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Lime Green Rug – What you need to consider before buying?

Updated on December 28, 2009

Lime green rug is not the famous choice for everyone. You seldom see this type of color of rug at the home and office. However, it is still possible that you will see this type of rug in people house or office. Here are few things that you need to consider before buying lime green rug for your house or office.

Choosing the rug material
Choosing the material that made the rug is a very important task. You should consider about its durability and look. The most common materials are wool, cotton, silk and nylon. Wool rug is know for its durability compare to synthetics ones. It is a widely used resilient material and natural resist dust mites that can caused allergies. Cotton rug tend to wear more quickly than the wool rug. However, it cost less than all wool rug and it is commonly used together with wool. Silk rug is a high quality type of rug and required special care and cleaning attention. Synthetic nylon rug is known for its durability and strength. It is stain resistance and cost less than rug made from natural materials. But their value is lower compare to rug made from wool, cotton and silk.

Measurement and rug shape
Firstly you should decide the shape of the lime green rug that you preferred. Rectangular, square, oval and round are some of the common shape available. Then you should take measurements of the length and width of the rug that you want to purchase. You have to think of the area where you want to put the rug. It can be in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or entrance to your house. If you want to cover the whole room with the rug then you have to measure the length and width of the room. You should double check the measurements to ensure that you buy the correct size of the rug.

Design and style
Lime green rug can either be hand-made or by machine-made. Apart from that it comes in many different designs and patterns. Here are some of the styles available.
1) Shag area rug: It is a staple of the 1970s, it has soft and thick fiber provide excellent insulation.
2) Contemporary area rug: It is suitable for modern living room. It has bright colors and unusual shapes make them look like modern art of the floor.
3) Braided area rug: It is suitable for home decorated with arts and crafts.
4) Oriental area rug: Oriental rug is made in Asia and has high quality. It is hand-knotted into intricate pattern. Excess thread is cut off.
5) Persian area rug: It comes in pictorial, geometrical or floral designs. It features in bright colors.


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