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LED Candle Light Bulbs

Updated on January 21, 2015

Best LED Candle Light Bulbs

LED candle light bulbs are a great alternative to old incandescent lights that are bad for the environment and chewing up your electrical bill. You can get the same glow as you get from a regular bulb by finding the best LED light bulb for your chandeliers, candelabras and other decorative light. LED light candle bulbs burn cool, no chance of catching on fire. The long lifespan mean that climbing to those high places in your home to replace bulbs will be done a lot less often. Saving you money and time.

You have the base already but knowing which LED candle light bulbs to put in your base can be tricky. Which one has the best value, which one will last the longest and which one will give you a light that is close to your old incandescent bulb. When looking for LED candle light bulbs you will want to know which kind of bulb you are replacing and decide what kind of light you are after. Lights will range from bright whites to soft warm white lights. You will also want to consider the lifespan, if you have a light that is way up high you may not want to change it as much as one that sits low over your dining table. Here are a few of the top rated led candle bulbs on the market.

Lighting EVER T2 2Watt LED Candle Light

This little bulb can save you over 85% on your electricity bill when replacing incandescent bulbs. It will provide a nice warm white light which comes with a three year warranty. Enjoy over 20,000 hours of warm white light in your home which means you don't have to be climbing to replace bulbs all the time.

This light is not dimmable however it is shock and vibration resistant. With a 2.00 wattage this LED candle light is perfect for chandeliers, scones and other fixtures that previously held 20 watt bulbs.

Bulbrite LED2CTCClear LED Bulb

With a high power chip that will provide the brightest LED light and a lifespan of 30,000 hours this little light comes in clear, frost finishes, candelabra and medium base.

Replacing your 15 watt incandescent bulbs with this bulb will save you a lot of money on those energy bills while helping the environment. Whilst not dimmable this true LED light has 360 degree illumination. Customers who reviewed this light said it had the truest look compared to their old bulbs.

Bulbrite LED5CTC/D5-Watt Dimmable LED Chandelier Bulb

If you are looking for a dimmable LED bulb then this may be the best choice for you. With the equivalency of a 40 watt incandescent this super bright LED light has a life span of over 25,000 hours.

With a three year warranty and 360 degree illumination this light is great for those tricky candelabra sockets that you felt like you could never replace. With a pure white light and built to last, this light is a little on the bigger side but customers think it is a very close match to their traditional bulbs.

GE 76455 Energy Smart LED Bent Tip Light Bulb

With a lifespan of up to 12,000 hours plus and a decorative style this bent-tip white candelabra LED light is perfect for those special spaces that you want to light up with style. With a 2 watt light source replacing your old 120 watt bulbs.

This light will give you a soft look in any room of your home. With cool tones it is perfect for a dining space or bedroom. This is the go to bulb if you are looking for something decorative and soft.

Lightkiwi E12 Candelabra LED Warm White

With a warm white glow and a viewing angle of 180 Degrees this 3 Watt LED light can replace a 20 watt incandescent light. With an attractive price this light is a brighter option then most other LED lights.

This is best for applications such as accent lighting or holiday lighting this bulb will give you a holiday feel all year round. Not the prettiest light or dimmable this little light still gives you a lot of light for a little money.

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