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Lava Lamp Sale, Unique Range Of Giant/Small Lava Lamps

Updated on February 1, 2013

Red, Blue, Green, Pink, & Many More Cool Lava Lamp Colors | Awesome Lava Lamp Sale

I love lava lamp sales, I have so many already, I think I am addicted. I am always on the lookout for nice discounts or even better wholesale lava lamps. Your about to discover the awesome world of unique and cool lava lamps tall and small. If you have kids then your also going to love the variety of lava lamps for kids.

If you have a taste for color then keep an eye out for the red, pink, blue, green and many more lava lamp color variety's revealed. Why are so popular? My answer is simple, they are extremely relaxing to watch and make fantastic bedroom décor. I own 8 myself and they are spread out in special locations throughout my house.

I actually got my girlfriend right into lava lamps, she wants more but i think we have enough already. We have giant floor lava lamps and the other 5 are smaller and keep them on a table. Keep in mind that there are steps you need to take to care for your lava lamp which I'll discuss later and also that they can be a hazard and you should be aware of these. I always buy mine online as i can get a much better sale sometimes even at wholesale.

Unique Lava Lamps

Unique lava lamps to die for!

I love these unique lava lamps, Your room will glow, relaxing and falling asleep has never been easier. Imagine during the cold Winter, jump into your warm cozy bed, warm up and watch the relaxing lava.

The Dark Knight Rises Lava Lamp CHECK PRICE


Monster High 11.5 inch Skullette Lava LampCHECK PRICE

Awesome Metallic Motion Lava Lamps | Big Varieties In Color

Massive range of colors!

These metallic motion lava lamps will look great anywhere in the house.

16" Motion Lava Lamp, Metallic BlueCHECK PRICE

16" Metalica Base Clear Liquid/Red bubblesCHECK PRICE

16" Motion Lava Lamp | Variety Of Colors.CHECK PRICE

What's In A Lava Lamp And How Does It Work?

How does a lava lamp make the magic happen?

What causes the glowing blob to travel up and down? When the blob reaches the top of the lava lamp it starts to cool and so then starts to fall back down towards the bottom. When it gets to the bottom the bulb and coil starts to warm the blob again so it starts to rise. This is a continuous and relaxing to watch process. The blob is made a from a type of wax, when the wax heats up it gets lighter in color and causes a awesome glowing effect.

The bulb size can vary depending on the size of the lava lamp, obviously large lava lamps require more heating. Its fairly simple when it comes to a lava lamp and how it works.Whoever invented the lava lamp is a GENIUS I THINK!

If you want to find out more information about this then visit the Wiki answers link that i found on the internet for you.

how do lava lamps work

Twin Column Lava Lamps

Different to your typical lava lamp

The twin column lava lamp is a unique design and comes in different lava colors. Instead of just one column for the lava to flow up and down, there is two separate columns. This is a very popular choice also I have a friend who owns one just like this.

Twin Column Lava Lamp - GREENCHECK PRICE

Twin Motion LampCHECK PRICE

What's Your Vote?

Whats Your Favourite Lava Lamp Color?

See results

Cool Groovy S-Shape Motion Lava Lamps

These cool groovy lava lamps will really stand out.

once the lava get flowing in these, you probably wont be able to take your eyes off it.

Groovy S-Shape Motion Lamp with Yellow wax in Purple LiquidCHECK PRICE

Motion Lamp - 16 inch S-Shape, Red/YellowCHECK PRICE

Lava Lamp with Red Wax & Yellow LiquidCHECK PRICE

Groovy S-Shape Motion Lamp with Blue Wax in Blue LiquidCHECK PRICE

Groovy S-Shape Motion Lamp with Red Wax in Blue LiquidCHECK PRICE

Lava Lamp with Wavy Red Wax & Purple LiquidCHECK PRICE

How to Make Your Very Own Lava Lamp - Check out this very popular youtube Vid, where Science Bob shows you how you can easily create your very own lava lamp fro

Lava Lamp Light Bulbs

It's important you know which light bulb to get for your lava lamp!

Just like the lights in your home, lava lamp light bulbs eventually need replacing too. With so many different varieties of lava lamps out there, most people get confused as to what light bulb to get for there lava lamp. Hopefully I can guide you in the right direction so you know which one to get.

First of all there is a much easier way to figuring this out, yet most people just don't think of this.

CHECK Your Lava Lamp Manual.

When you purchase a lava lamp, it comes in a box which always has a manual in it explaining all the safety details and bulb replacement information. If you never received a manual then I would be taking it back where you bought it from and demanding a manual and the right one.

