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Lime Green Rug For Indoors And Outdoors

Updated on August 30, 2017

Modern Lime Green Rug

Looking for lime green accessories to compliment your room? A gorgeous lime green rug will brighten any room! Match that up with cushions and curtains for a stylish up to date look.

Themed rooms have become very popular, with lime green being the top choice of color.

I learned the importance of a themed room and matching colors from my mother. Everything had to match in her kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe.

I still remember she has a green bathroom and everytime she travelled overseas she was looking for a lime green mat. It had to be a specific green. She saw hundreds and years passed till she got the right color.

You do not need to stress like my mother. With the internet everything became easier. Below, you will find round, oval, rectangle and square mat options at very reasonable prices that you can purchase online quickly and easily.

Change the look of your decor with this reversible rug:- Fab Habitat Murano Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Lime Green and Cream- Pictured

Lime Green Indoor Outdoor Rugs

These rugs are ideal for outdoor and indoor. I hate it when there are no rugs at the entrance of doors and then you walk in with your dirty shoes. So I always keep a rug at every door

These lime green outdoor rugs are ideal for any type of weather. They are washable and generally they wash with just a hose and some dishwashing liquid.

The challenge of having an outdoor rug by the door is education. Yes you need to educate your children, and sometimes adults to use the rug properly. They should be cleaning their shoes before coming in, and also they should be placing the rug back in its place when it has moved. Otherwise you could get constantly frustrated by the rug just being a nuisance rather than a help.

Area Rug Indoor/Outdoor - Jaipur Colours Rug from RugPalCHECK PRICE

Fab Habitat Murano Indoor/Outdoor RugCHECK PRICE

Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Sunny Lime and Charcoal GrayCHECK PRICE

Lime Green Carpet To Match Your Decor? - What about a rug?

What do you think about rugs?

Properties of Color Green

Green represents nature, fertility and growth. Think about this, how do you feel when the landscape around you is green? On the other hand, have you noticed the difference when everything is brown and dead. Green represents life

The energy of green is change and transformation. Green represents love balance, life, growth self control and calmness

So if you want to grow, or find some balance in your life, then add some green into your life. If you want to create change in your life, then add some green as well. If you need to be calmer, then add some more green into your life.

I believe that you will not go wrong adding some green into your home. At the end of the day you and your home may benefit.

Lime Green Bathroom Rug Sets

Green bathrooms are very popular. I am now thinking again about my mother green bathroom. Themed decoration is also looks very nice. It makes you feel harmony and like everything belongs together.

If you have a green bathroom then a lime green bathroom rug set can really compliment it and give the bathroom that sense of completeness and belonging.

Below is a selection of lime green bathroom rug sets, in various shades, shape and sizes. These rug sets can bring brighten your bathroom and your life.

There are many properties of the color green which I will describe below. So yes, when decorating a home it is very interesting and important to consider the properties of colors.

Shaggy Washable Nylon Bathroom 2 Piece RugCHECK PRICE

2 Piece Fish Design Bathroom

Bath & Pedestal Mat/Rug SetCHECK PRICE

Jazz Shaggy Washable Nylon Bathroom 3 Piece RugCHECK PRICE

Lime Green Rugs for Children

Have a look at these fun lime green rugs and see if it would not brighten your child’s room. With flowers, hearts or shapes, they could suit nicely in everyone’s room.

One thing I have notice is that you can combine lime green with many colors, from pink to blue, purple red, whites, browns and oranges. I am not sure if I have missed any color but they certainly look nice.

I have not seen this when I decorated my house but I will certainly consider adding it to my dcor.

4-Ever Young Lime Printed Kids RugCHECK PRICE

Corfu Lime / Goldenrod Contemporary RugCHECK PRICE

Some uses of Rugs

Decorating with rugs can have its purpose. Here are some ideas and tips when decorating with rugs

Rugs can add color and vibration to your room. The rug you choose, color and shape can add more volume to your room or quieten your room,

Rugs are used to define areas or separate areas, for example lounges and dining room or entrance hall.

The rug can be the focus of a room, or can be used to soften the noise in the room

I always thought that using two same sized rugs in a room is a clever idea . Well I have learned that is actually wrong. Having the same size rugs in a room can cut the room in half.

If you have more than one rug in a room make sure that the pattern and colors compliment otherwise it would look like a carnival.

Rugs can be the center of attention in a room, the central focus. So the selection of a rug should not be taken lightly. Think, consider and then choose according to what you want to achieve.

Do you like the color lime green for a rug?

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