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Kitchen Cleaning Tip

Updated on May 16, 2008

Kitchen Power

Kitchen Power
Kitchen Power

Cleaning the Kitchen

Today I'm going to do something I've never done before and that's recommend a kitchen cleaning product. I am a lifelong detester of domestic drudgery and have no connection with the company that makes the product I'm recommending nor am I getting paid to tell you about this. I always thought I'd reach a certain age and miraculously be transformed into a perfect 1950s housewife but after 40 years of waiting I think it's time to accept the housewife fairy dust has passed me by!

I am a single mum of five wonderful children so our home definitely has a "lived in" look and the room that seems to get hit the hardest is definitely the kitchen. Generally if given the option of attacking the kitchen surfaces or a trip to the dentist's to have all my teeth removed without anaesthetic then I'd be totally toothless by now.

Egor the wonder puppy!

Egor the wonder puppy
Egor the wonder puppy

A Miracle Product!!

Then I discovered "Kitchen Power" a product that made the bold claim on it's packaging that it actually worked. I was sceptical but decided to give it a try. The product contains no ammonia or chlorine, isn't tested on animals and is environmentally friendly plus it smells great so I thought it sounded too good to be true. I've tried other environmentally friendly products in the past and been disappointed by the results ; the results being me spending even more time scrubbing kitchen surfaces!?

So does it work?? Yes, Yes, Yes!!! And not only does it work but it works fast. You simply spray, leave 30-60secs and then wipe off. If you hate domestic chores you HAVE to try this product. Cleaning the kitchen which I used to really hate is now actually a task I can tolerate and that in itself is nothing short of a miracle!

Oh and if you are wondering why our new pup Egor is making an appearance here now that I discovered a cleaning product that does what it says I have lots more time for fun things like puppy cuddling.


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