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How To Make Ball Park Lawn Mowing Lines

Updated on January 1, 2012

Lawn Mowing Height

First we need to understand the importance of how to mow a lawn correctly. Maintaining a healthy lawn comes with time, but there are proper practices that will make your lawn look as beautiful as your neighbor "The Jones's" down the street. Many people do not know that cutting height is a key element to a healthy lawn. If you set the cutting deck at the proper height after the grass has been cut , you will have merely trimmed a quarter-inch of the grass-blade itself.

Lawn Mowing Schedule

Another key element is the scheduling of the lawn mowing. Pick a day of the week when mowing will be performed, believe it or not the grass will feel neglected if a schedule is not set. There are many types of grass, determine your zone for which grasses you are cutting. All grasses are considered a plant and any cutting of a plant will put stress on it, but the worst thing you can do to your lawn is simply not cut it. If you haven't cut the lawn for more than two weeks, when you do end up mowing, severe stress will occur and browning of the turf will be evident leaving a not so "Jones's" look.

Ball Park Mowing Lines

Well there really is not much to add if you watched the video. I will say a couple of things though. The first thing you will want to do is make two passes around the outskirts of the turf. If you're not using a bagger, you will want to proceed in a clockwise manner, making sure any clippings will be blown inward towards the uncut grass. This will prevent less clean up of walkways, driveways, rock and mulch beds.

After the two passes have been accomplished, it's time to start making your ball park mowing lines. If you noticed in the video there are white lines and there are dark lines. The white line is always the forward direction you mow. When you come to the end of the turf, it's now time to make your turnaround. Line up the cutting deck with the uncut grass and the grass you just cut. The easiest way to attempt countering your mowing lines would be to line up your front wheel on this line until you've gained more experience.

That's the basic idea, you can also surf the internet to find attachments the pro's use, like striping kits. These are rollers that you can fix on to your lawn mower, but you don't really need this if you're a homeowner just cutting your grass. The horse power supplied by the engine to the cutting blade will literally push the grass in the direction you're mowing.

Ball Park Lines
Ball Park Lines


Personally I consider this the most important part of a lawn mowing. The trimmer will do exactly as it sounds, trim. It can get all the areas the lawn mower couldn't, such as: around planters, along curb lines, landscape edging, etc. Most people dislike this job, because the last thing you want to is trim. Once you master this, it will become second nature. When all finished it's time to clean up any grass clippings that are on hard surfaces, planting beds or landscaping.

Lawn Mowing Blades

Landscape companies during the growing season will have sharp lawn mowing blades. They will sharpen their blades with a grinder everyday. Homeowners can get away with twice a season, depending on the size of your property.

Lawn Mowing Safety

There are people in the world that love pain. Most of us love our fingers and toes, right? Never put yourself in a position when the mower blade is running that makes your heart beat rapidly! Give that extra couple of seconds for the blade to shut off and turn the throttle down or shut the machine off, especially if you are going to be walking in front of the machine. Protective hearing and glasses will save you in the long run, never under-estimate a gas powered machine.


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    • molometer profile image

      molometer 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      This is useful information. My lawn's have been a source of much irritation over the years. I replaced the whole thing 3 times in SA.

    • hansenslawncare profile image

      hansenslawncare 5 years ago from Woodbury, MN

      Another great article Ringlawncare...this is the same info. you hand out to your crew, I've heard it first hand.