sink faucet
  • Kitchen sink accessories to match your Kitchen faucet

Danze Parma Pre-rinse Stainless steel Kitchen sink Faucet

Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet stands 23 inches tall and is perfect for rinsing large pots and pans. The heavy gauge stainless steel spring suspends an ergonomic spray head that can be toggled to provide an aerated stream or a powerful rinsing
Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet stands 23 inches tall and is perfect for rinsing large pots and pans. The heavy gauge stainless steel spring suspends an ergonomic spray head that can be toggled to provide an aerated stream or a powerful rinsing

Kitchen Sink Faucet recommendation!

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Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet, Stainless Steel

Select the right faucet for your Kitchen sink

When selecting Kitchen Sink Faucets, it is important to consider first, your Kitchen sink. Once you have selected a sink, you should try to include a faucet that will match the style, as well as use the sink to it's optimal capacity. For example, kitchen sinks typically come with either one bowl, two bowls, or three bowls. If you have a very large kitchen sink, you will want to make sure to purchase a kitchen sink faucet that will have adequate range. You should consult your faucet's spec sheet to determine whether the spout is long enough to fully utilize your sink.

For example, if the spout is too short, and you can't reach your outer two bowls (on a 3 bowl sink), this would obviously not be ideal. When considering the Kitchen sink faucet to choose, you must make sure the size is acceptable.

The reverse is equally unappealing. If you kitchen faucet's spout is too long for your sink, it may be rendered useless. Ideally, you want the spout to direct the water flow somewhere in the middle of all bowls of the kitchen sink.

REMEMBER, sometimes you can fix problems with spout length with creative placement. If you have extra counter space behind your sink, you can install your kitchen sink faucet farther back, perhaps compensating for a longer spout length. Maybe you can install it closer to the edge of your kitchen sink if the spout is a bit too short.

KOHLER K-597-VS Simplice Pull-Down Secondary Faucet, Vibrant Stainless
KOHLER K-597-VS Simplice Pull-Down Secondary Faucet, Vibrant Stainless

This faucet can be installed in a single hole, or in a 3 hole style using the optional deck plate (shown in the image) which covers the outer two holes.


Kitchen Sink hole pattern

When considering a kitchen sink faucet, you must also determine whether you have any limitations placed on you based on your kitchen sink's pre-drilled hole patterns. It is possible that with a new sink, you will actually have no holes pre-drilled, therefore you can choose whatever kitchen faucet you desire.

If you are replacing your kitchen sink faucet, or have a new, but pre-drilled sink, you MUST take a look at the hole pattern. Kitchen sink faucets typically come in varieties which can be installed in sinks with between 1 and 4 holes. It is highly unlikely that you would have to deal with more than 4, but I do have some ideas if it turns out you have extras! (jump to the kitchen sink accessories below).

If your holes are pre-drilled, you must measure them. It is important to note, measurements for Kitchen sink holes are always done FROM CENTER TO CENTER of the holes. If you have 3 holes, and you want to see if a faucet will fit, you typically must measure the center to center distance of the outer two holes. This measurement is standardized, and normally is 8".

If however you have a custom installation, it is possible the holes will measure differently and you will have to choose your faucet accordingly. For example, if your outer two holes on a 3 hole sink do not measure the standard 8" from center to center, you may have to choose a widespread kitchen faucet (one where the handles and spout are not connected by a metal plate). Typically widespread kitchen faucets are connected by hoses underneath which offer some flexibility in terms of where you can place the spout and handles.

Danze D422057RB Opulence Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Matching Side Spray, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Danze D422057RB Opulence Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Matching Side Spray, Oil Rubbed Bronze

This faucet has separate handles and spout. There is some room to maneuver the placement of these items, so you have more flexibility for installation.

Danze D404557RB Opulence Two Handle Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet with Matching Brass Side Spray, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Danze D404557RB Opulence Two Handle Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet with Matching Brass Side Spray, Oil Rubbed Bronze

See how the base of this faucet is fixed? If your 2 outer holes measure 8" from center to center (ignore the side-spray as it is separate and requires a 4th hole) this faucet will fit.


Kitchen sink faucet and Kitchen sink common sense

If your sink is huge, make sure not to purchase a small, petite Kitchen sink faucet. If you're sink is small, try to stick with something in proportion. It would look funny to purchase a very tall gooseneck spout kitchen faucet for a small single bowl sink. It would look odd if the faucet has a vertical height taller than the width of the sink. You may want to consider various manufacturer's when deciding on a kitchen sink faucet. Some manufacturer's might have a similar style in a larger or smaller size depending on your requirements.

Have some fun with it! The Kitchen is a VERY important room in your home and the Kitchen sink faucet will probably get more use than any other fixture in your home. Don't purchase some inexpensive, poor quality fixture. Save money on other home improvements, the Kitchen sink faucet is something you should want to be durable, high quality, functional, and look great!

What are your Kitchen Sink faucets requirements?

So once you determine what will work with your sink, then you need to think about what you would like in terms of your kitchen sink faucets functionality.

