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Little Tikes Table And Chairs - Plastic And Wooden Sets For Your Child

Updated on August 1, 2015
Little Tikes Table And Chairs Set
Little Tikes Table And Chairs Set | Source

Little Tikes Table And Chairs - Points To Consider

Little Tikes table and chairs set comes in various models. Depending on your preference, you can have a square or round table and you also have a choice between plastic and wooden construction. Some parents also look for sets that have specific cartoon characters on them to please their young kids.

When choosing table and chairs for your toddler, you do need to make a choice between a light and heavy set. If the set is made of light plastic, your child can push it around and it is easy for him to get his table and chair to the exact spot he wants. There is less noise when he drags the table and chairs around and there is also less likelihood of having scratches on your floor with all the pushing that he will be doing. The drawback is a light plastic chair is easier to topple over when your child can't sit still on it. He will also be able to turn the table over without much effort.

On the other hand, if you choose a heavier table and chairs set, it may be sturdier. But it is likely to be more costly and when your toddler pushes them around the house, they may cause scratches on your floor due to the weight, especially if they are made of wood.

The Little Tikes table and chairs models give you a few options so that you can decide which is best for your child. You can weigh the costs and benefits of each and how much you are willing to spend on a set before committing to a purchase. But it is something that you do have to buy sooner rather than later, because your child does need a table and chair of the right height for him to eat, play, read and draw comfortably on.

Adjust N Draw Table For A Growing Child

Little Tikes Adjust N Draw Table
Little Tikes Adjust N Draw Table

This table comes with a 3-height adjustment settings. What is interesting is that it is convertible into an easel for drawing, which makes it more than a simple table.

Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Classic Table & Chairs Set
Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Classic Table & Chairs Set | Source

Little Tikes Table And Chairs - Thomas And Friends

This is one of the cheapest Little Tikes table and chairs set available. However, it is just like any other plastic set except for the picture of Thomas and friends. If your kid really loves this character, then you might still want to buy this.

But if given a choice, this may not be a good buy at all. This is because it is really light which makes it easy for the chair to topple over with your kid on it. If your child has learned to sit still, then this type incident may be less likely. So, do consider how active your kid may be when he is siting at the table.

Furthermore, the picture of Thomas on the table top is attached by bolts. It is sort of like a cover which makes it easy for drinks and crumbs to get underneath. You will most probably have a hard time cleaning it if that happens. Given that a young child will be using this table, there are bound to be spills and crumbs all over the table. This is another factor you should consider before making your purchase.

However, as mentioned, if you want something cheap and to delight your child with a Thomas and friends table, then you may not have as many choices as you would like. Just be prepared for some tough time with the cleaning, and this may still be an acceptable set to buy.

Little Tikes Classic Table And Chairs Set
Little Tikes Classic Table And Chairs Set

Little Tikes Table And Chairs - Classic

The Little Tikes table and chairs classic set says it all. If you don' want anything fancy, then this is a good choice with an affordable price. Sometimes, a simple set is more practical because it tends to be gender-neutral. That means whether you have a girl or a boy at home, it will be a hit to both sexes.

For this set, it is also lightweight being made of plastic. But it should be sturdier than the Thomas and friends set above because if has double-wall plastic construction and both the table and chairs have wide posts for the legs. If you don't want it to slide too easily, set it up in a carpeted area or put a rug underneath.

The table is easy to clean and there is a lip around the edge to prevent spills from flowing down onto the floor. This is also good to stop pencils and crayons from rolling off.

There is a decorative sticker that goes round the sides of the table but it looks just as good without anything on it. All in all, the Little Tikes Classic is a simple set but will delight your kid just the same.

The Classic

Little Tikes Classic Table and Chairs Set
Little Tikes Classic Table and Chairs Set

This classic set has bright colors that would attract any young kid, but at the same time, it is nothing fancy that your child could quickly grow out of. The important thing is you child would want to sit at the table to eat or play, and this set should give him that space to do so. This items hips for free with super saver shipping at Amazon at the time of writing, making this very competitively-priced among online retailers. Click here for the latest Amazon offer if you don't want to miss out on any great deals!

Little Tikes Table And Chairs Set (Soft Colors)
Little Tikes Table And Chairs Set (Soft Colors)

Little Tikes Table And Chairs - Yellow And Blue

Little Tikes table and chairs sets also come in soft colors. If you don't want anything that is too brightly-colored, consider the yellow and blue set. This one has softer colors which means it should be easier to blend into your existing d├ęcor.

Unlike the classic set, this one has a round table. It has a seamless one piece top which means cleaning is easy. Again, this is a lightweight set and your child can really push it around without much of an effort. But this yellow and blue set is durable and it offers a comfortable place for your kid to sit and eat or play.

Little Tikes Table And Chairs - Spotlight Yellow And Blue

Little Tikes Table and Chairs Set
Little Tikes Table and Chairs Set

This set has a round table as well as soft colors that are more appealing to the eye. Highly rated by parents, it is affordable and more importantly, easy to keep clean. Kids tend to be clumsy, and the last thing you need is a table that is difficult to give it a thorough wipe. This item also ships for free with super saver shipping at Amazon at time of writing. You will need to click here to check the latest offer. Get it soon as this item runs out fast at times!


Want A Kid's Table That Can Be Stored Away?

Little Tikes Easy Store Jr. Play Table – Amazon Exclusive
Little Tikes Easy Store Jr. Play Table – Amazon Exclusive

This junior play table can be folded for portability and storage for your convenience. It is also suitable for outdoors during the hotter months.


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