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How Did I Live Without A Leaf Vacuum?

Updated on March 7, 2018
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Ilona has gardened actively for most of her life and has been a writer and webmaster online since 1998. Homeschooled all 10 of her children.

Rake Leaves The Old Fashioned Way? Or Are You Ready For A Leaf Vacuum?

Poster captures the beauty of fall leaves. Eventually they fall and needed to be removed from a lawn.
Poster captures the beauty of fall leaves. Eventually they fall and needed to be removed from a lawn. | Source

Is This You?

Do You Have More Leaves To Rake Than You Have Time To Spare?

Or do you find raking leaves more of a chore than you bargained for?

I love trees, and my property is a large one with grassy spaces and large trees- many of which I planted. I don't regret any of the beautiful trees that grow in my landscape.

However... I find the chore of removing all those leaves from the grass is more than I can handle.

When fall time comes -with the need to rake up the leaves so they don't blow, kill my grass, and make a soggy mess in my perennial beds - so comes the time to gather the leaves.

I am grateful that we purchased a leaf vacuum/mulcher to accomplish the job.

And I don't mean one of those itty bitty hand-held types. I think those are a waste of time and money. If I want something to blow around the leaves I can wait until the wind does it. A real vacuum/chipper is like a large man-sized mowing machine that vacuums up the leaves in swathes across the lawn, and can chip the branches that fall from the trees.

I will say there is one thing that I would do differently when it comes to owning a leaf vacuum. I'll tell what that is, next.

Buying a self-propelled machine is the one thing I would do differently.

The Best Self-Propelled Leaf Vacuum - This one is the best value in my own opinion

Vacuums up the leaves, shreds them, and chips small branches.

Shred/Mulch/Vac to chip wood, shred or vacuum debris made by the reliable brand of Troy-Bilt.

Yes, I love to rake leaves - But not acres of them

Troy-Bilt Chipper / Shredder Vacuum / Mulcher - 206cc Briggs engine
Troy-Bilt Chipper / Shredder Vacuum / Mulcher - 206cc Briggs engine

This is the one feature that I WISH I had: a machine that is self-propelled. Don't make the mistake I did and get a great machine, but one that requires you to push it. Troy-bilt machines are reliable and of excellent quality, and with the self propelled power you can make short work of even a property that has lots of leaves from many mature trees.


Troy-Bilt Brand Chipper Leaf Vac

Self Propelled

is so worth it.

Self Propelled ... Have I said that enough yet?

If I still had a postage stamp sized yard in the city, I suppose I would still be using a leaf rake to gather up my leaves by hand, but once there are two or more large trees on even a smaller property, leaf raking can be a job you want someone else in charge of, especially after a rainy week when the leaves are sodden and it is no longer a pleasant job that only takes an hour on a weekend.

Even a decent sized city yard can sometimes require more time and effort put into raking than you can spare. A leaf vacuum would still be on my list of "gotta have it" tools. Especially since the ones that mulch leaves and chip the woody branches produce a beautiful garden mulch that adds humus to your soil.

Consider this model:

Merry Mac Brand


Wood Chipper

A feature useful for the branches that fall from ice storms and wind storms.

Make Your Choice from These Features

  • Enough horsepower
  • Self -propelled
  • Gas Powered
  • Most consider hose attachment very important for under shrubs
  • Large Diameter Wheels
  • Choose:

    Walk behind, Tow behind, Hand held

The Billy Goat Brand Makes The Case

Think About Your Landscape Needs

It seems like we either buy too much tool or not enough. Think about the size of your yard, and your need to to get the work done. Some people simply pay Landscape companies to do their chores.

Save Yourself The Time And Trouble With A Leaf Vac

Small city lots, few trees... and raking is a pleasant sunny day chore. Anything more than that  and you will be happy you purchased that lawn vac.
Small city lots, few trees... and raking is a pleasant sunny day chore. Anything more than that and you will be happy you purchased that lawn vac.

Get The Billy Goat - Great Name For A Yard Litter Vacuum

Billy Goat KV600SP Lawn and Litter Vacuum, 190 cc Briggs Engine, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt, Self Propelled
Billy Goat KV600SP Lawn and Litter Vacuum, 190 cc Briggs Engine, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt, Self Propelled

People who purchased this like the wide intake and feel it does a good job in taking care of yard debris.



3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum/Chipper/Blower: Gas powered, not self-propelled.
3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum/Chipper/Blower: Gas powered, not self-propelled. | Source

I like the type of attachments that let you reach into the garden beds, and under shrubs. When gardens abut the house, it is useful to have an attachment that vacuums them out, just like having a similar extension attachment on an indoor home vacuum.

I know some people like to have leaf blowers, but I personally hate the loud sound and the fact that it is just one more gizmo to take up room in the garage. For a reasonable addition of cost the tool to have is a full size machine that can pick up and chip up all your lawn and garden debris, with ease of collection and emptying.

OK, maybe you only have a postage stamp yard... then you might like a yard vac with attachments like the small hand held one.

Craftsman Brand Review

Leaf Vacuum Reviews

Chippers, Shredders, Mulchers

Rake In The Comments Here - Throw Yours On The Pile

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Like you, I also love the leaves but not tooooooo many. Nice lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Leaf sweeping on a windy day is the absolute endurance test


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