  • Do you want a pull-out / pull-down style Kitchen sink faucet?
  • Do you want a side spray?
  • Do you want 1 handle or 2 handles?
  • Do you want an electronic eye?
  • Do you want a kitchen faucet with ceramic disc cartridges?

Kitchen Sink faucets with pull out sprayers

Do you want a pull-out / pull-down style Kitchen sink faucet?

  • Pull-out faucets (aka pull-down faucets) are great. You can pull out the head of the faucet and use it as a sprayer. There is a hose connected underneath, with a decent range for spraying anywhere around your whole sink. Make sure to choose a quality brand like Danze as they use only METAL hoses for their pull-out/pull-down style kitchen sink faucets. If you opt with a less expensive product, you may find it has a PLASTIC hose - which is a terrible idea if you hope for the product to last long term.

Kitchen Sink Faucets with Sidesprays

Do you want a side spray?

  • A side spray is another option that allows you to spray anywhere around your sink and easily wash dishes. It functions basically the same way as the pull-out spray described above but is a different style to consider. When you press the button on the side spray, the water from the main spout shuts off and diverts to the spray. This is a very convenient option to choose.

Single handle and Double handle Kitchen Sink Faucets

Do you want 1 handle or 2 handles?

  • This is not really so much a question of function as it is preference. Some people might be under the impression that with a single handle style kitchen sink faucet you cannot adjust the temperature and the volume of water. This is not true. The single handle will allow you to rotate it front to back to control the volume of water, and side to side, to control the temperature. A two handle style offers this same control, however some people like having separate handles. This is purely up to you.

Electronic Eye Kitchen Sink Faucets

Do you want an electronic eye? It's eco-Friendly!

  • Faucet technology has increased quite a lot in recent years. At one time, certain items were only available for industrial use, but now they are readily available for your home. An electronic eye allows you to preset a temperature in advance, so anytime it senses your hand motion, it will turn on automatically. This is great for if you have just been cutting chicken or something like that. The handle on an electronic eye faucet can be used to override the automatic temperature settings.
  • This is also great for the environment as you will never leave the sink on when you are not using it!  The ease at which these faucets operate is both convenient, and friendly to the planet!

Ceramic Disc Cartridge Kitchen sink faucet

Do you want a kitchen faucet with ceramic disc cartridges?

  • Maybe you're not sure exactly what this means, but the answer is YES you do. Underneath the handle of your faucet is a part called a cartridge. This is what actually stops the flow of water when you twist the handle. Ceramic disc cartridges are great. It used to be only the SUPER super super high end faucets had them. Now, as manufacturing costs have gone down in recent years, they are more readily affordable. Ceramic disc cartridges make it so your kitchen sink faucet handles will operate with ease - you won't have to crank them closed. It will also prevent the faucet from dripping, which will help you with your water bill!

Different Kitchen sink faucet finishes

There are many Kitchen sink faucet finishes to choose from. Chrome, Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Copper, Polished Brass, Satin Black and more. Consider the finish of the other fixtures in your kitchen and try to match them. Look at the light fixtures, cabinet knobs, and even the finish of the sink itself. Coordinate your Kitchen faucet to match and create a wonderful, professional looking design aesthetic. Many faucet companies offer the same style of faucet in multiple finishes. Prices generally vary a bit between finishes as sometimes the manufacturing process for any given finish is more/less difficult and costly. Take a look at the example below:

Still haven't decided on a NEW Kitchen Sink Faucet?

If you're still not sure about what Kitchen Sink Faucet is right for you, read more about How to choose the right Kitchen Faucet

How To Install a Kitchen Sink Faucet Step 1: Read the Instructions

Kitchen faucets are not all the same. You should start off by reading the instruction manual that is included with your faucet. Below is a video to give you the basic idea. Most faucets will install in a very similar way, just make sure you adapt the guidelines to your particular situation.

How to install a Kitchen Sink Faucet Step 2: Disconnect the old faucet

First off, you need to disconnect your old Kitchen faucet. Pay attention to this step as it will give you some clues about how your new faucet will install. If you remember what you did when taking apart the old faucet, it should be easy to put in the new one.

Turn off the water supply, detach the supply lines, and remove the nut. Next, use a pipe wrench to fully disconnect the supply lines.

I recommend that you change the supply lines themselves as well. Sometimes these are included with the faucet, sometimes they are not. Since you won't replace your kitchen faucet very often, it's a good idea to take care of this at the same time. If your old faucet has been there for awhile, the rubber in the supply lines may have degraded a bit over time. It's hard to tell if the lines are still good (or how long they will remain ok) - so just change them out too. Preventing problems in advance so you don't end up having to call an emergency plumber in the middle of the night when Home Depot is closed is probably a good idea.

Another quick note - As you saw above, sometimes when you have a single hole faucet it comes with a deck plate which allows it to replace a three hole kitchen sink faucet. This is possible single hole faucets and three hole faucet are essentially the same. Instead of the shanks being close together (in a single hole faucet), they will be farther apart (in a three hole faucet) - but otherwise there won't be much difference.

