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Loft Bunk Beds-Desk Edition

Updated on April 25, 2013

Loft Bunk Bed And Desk - Space Saving Miracle

The Loft Bunk beds desk combination is a massive space saving idea. A loft bunk bed is perfect for smaller bedrooms and for when you have 2 children sleeping in the one bedroom. A loft bed can free up so much space in the bedroom like never before. Especially the loft beds with extra storage compartments.

When you have got kids at school, it is essential that they have their own private work station so that they can develop and learn. An Ergonomically designed desk is ideal, however sometimes you might need to order a more comfortable and safer chair for example. It is very important that a child follows the same principles as adults for maintaining a good posture.  The best time to teach your child ergonomic habits is when they are young and they will benefit from your guidance for the rest of their lives. What a better time to start then with a Loft Bunk Bed And Desk bundle.

Below you can find both single bed and twin Loft bunk beds, all of which include a desk/study area. This page is split up into sections for your convenience starting with the White Loft Bed with Desk selection. Be sure to check out the tips on ensuring your child's desk is ergonomically sound too.

Above Image is of South Shore Furniture, Logik Collection, Complete Loft Bed Sunny Pine Edition.

White Loft Bed Desk Ultimate Package - Maxtrix Kids Grand 3 / Giant 3 Full High Loft Bed with Long Desk and 3 1/2 Drawer Chest

The Ultimate Loft Bed/Desk Bundle
The Ultimate Loft Bed/Desk Bundle

This is the ultimate package for the children. This white loft bunk bed desk combination also includes useful furniture which is another space saving idea. While this white loft bed is a bit more pricier then some of the other bunk beds on display here, but you get what you pay for with this bed. So if your looking for a cheaper white loft bunk bed and desk bundle keep going down the page.

This kids bed goes above and beyond the U.S Federal Safety Regulations. The safety rail is 6 inches higher then safety standards sitting at a nice 11 inches in height for more protection. This bed sits higher then most loft beds giving your child more growing area to continue in the work station under the bed. Great to get this bed when your child is a bit younger so they can grow with the loft bed and saving you a lot of money.

800 LBS Weight limit for the bedLadder available in either straight or angled style. Angle style is equipped with a strong sturdy hand railAvailable height under bed is 5 foot 8Made From Birch hardwood and veneers. Available in White or Natural BirchLoft Leg Extension for extra heightComes with 2 by 3.5 chest of drawers5 Years Limited Warranty

White Loft Bunk Bed And Desk Deals

Cooley Sleep Study Storage Loft Bed Finish: White
Cooley Sleep Study Storage Loft Bed Finish: White

The perfect white loft bunk bed with desk for the space conscious room. Comes with an assortment of drawers and further space saving compartments. This bunk bed will free up a lot of your limited space.

The desk is built into the bed under the stairs which makes this even more convenient. Just make sure you allow enough space in your room for the bed and to fit into the desk compartment. Part of the Cooley collection this loft bed comes with 1 year warranty and measures in at 44'' Width x 80' Length x 72 height.

Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed with Workstation, White
Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed with Workstation, White

The Sunset Metal Twin/Workstation Bunk Bed by Walker Edison is a very sturdy well built pleasing to the eye loft bunk bed. While it's not as expensive as some of the other loft bunk bed and desk packages, it sure will do the job for you.

Well made, strong and sturdy metal frame, nice working station underneath with keyboard drawer make this loft bunk bed a great choice on a limited budget. Where this bed is cheaper then some, what you save in money you will have to spend in man power putting this bed together. Allow a couple hours for 2 adults to put this bed together. Support via toll free number is available.

South Shore Complete Loft Bed, Logik/Sand Castle Collection, Pure White
South Shore Complete Loft Bed, Logik/Sand Castle Collection, Pure White

DON'T spend thousands on a twin loft bed with desk area when you can get this beautiful white double loft bed study combo for around $700. Search no more if you looking for a quality loft bunk bed for your 2 kids that can also cater for study needs, because you have just found a gem of a bed.

The strong sturdy timber bed accounts for a large amount of storage space which is highly convenient when you have 2 little ones in the same bedroom. The built in desk is perfectly located on the left hand side of the bunk bed which also includes even MORE options for storage and your study materials. One cant go past this bed when looking for value for money. 5 year warranty and easy to assemble complete this great white loft bed set.


Boys Loft Bed Desk Bundles

Boys Loft Bunk Beds Desk packages are essential for smaller homes with 2 boys sharing the same bedroom. As the boys grow up and start school, a study desk is required. But when your in dire need of some space saving ideas, buying a loft bunk bed with a desk for boys is crucial.

A fine selection of Boys Loft Bunk Beds with desks. All of these bunk loft beds will be well suited in any young boys room and as your child continues to grow, these beds will still look stylish enough to have in a teenagers room. (Besides Magic Loft For Young Boys) Click on the image to find out the beds specifications. 

Boys Loft Bunk Bed Room Magic Loft With Desk

ACME 02030 Winona Twin/Full Bunk Bed with Study Desk, Black Finish

Cappuccino Finish Workstation Bunkbed Bunk Bed PC Desk

Twin over Twin Modular Loft Bed with Chest and Desk

South Shore Furniture, Popular Collection, Complete Loft Bed, Natural Maple

Contemporary Black Loft Bed & Computer Workstation

Tips For An Ergonomic Child's Study Area

If your going to buy your child a loft bed with a desk,then it's a good idea to teach your child the value of ergonomics. Better prepare your child's posture from the beginning to bring a lifetime of relief. So here's a few helpful tips to make your child's experience with their study station more ergonomically sound.

A foot rest is a good idea for children who cant quite reach the ground yet when sitting at the computer desk. This ensures the child's knees are in the correct position and not just dangling around. Children are less likely to grasp the concept of time and therefore spend far too long sitting in front of the computer. Teach the value of taking breaks from the computer and monitor your child's length of time in front of the computer.An Economical Chair For Kids - Specially designed chairs just for kids is an option and won't cost you the world.Because adult computer chairs are generally too deep for children, a computer chair designed for kids is your safest optionA wrist rest is an excellent idea for younger children because they are unlikely to be aware of the correct wrist positioning, and having a wrist rest will help dramatically. Along with a smaller mouse/keyboard too suit your children's hand size.Be a good role model for your child. Take the correct amount of breaks, don't slouch on your chair and show your child how to be more ergonomically sound in the office with picture cards and reminder post its.Photo Credit:

Share your experiences, likes/dislikes about bunk beds here and whether you think the addition of a desk to a loft bunk bed is a good idea.

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