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Basic Information on LED Rope Lights

Updated on May 28, 2011

Many people are now using rope lighting in their home to create dramatic and fun effects. If you are considering this great new way to decorate your space, you may be wondering how LED rope lights work. There are a few different types of rope lighting and each has its own positive and negative aspect. The following is everything you need to know about this type of lighting so you can make an informed decision on which type is right for you:

Diameter of the Rope – There are two basic diameters of the rope that the lights are ensconced in. They come in three eighths of an inch and half inch diameters. The diameter of the light does not change the brightness or the wattage of the light. This is merely the thickness of the covering to the light bulbs themselves. Many people prefer the half inch for use outdoors because it is more durable while the three eighths inch is easier to cover up so it is used more commonly indoors. There is also more flexibility with the smaller diameter cover so it is also utilized more for decorating.

The Different Voltages – You can get rope lights in three different voltages. These are twelve, one hundred ten and one hundred and twenty volts. A good rule of thumb is the two in the hundreds are meant for in home wall socket use and the twelve is used with a twelve volt battery or a converter for in home use. The smaller voltage is perfect for RVs, boats or other outdoor uses. You can also use the higher voltage ropes outdoors as long as they are plugged into a regular outlet. It is not possible to splice the twelve volt into the other two voltage types and still have it work.

Length of Rope – The LED rope lights come in many different lengths and many types can be cut and spliced to make them longer or shorter as needed. This makes them highly versatile. The maximum length of rope that can be purchased is two hundred and forty feet. The longer the length, the more costly the rope is so many people simply purchase a few smaller lengths and splice them together.

Rope Light Longevity – The life span of the rope lights is dependent upon the type that is purchased. The LED type has a life that is equal to four of the incandescent type of rope lighting. This means that it does not have to be changed as frequently. This also means that it does cost more but when you get one hundred thousand hours of lighting with the LED compared to twenty five of the incandescent, the savings come over time.

LED rope lights are a great way for businesses and individuals to get custom lighting effects at a low cost when compared to other lighting types. Anyone who is considering this type of lighting should take the time to learn as much about it as possible. A well informed consumer is one who saves money and these tough times that is vital.


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