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Lasko 5309 Tower Heater Review

Updated on October 9, 2014

Living in a very drafty apartment (for more years than I would like to actually admit), a space heater is an absolute must for the cold Midwest winters. I wanted to get a space heated that utilized a thermostat so I could just set it and I could leave it on all night. I settled on this product and ordered it in late 2011. It arrived in five days, and no assembly is required.

The unit clocks in at just over 16" in height and around 6" in width, so it is indeed a nice and compact small size heater. It has two main settings: "low" and "high". The lower setting is very quiet, so you can easily watch TV, listen to music, or talk on the phone without much background interference. The unit has six temperatures settings (in Fahrenheit): 65˚, 70˚, 75˚, 80˚, 85˚, and "Max". In the winter time, my apartment can get down to about 55˚ Fahrenheit, using the max setting it gets my living space heated quite quickly. It has an oscillating feature that covers at about a 70˚ angle.

The main problem I have with the heater is the thermostat feature that I spoke of earlier. Often I will set it at say 70˚ and it will not shut off until it gets well over that mark, rendering the thermostat feature almost useless.. For this reason, I will not use it when I am not home, or overnight.

Summing up, I'd say that all-in-all this heater is a decent buy at around $35.00. I have rated it at three stars, and would certainly have rated it higher if the thermostat function worked better.

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