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Leather Sofa Beds

Updated on September 1, 2010

Choosing quality leather sofa beds can be a task for some, if your decision is based on buying a leather sofa bed that will compliment your home and surroundings from the dining area to the lounge, then choosing the right color, shape and size can be a crucial decision. A leather corner sofa bed can ad much style and appearance in any home.And with a range of colors weather a white, brown, or a genuine black leather sofa bed the choices are endless. Leather sofas and beds where originally made for the more upper class type market, but now they are less costly and much more affordable. Still one need to consider that there are two types of leather, leather made of high quality, and imitation leather. Obviously quality will last much longer as opposed to imitation and this should also effect your final decision. here is a list of tips one should know when either shopping or looking to purchase a leather sofa bed. so it may pay you to have some knowledge of the types of leather your dealing with and what to look for in terms of quality. This will come in handy when actually feeling the material of the leather if you are in the store whilst shopping around.

Shop Around

OK when shopping around for a leather sofa weather it be online or off line, one needs to have options in order to eliminate the cost factor. Find three to four sofas that meets your expectations in terms of quality and function as well as blend with your existing furniture and the size of space needed. Speak with all store owners and insist on a quote for  each item. Find the best deal to suite your needs from those four sellers, be sure and choose a sofa that meets only quality standards, well you know? there's cheap and then there's cheap!!.make sure to ask if there is a cover claim on the item, which should be either 3,  6 to 12 months from the day of purchase. This cover is essential to claim on any unforeseen damages that may occur to you leather sofa bed or lounge. Also find out any interest rates that may be added if you are renting to buy or making weekly installments to purchase your sofa.


Measure the area and space where you intend to put your leather sofa before buying one. This can be a fundamental mistake but can happen and taking time to pre- measure will eliminate any doubts.  If possible measure wight and length and take down measurements on a paper, and take it with you when the time comes to shop for that new sofa. The attendant or store owner will be more than happy to give you the right sofa according to your measurements. "then take ya money and gap it"  so make sure you feel it's the right one for you, you will be well advised to have everything pre-planned before you shop to avoid on the spot decisions.


Get a Feel

Don't stare at  a distance .. get in there and feel that upholstery, if you know your leather then you will know the difference between what's quality and what's not. Lay on the thing .. see if it meets your needs in terms of comfort and length. Although i don't advise you jump all  over it! that maybe somewhat extreme, also get a picture in your mind of how it will look when it gets home. If it looks good in your head then it will look good in your home. Ask the store owner any questions you may have  concerning  the purchase and warranty of the sofa this should be clarified As long as you have prepared everything before hand in terms of the type of quality,measurements,appearance and space you want then choosing the right one is a breeze. If you are well prepared then there's no reason why you shouldn't choose the perfect leather sofa or lounge to compliment and enhance your home as well as Wow your visitors..  

How To Repair Leather


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    • JulieCarlson profile image

      JulieCarlson 7 years ago from Chicagoland

      I love leather sofas but didn't think about the leather sofa beds option. Thanks for the information!