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Lasko Heater with Remote

Updated on January 13, 2014

Being cold is a problem I have to control constantly. If the temperature in a room gets below 70 in the winter it makes my body ache in all the bones I've ever broken. Having been a tomboy and daredevil who wanted to be Debbie Lawler or Evel Knievel there have been quite a few bones that had to be mended.

In our home the heat is gas and tends to dry out my skin and nose. It also has the effect of static electricity in everything. I am sure the dog doesn't run away just because she doesn't like us. She gets tired of being accidentally zapped when I go to rub her ears or pet her head. Then she stands on the other side of the room looking accusingly at me while she keeps distance between us, even as I apologize and beg forgiveness. Sometimes I just laugh uncontrollably because I can't help it. That makes her mad.

This year I decided I was only going to heat the parts of the house I actually use. When you have a fairly large house and only a couple of people living in it, there is no reason to heat the entire house. Just heat the living areas you use. Keep the bills down.

I found the perfect heater for our house. This Lasko heater is a very nice size and sits on the floor or on a table or even a shelf. You can change the direction of the air flow so that it points up or down if you don't want the air blowing directly on you. This model even comes with a remote control.

You can set it to come on automatically at a certain temperature or set the timer so it goes off after a period of time. This heater is the right size for a couple of nice sized rooms such as a living room / dining room combo or a great room. I have one in the master bedroom also.

The Lasko Heater with Remote Control is a great way to bring down your cost of heat during the winter as well as controlling the heat in your living spaces. It's very lightweight and can be moved from room to room easily. This heater was a great investment for us.

Do you use heaters in your living spaces?

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    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 3 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Sounds like you've found the perfect ad-hoc heater :)