How to install a Kitchen Sink Faucet Step 3: Fitting the New faucet in the sink

If you are installing a new Kitchen faucet, hopefully you read the instructions above and chose one that fits in the holes already drilled in your sink or countertop. If you choose a new Kitchen sink faucet which requires additional holes, it is possible to drill them. Be very careful if you choose to do this yourself, as you can ruin a beautiful granite counter-top if you don't know exactly what you're doing - I recommend consulting a contractor.

If your new Kitchen sink faucet includes a rubber seal, you can place it directly on the deck. If there is no seal, make sure you get yourself some plumbers putty and create your own seal. This will help prevent leaking.

Once the faucet is in place, wrap Teflon tape around the shanks (or use plumbers putty) in case there are any defects in the threading.  This will ensure your seal will be water-tight, and won't leak.  Use the included nuts to tighten the faucet to the deck. A basin wrench is a good tool for accomplishing this task as when you are working underneath a sink, space is at a premium, and you may not be able to get your regular wrench up there.  A basin wrench has a lot of uses, so you may want to consider adding one to your tool chest anyway.

How to install a Kitchen Sink Faucet Step 4: Connect the water supply

Connecting the supply lines is fairly simple.  The 1/2" side will connect to the faucet and the 3/8" side will connect to the water line.  

Before connecting the supply line to the faucet however, you must flush out the copper water line.  There may be debris like copper shavings or soldering material in the line and you must clear it out.  In a new home situation, it is very important to do this since it is much more likely you have some kind of debris, and you don't want that to get up into the inner workings and damage your new kitchen sink faucet.

Once clear, use your handy basin wrench to tighten the supply hose to the faucet.  Wrap the shank in Teflon tape and then tighten the nut.  Do the same to hook the other end of the supply hose to the water line. Make sure to attach the lines to the correct line (so you don't mix up the hot and cold sides).

How to install a Kitchen Faucet Step 5: Do you have a Sidespray?

If your Kitchen faucet has a sidespray, you will need to follow this additional step. If not, you're done! (almost)

The sidespray must be installed prior to turning on the water. If you turn the water on before finishing this step, water will flow out of the bottom of the faucet and spray everywhere.

The sidespray will include a decorative ring, which you must fit into the hole on top of the counter. Again, don't be afraid to use plumbers putty. Tighten the ring onto the countertop using the plastic nut included. This stage is very similar to how you actual fit the Kitchen faucet to the deck so you should already be an expert!

Put the hose connected to the bottom of the sidespray through the decorative ring, and through the counter. Use a sealant paste on the pipe sticking out from the bottom of your faucet that will connect to the hose. Tighten the nut on the hose and you're done!

How to install a Kitchen Faucet Step 6: Test

This may or may not apply to you, but REMEMBER! Use a bucket if your drain pipes are not installed. It's easier to install a Kitchen sink faucet if you do it before you install the drain pipes. Without a drain, the water has nowhere to go SO USE A BUCKET!

If it works, GREAT! Congratulations - Enjoy your new Kitchen sink faucet! But keep reading, there's a few more things you might want to know!

Caring for your Kitchen sink faucet

Especially if you have chosen a designer finish Kitchen sink faucet you should be careful to protect it. Most high end manufacturer's recommend you only clean your faucet with a soft cloth and water. NO abrasive cleaning products should be used. This will help protect your kitchen faucets finish and keep it looking as great as the day you installed it.

Kitchen sink accessories to match your Kitchen faucet

One great complementary item to a new kitchen faucet is a Pot Filler. Check out some Great matching Pot Filler Faucets! If you are changing your faucet you may find the kitchen sink faucet you are considering has fewer holes than your current set-up. If the project is a new construction, you may have the option to add as many holes as you want. If this is the case, there are some great items you could consider adding to your new kitchen sink faucet which will add a whole new level of functionality and style. The kitchen sink accessories below are worth considering as they would be a great addition! Soap dispensers and air gaps are a great way to fill extra holes. Also, you might want to consider purchasing a basket strainer and disposal flange that will match your new Kitchen sink faucets finish!

Installing a Kitchen Sink Faucet Summary

Choosing and Installing a new Kitchen Sink Faucet is easier than you thought right?! There are many options, from pull down kitchen faucets, to widespread kitchen sink faucets, to electronic eye kitchen faucets, to kitchen faucets with sidesprays, and many more so there is surely one that will fit your needs. You can choose from a variety of finishes, like stylish oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, antique copper - even black kitchen faucets are a great option! You can really personalize your kitchen sink and the overall look and function of your Kitchen with a great new kitchen sink faucet today!

Purchasing a kitchen faucet online is a great way to save money, but not sacrifice quality. You can get a high-end, designer kitchen sink faucet for a more affordable price than you think. Consider Danze kitchen sink faucets as they are a great product, at a great VALUE. View all the styles available here:

If you learned something please like this page! Tweet it! Share it! AND - Leave me a COMMENT - putting this together was a lot of work so I want to know if I missed anything. If you have questions I would be happy to help! Thank you so much :)


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