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Largest Selection of Adhesive Bathtub Tread & Non Adhesive Bath Tub Tread

Updated on December 3, 2013

Decorative Bath Tub Tread

Are you looking for bath tub tread? Here's where you'll find the biggest selection of adhesive and non-adhesive bath tub tread to make your bathroom safer for you and your family. Choose between plain no-frill safety strips or find tub treads to match your current bathroom décor. And if you're planning on child proofing your kids bathroom, you'll find plenty of fun kids bathtub tread too!

Decorative Bath Tub Tread

Plain Non Slip Shower Tread

If you're looking for function rather than style, these non-slip shower treads are for you.

7.5" Non-Slip Safety Shower Treads

14.5" Non-Slip Safety Shower Treads

Pebbles Bathtub Treads

Does your bathroom have a beach decor? Then you might want to take a look at these pebbles bathtub treads.

Clear Pebbles Bathtub Treads

Color Pebbles Bathtub Treads

Pebbles Bathtub Treads Pad

Flower Bath Tub Tread

If you have a flower bathroom decor, or even if your decor is a little plain, these flower bath tub treads will spruce it right up!

Rainbow Flower Bath Tub Tread

Blumz Flower Bath Tub Tread

Non Adhesive Bath Tub Tread

If you don't want to deal with adhesive tub treads, try out a set of these non adhesive tub treads. They use suction cups so they're easy to apply and remove.

Non-Adhesive Fish Tub Tread, Blue

Non-Adhesive Fish Tub Tread, Green

Non-Adhesive Tub Tread Flower, Green

Non-Adhesive Tub Tread Flower, Blue

Kids Bathtub Tread

Ginsey Tub Tread For Kids

If you're looking for the perfect blend of functionality, style and durability, then take a look at some of these Ginsey tub treads.

Sesame Street Elmo Tub Treads

Ginsey Dora The Explorer Treads

Ginsey Diego Tub Treads

Turtle, Duck and Fish Bathtub Treads

Imagine your childs delight when he realizes he gets to bathe with turtles, ducks or fish! How fun!

Turtle Bath Tub Treads

Clown Fish Bathtub Treads

Tub Tattoos: Ducks

Fun Kids Bathtub Tread

Here's even more kids bathroom tread designs to choose from!

Princess Tub Treads

Thomas the Tank Engine Tub Treads

Kushies Baby Tub Treads

How To Apply Bath Tub Tread

  1. The first thing you'll want to do is to take a shower. It'll be your last chance for 24 hours.
  2. Now that you're clean, let's get your tub clean. Scrub your bathtub with plain water and a clean sponge. It's best to use plain water because certain cleaners will keep the treads from sticking to the tub surface.
  3. Using a clean towel, dry your tub thoroughly.
  4. Wipe your tub down with rubbing alcohol and let it air dry completely. I keep a spray bottle of alcohol handy (for dusting electronics) but you could also pour some rubbing alcohol into a clean rag and just wipe it down with that.
  5. Once the tub is clean and dry, you need to decide how to place your treads. So leave the backing on and place them in the tub, moving them around until they're in the right positions. Remember to stagger them so you'll have the most coverage.
  6. Once you have them positioned correctly, start with the front one. Peel off the backing and press it firmly onto the tub surface. You'll want to firmly rub the entire thing to make sure all the air bubbles are gone. Repeat this process (take your time) on each of the treads.
  7. Allow the treads to set for 24 hours before showering. Some people say you can wait 12 hours but the last time I did that, I watched my treads float away a week later.

Ginsey Non Slip Mats For Bath Tubs

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      Joan4 4 years ago

      These are fun - I like the bright colored tub treads!