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My favorite Household Cleaner and Why It Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Updated on July 22, 2011

The Best Kitchen Cleaner Ever!

I was cleaning my kitchen this morning using my favorite cleaner.

LA's Totally Awesome Oxygen Orange all purpose degreaser and spot remover.

It comes in an orange spray bottle and it is totally awesome! This article is about why I think it's an awesome kitchen cleaner and degreaser.

Why Do I Think it is so Awesome?

I was cleaning my kitchen stove with it and all I did was spray it on and wipe the grease right off. It was that easy. It will remove your greasy mess on your kitchen stove instantly. This cleaner will remove grease from all your kitchen appliances effortlessly. Including the microwave, conventional oven and the fridge. Why the fridge? if you have someone in your household that works on cars like my husband then you know how frustrating it is to have all those greasy finger prints all over your pretty white fridge. Spray it on the fridge handle, wipe it and the prints are gone.

Of course, I am only relating my experience with this product and can't tell you if it will work as well for you.

LA's Cleaner is Great For Greasy Finger Prints

My husband, bless his heart! Is always leaving behind his finger prints. My hubby is a mechanic and he is always leaving greasy finger prints all over the kitchen. The fridge door handle, the dishwasher and the kitchen cabinet knobs. Do you have one of those? Then you are going to need LA's Awesome Orange Cleaner. Spray it on and wipe it away. No more fighting with your significant other anymore! No more yelling at them for leaving behind their greasy markings.

It may even save your marriage!

Cleans Engines and Motors. Makes a Great Engine Degreaser

A friend of mine swears by this product as an engine degreaser. Spray it on wait a few minutes and spray it off. Works great! Just make sure you protect your eyes!


"May cause eye irritant" as stated on the bottle. That made me curious as to why it would cause eye irritation. It has an active ingredient of 2 - butoxyethanol. I did a little research about that chemical and I was surprised at what I found out.

If it gets in your eyes make sure you flush them with water!

Use Caution When Using This Product

This product contains 2-butoxyethenol

What is that? According to Wikipedia it's a solvent used in cleaning supplies, liquid soaps, cosmetics, paints and more. It can cause eye, skin and throat irritation. Also, longer exposure is known to cause headache and vomiting. It seems it is only hazardous in large quantities and prolonged use. You can read more about it here

According to Wikipedia, if you are exposed to this solvent in large quantities it can cause hypotension, pulmonary edema and coma.

Household Products We Use Everyday are hazardous?

Household products we use everyday very well may be hazardous to our health and the only warning we get is "May Cause Eye irritant". I'm sorry but that's not enough. It should say "Caution product includes a hazardous ingredient use with care".

Why are we not informed that the household cleaners we use everyday are hazardous?

Some household cleaners that include the same solvent.


409 cleaners

Bathroom cleaners

Simple Green

Engine degreaser. O.K well that makes a little more sense. It's a product you use outside the home

Scripps News List several household cleaners with 2-butoxyethanol

Another name for 2-butoxyethanol is glycol ether

Do You Wear Gloves When Using a Household Cleaner?

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    • pd6914 profile image

      pd6914 6 years ago

      I try to have good ventilation when doing a lot of work with cleaning products. I also have to wear gloves because almost all cleaning products cause my cuticles to spit around my fingernails. Ouch.