In the manual you will find the required light bulb size and the appropriate bulb wattage for that specific lava lamp model. Once you know this information only then should go and purchase one. If you do get the wrong one and it fits in your lava lamp, the wattage may be to powerful for that model and could do more harm then good.

If you can take anything away from this short article, then please:

Check Your Lava Lamp Manual

Below I also have a variety of bulb sizes and watts from Amazon.


Lava Lite 4200 17-inch/32 oz. Design...

My Other Lava Lamp Squidoo Webpages - Feel free to visit my other related lava lamp webpages

As you probably already know, I am a massive lava lamp fan and have a few other similar webpages to share.

Giant Lava Lamps Sale

If you're into the giant tall standing, floor lava lamps then this range might get you excited!


Only 7 left in STOCK - BRAND NEW $87

Lumisource LS-RADIANCE FLR, Radiance...

Lumisource Radiance Party Table Lamp

Creates a nice & relaxing environment, also makes awesome home décor.

This is an AWESOME lamp to have glowing when your hosting parties or social gatherings at your place. This really can really capture the eye's of your visitors. Not only that but this lamp makes fantastic home décor and doesn't take up a lot of room.

Last time I checked there were only 9 left AVAILABLE, though I think they get stock all the time anyway for this specific lamp. These are going for $41.25 BRAND NEW!

Lumisource Radiance Party Table Lamp...

Review Of Tall Motion Lava Lamp - If your fan of the taller style lava lamps then be sure to check this You Tube Video.

This guy gives a small review about this awesome tall red motion lava lamp. I just love this. How relaxing does it look?

Giant Lava Lamp

These giant lava lamps look great in the loungeroom and really capture the eye of your visitors

GREAT NEWS, They are now available after being out of stock for sometime, you have to get them via there actual website though, click on the image below and they give instructions.

Lumisource Pink Glitter Floor Lamp

How Long Is It Safe to Leave A Lava Lamp On?

Is there a suggested safe duration for a lava lamp turned on?

Most lava lamp safety manuals say to not have it running more then 8 hours at a time, this really depends on how old your lava lamp is. If you own a monster high lava lamp you might get away with having it on for longer, but if you have a small lava lamp then probably have it running at the manufacturer recommended duration.

Lava Lamps For Kids

Lava lamps makes a great Xmas & Birthday gift.

If you have kids then you would know how restless they can get before bedtime every night. Lava lamps for kids are a great way to help them relax and fall asleep. My friends son his 10 years old and he lays there in bed watching the lava lamp every night and its amazing to see just how relaxed it makes him.

Lava Lamps Kids

Is It Safe to Leave A Lava Lamp Unattended?

A friend of mine one day asked me a question while looking at my lava lamps, i had about 5 of the 8 going at the same time. He asked me "is it safe to leave a lava lamp unattended"? I would certainly not recommend you leave yours unattended, if you plan on leaving the house then turn them off while your out. If you just roaming around the house it should be okay just remember that you have them turned on.

Lava lamps after a while can really heat up and can be become a hazard if they break or tip over.. You should turn them off after a while, there not something i would leave on all night. Also make sure you don't touch the glass because gosh does that get hot, i learn't my lesson from doing that.

Do You Like My Lens?

What Do You Think Of My Lava Lamp Lens?

See results

Giant Lava Lamps Sale

Unique Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps Kids

Whats Your Favourite Style Of Lava Lamp?

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    • profile image

      lava does not move anymore 

      5 days ago

      what should I do before I throw it away

    • Doogsy82 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi there jasinta,

      I totally forgot to add some helpful links to some lava lamp bulbs. Again Amazon seems to offer the best prices and has a decent range available. I will add those links ASAP. Thanks for reminding me :-)

    • Doogsy82 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi there damian, Hmm it does seem the green colored wax is a hard one to come by, especially in the lava lite lava lamp model. My suggestion would be too keep an eye out regularly at They have stacks of lava lamp sellers getting new stock in all the time.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      hii doogsy, when were you going to add links to lava lamp bulbs? I'm looking for a few for my lava lamps but I don't know where to get them from. Also you make a good point. You also make a good point check the manual the lava lamp came in.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hey doogsy, nice webpage, quick question for you, Do you have any lava lite lava lamps with green colored wax?

      I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find any at all.

    • John Uwen profile image

      John Uwen 

      5 years ago

      I have always loved lava lamps, but have never bought one...something else for my Christmas wish list.


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