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Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Updated on September 16, 2010

Kitchen storage cabinets are a great help for storing all sorts of kitchen accessories. Kitchen cabinet storage should be well organized so everything is at hand. But after some time your kitchen storage cabinet may become unorganized and cluttered and it may take you longer than usual to find a single item.

This hub will focus on how you can get that storage cabinet looking organized again so you can spend more time cooking and less time looking.

Weather a  kitchen pantry storage cabinet or a storage cabinet for plates and cups, and glasses you will need to keep them in a organized and tidy state. In order to do this you will need to first decide on the area in which you want to place your items , say top for glasses, next down is cups saucers and plates etc...

Spring Clean Cabinet

Right let's get started, Think of it as giving your storage cabinet a spring clean, start by clearing everything out of the cabinet and sorting them into their appropriate places to the side. So you may have a stack of plates, saucers, set of cups and glasses, keep all these items together. Using a bowl of warm water and dish washing detergent and with a clean cloth give your cabinet a wipe down. After you have done this, lay down and line the shelves with contact paper. Now you can start to place things back in a way where it is convenient for you. You may have your own preference for doing this so each to their own.

More Than One Cabinet

A small separate cabinet for all those spices will come in handy, try and have this near to the stove for easy use when cooking. You can also place cooking oils, and sauces above the spices, try and have the most commonly used items when cooking nearest the stove and bench area. If you have a larger storage kitchen cabinet then this is ideal for the rest of your items. Start to place your plates at the bottom of the cabinet, next to your plates place the saucers, above this on the next shelf place all your soup bowls. Next to your soup blows place your cups and saucers. Now if you still have a top shelf available you can place all your glassware at the top and that should take care of your plates, cups, glasses etc..

If your one that tends to have a lot of plastic food containers then you may need yet another separate cabinet for these items. Stack all your containers in their own groups, some plastic containers may be stack-able so use this to your advantage to save space. Pots and pans should be also close to the cooking area so if you have cupboard space under the sink then put these there. There are many ways you can add accessories to your cabinets such as hooks for hanging cups to the sides which saves space, or adding extra shelves if there is sufficient room for shelving.

Suite Your Needs

You may find that you will need to purchase separate cabinets for certain items, such as cooking pots and pans, kitchen bowls and casserole dishes. That will obviously depend on how much stuff you need to store. the main thing is that everything has it's own place and is organized in a way where it is easier for you to use any of the items while cooking and preparing meals in the kitchen. If you only have 1 or 2 cabinets to use than try and make the most out of cupboard space, less used items can be placed in there. What ever the case as long as it suites your personal needs and life style then you will find that cooking in the kitchen doesn't have to be a disaster.

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