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Bright Lime Green Curtains and Panels for a Stylish Up To Date Look

Updated on May 21, 2014

Lime Green Curtains to Brighten Any Room

Lime green curtains add a stylish and contemporary touch to any window. This is my son's favorite color and many of the rooms in his house include this color one way or another.

Window curtains come in many beautiful designs and fabrics. All the draperies below will look perfect in any room including a playroom, bedroom and bathroom. Unwind in your choice of attractive surroundings at the end of the day or anytime of the day. Add a touch of beauty with green foliage for that finishing touch.

Create a delightful look that all your friends and family will admire and make a lasting impression with your choice of designs.

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Sheer Voile Lime Green Panel - Leight weight panels

I've bought a number of home accessories online where color was important. I find it sometimes difficult to choose the right color when looking at the way the product was displayed because the setting used in the retailers photo might be so different from my own home that it's hard for me to envision the item where I want to put it. What I find helps is to print out the photo on my printer, cut out the surrounding background and then hold the photo up in my kitchen or living room to see how it will go with my own things.

Stylemaster Vivid 60-Inch by 84-Inch Sheer Voile Grommet Panel, Lime
Stylemaster Vivid 60-Inch by 84-Inch Sheer Voile Grommet Panel, Lime

I think this is one of those choices where you might have to do that because it doesn't look quite as pretty in the photo as the real thing. This is a great shade of lime green but transparent enough to let in a lot of sun and give your room a nice glow during the day.


Popular Choice

I know that lime green is a really popular choice for young girls - especially when combined with pink bedroom accessories - but I wanted to find some curtains that would go in a living room or dining room. I watch a lot of those home makeover shows and they always manage to pull off these amazing color combinations that look really good. This is one of those colors that I'd been afraid to use for a while until I saw how well it works with white, creams, yellows, and pale gray. The following styles of panels would work well when assembling an elegant room.

Lime Green Ready Made Curtains - High quality panels

When you look closely, you'll see there's thread and sequins embroidered throughout the fabric in this set of panels. It gives them a glitter effect and I think they're perfect for a living room, sun room, or a teenaged girl's bedroom. They're like a designer style but so inexpensive that you can interchange them with something else, too, if you like to have different looks during the year.

Glitter Embroidered Sequins Panel with Attached Valance 40Wx84L-LIME
Glitter Embroidered Sequins Panel with Attached Valance 40Wx84L-LIME

My sister is a nut and likes to make her own curtains but I think these are just as pretty and save a ton of time messing around with fabric choices.


A Decorating Tip

One decorating trick for working with smaller rooms is to keep the same color theme throughout but with different shades. This keeps the eyes from seeing the change from one color to another as breaking up the look of the room into chunks making it look smaller. If you're going to layer shades of lime green in your room, finding the right shade to match your paint is an important step.

Lace panels are my favorite. They're very sheer so if you need to make sure you allow light to enter the room, these are perfect. However, you can also layer them over a solid colored panel behind the sheer lace and there are so many different choices that would work that you can use these in many situations. Just picture them with a pale pink panel behind them.

Striped Lime Green Drapes for Your Room - Eyelet ring top

Whitworth Lined Ready Made Curtains 66" x 72" (168cm x 183cm) in Green with an Eyelet Ring Top
Whitworth Lined Ready Made Curtains 66" x 72" (168cm x 183cm) in Green with an Eyelet Ring Top

Stripes draw your eye vertically in a room and are great for adding height and making your ceilings look higher than they are. This set has a blend of several shades of green and the material is a nice weight so they'll drape and stay in place easily.


Great Color Choice For Your Bathroom

Two of my nieces have a bathroom that adjoins both of their bedrooms. Both girls have pink rooms but my brother just couldn't quite stomach the thought of also having the bathroom in all pink so they softened it with some lime green. The bathroom still very much matches the colors of the two bedrooms but adds some freshness to keep it from getting to be too much pink throughout all three rooms.

Lime Green - Shower Curtain
Lime Green - Shower Curtain

He let the girls pick out the shower curtain and they went with one in all lime green that has a little print of a white sponge pattern running through it.

Allure Home Creations Stella Pink Resin Shower Curtain Hooks
Allure Home Creations Stella Pink Resin Shower Curtain Hooks

Then they found these flower shaped shower curtain rings that have green leaves and pink petals and the combination is just adorable.


Make Your Own

Pick the fabric of your choice and make your own curtains.

As I mentioned earlier, my sister likes to make her own curtains. She's also a paint-freak and changes the paintwork of major rooms in her home at least once a year. How she fits that in her already hectic schedule, I don't know, but she does - which makes me quite jealous. This gives her a lot of flexibility to find just the right choices to create the look she has in her mind's eye. If you can't find a shade you like but are handy with a needle and thread, there are some great green fabrics available and you'd also be able to make matching pillows and valances to finish off a room.

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