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Lawn Mowing Services

Updated on July 12, 2013

Wouldn’t you want to have a home beautifully adorned with well-maintained garden and lawn?

The riot of colors of the blooms as well as the lush green lawn will make your home one of the beauty spots in the neighborhood. Every homeowner would want to have a home that turns neighbors green with envy… a home that gets noticed by passersby. The verdant lawn would be a quiet oasis within the bustling city. The lawn would bring healing peace to the body and mind of people struggling with the hurly burly of urban life.

A well-maintained lawn is an ideal area for leisure activities for the family. Well-manicured lawns enhance the property’s curb appeal and improve its market value. Should there be a need to sell the home, the landscaping, the well-tended lawn and garden will not fail to attract potential buyers.

Choosing a professional lawn care service

Professional lawn service understands what must be done to keep the grass healthy and the lawn beautiful year round. Mowing and weeding are basic tasks that can be done by anyone. The tasks of a professional lawn service company go beyond weeding and grass trimming. Under the care of professional lawn service, the lawn will look more attractive because they know when to trim the grass and when to apply fertilizer to keep the grass healthy. They would know if pest control measures are needed and if it is necessary to keep the growth of trees and shrubs under control. Additionally, professional lawn service has the necessary tools, machines and equipment to undertake lawn care maintenance. This means that homeowners would not need to purchase expensive lawn maintenance tools. Without the need to devote time for the upkeep of the lawn, homeowners would have more free time for themselves.

Entrusting the care of the lawn to a professional lawn care provider delivers benefits. But there are important considerations in teaming up with a lawn care service provider. Business history is important. The firm should be established and backed up by several years of operational experience. The lawn care provider has to have the capability to offer a wide range of services and must be skilled in the application of the latest yard care innovations. The cost of the service matters too.

Lawn Service Methods 101


Are you looking for a lawn care service provider? 1-800-lawncare’s exceptional service can surely beautify your lawn. has an estimated 399 visitors per month and ranked 1509241 in United States. This friendly neighborhood lawn care company will provide you with the old fashioned lawn care service that is guaranteed to deliver excellent results. Using the latest innovations in lawn care, this company’s services includes lawn mowing, fertilization and aeration, lawn and perimeter pest control, sprinkler system, tree and shrub care as well as landscape maintenance. For the first service, you only need to pay $19. This company also offers 2 weeks free mowing, 6 months free home perimeter pest control and 2 free weed control applications. Affordable lawn service programs allow you to have the kind of lawn that will be the envy of the neighbors.

Premium Lawn Care

Premium Lawn Service is another company that provides lawn care services. This family owned business based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin has started as a provider of basic lawn mowing services. The business has grown and aside from a broad range of lawn mowing, the services offered have expanded to landscaping, irrigation, snow pushing and snow removal. With Premium Lawn Service, you can gain the benefits of having a beautifully landscaped and well-maintained lawn without breaking the bank.

How to Take Care of a Bald Spot in Your Lawn

Lawn Mowing Online

Professional lawn care service has become a thriving business. More and more people are jumping into the lawn care service bandwagon. In spite of this fact, getting the services of these professionals can be a concern. This is especially true in areas where there are no local lawn care service companies. Aside from being made to wait for days, customers have to pay hefty sums for the lawn care as the travel time and the gas of the contractor will be considered. This concern is resolved for customers in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Miami and St. Louis.

Lawn Mowing Online is an online interface that allows customers to contact contractors nearest their address. Mowing jobs are offered to anyone with a lawn mower, computer and camera. Contractor is paid once a picture of the completed job is submitted. Anyone who wants to get lawn care job can register. While a customer can get a professional to do the job, it is also possible to have the job done by someone who is not a pro. A lawn care job that is not satisfactorily done is the main drawback of Lawn Mowing Online.

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