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Kitchens Made Easy, DIY for a Small Room, Shed, or Camp Cottage

Updated on May 3, 2011

And Don't Want To Spend A Fortune To Do It

Want a Kitchen Thats Quick and Easy To Do

With a little wood, some screws and nails, a sink, and some paint or sealer just look at what you can have and it’s so inexpensive. Need a guest room to where they can have there own frig, utensils, etc, that way they aren’t fumbling around yours at 3am. Here you go and you can make it as rustic or modern as you want, or as large or small as you want.

If you have read any of my other articles about remodeling you already know that I am a country, (the more rustic the better), girl at heart. So the pictures are for my barn/garage apartment, but again as when I did thebathroom (click on bathroom to check it out) with some high gloss, or semi gloss paint and different colors you can go for whatever style/look you want. The floors can also be anything from wood to tile etc. depending on the design your looking for. You can see the floor I put in by clicking kitchen floor

Have a Camp Cottage That Needs Some Umph

Looking for something that will spruce up a camp cottage that doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s so easy. The sealing of the wood takes the longest and that’s just to wait for it to dry. I obviously did that first before putting it together.

For basically everything here I used either 2x10’s or 2x6’s, I knew that I was not going to put doors on the shelves to make cabinets and that everything going on them was going to be heavy. I therefore gave it some extra support on the top shelf and bottom (made a perfect cup/paper towel holder) but depending on the weight you could brace it however you want.

I used to watch “Friends” sometimes and always loved the shelves/cabinets in their apartment so I tried it and have not had top cabinets since. Plus it makes me keep things a little more organized, (not always my strong suit) when I have to look at it everyday. Even though theirs was a great color which I started to do first, I changed my mind, (happens a lot) and went with the wood. I was originally going to paint the wood and then antique it giving it that old/country/rustic look which I may do somewhere else but for now the wood is working.

These Make A Great Place For Small Appliances

So How Much Is Inexpensive?

The whole thing including two plastic storage units for under the sink (place for utensils, lids, etc) was less than $200. I found the sink and faucet used but decided to get a new faucet instead because of how it looked. I am going to put a little curtain down below the sink but haven’t found the fabric I want yet.

I did not include appliances because the stove was already here, (which will be replaced with more energy efficient eventually) and the frig depending on what size you want will obviously vary in price also. Depending on where it's going you might not need the stove and could put in a small refrigerator if it was for a guest room/shed. You can also make the shelves however short, wide, or tall as you want for a totally different look Shoot you could even put in a little compute desk.

The ceiling has not been done in here or in the bedroom due to I am having a hard time picking which way I want to go for both. They are both quite different to say the least which I will publish when its finished so you can tell me what you think.

Well good luck and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions I check for comments everyday, and am always up for new ideas.

Have an incredible day and send me pictures if your remodeling. I would love to see them.

The Bedroom is Next It's Almost There

If you have any suggestions for the ceiling (gotta be different) please let me know

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    • Charlu profile image

      Charlu 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Momster Thanks so much for your inspiring comments. As you can tell I'm a country girl and a nut about wood. Actually the shelves are really easy. Thanks you for your comments votes and sharing Take Care

    • momster profile image

      momster 6 years ago

      That is some awsome work in the kitchen. Love those shelves. The bedroom looks great also. Voted up and shared. My mother would love to see these pictures.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 6 years ago from America

      Love your kitchen. We live in an old farm house so we had a kitchen that was a mess. I don't like upper cabinets because their to tall for me. I bought one little cabinet for 3.00 at a yard sale painted it white and my husband put it up that's all we have on the uppers for cabinets. Our kitchen is pieced together with this and that. Enjoyed your hub.