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Kitchen Sink Taps

Updated on September 25, 2014

After a while kitchen sink taps may need to be replaced if there is any signs of a loose faucet or leaks around the tap itself. Leaks are commonly caused by purchasing cheap kitchen sink taps that have already had a fair bit of use. Kitchen mixer taps are most likely to need attention after a while as a kitchen sink mixture tap is used more than usual than most common taps. This should be replaced straight away as the problem will only get worse and there is a real chance rust will start to form. Before replacing a sink tap rubber seal  make sure you have all the gears and tools ready before hand so there is no need to find them later.

Right Measurements

Make sure you purchase the right rubber seal for the tap faucet as kitchen sinks and taps may come in different measurements and sizes. Kitchen sink taps UK have a wide range of sinks, taps and fittings to fit any type of sink. If in doubt then ask your local kitchen and bathroom supply store, if you are still unsure than you may need to take the old rubber sealant in to get a exact fit. Don't be too concerned as most sink taps will fit most kitchen sinks and there is rarely a need to custom fit a kitchen sink tap so most parts are the same, including the rubber seals.

Spout Clearence

OK start by measuring the length of the spout so you have enough clearance from the end of the spout to the base of the sink for cleaning purposes. There are long neck facets one can purchase as well as wall mounted facets. But at the end of the day the choice is yours as to the type of sink tap you use. you will notice that your facet has holes under it, check these holes and clear them with a fine cooper wire there is usually 3 to 4 holes you need to check. The reason you change a facet is either because of leaks or the water not running at all, so pre-check the old facet before replacing with a new one.

Water Supply

Firstly you will need to turn off the water supply this can either be done under the kitchen sink via a valve, or you can simply turn the outside main off completely. Once you have done this than you can start dismantling your faucet, most faucets will have a plastic cap on top, there is usually a screw beneath this cap. Get a small flat top screw driver and slowly leverage your screw driver under the tap until it is off. You will either see a screw or a bolt that will need to be taken off. Once this is off you will be able to lift off the top of the tap head. Unscrew the tap head carefully so as not to ruin the screw threads on the sink tap itself, clean away any access debris or grime build up around the inside of the faucet.

Changing Rubber Seal

You should now see the rubber seal on the inside of the tap carefully pry  this out using a small pliers or anything that is appropriate. Grab a dry cloth and clean the area where the rubber seal was, as this tends to build up with rust after a sink tap has been leaking for some time. Now simply place the new seal in the faucet, place the cap back on top, and screw the plastic cap back on. For extra  precaution add some caulk around the outside of the tap to ensure there are no leaks. Turn on the main and test out your work, if there is still signs of leaks, then you may have to check to see if the rubber seal is sitting properly or you may have the wrong size seal. But usually this is not the case if you have made sure to get the right size seal before hand, so make sure you ask a professional for advice.    


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