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Cheap Extra Long Area Rugs For The Hallway

Updated on February 25, 2013

Hallway Area Rug Runners Make Decorating Easy

Long and narrow area rugs can be used for anything you want but they are traditionally known as area rug runners or rug runners. They can vary in size but the most common length is roughly two and a half feet by 8 feet - a perfect size and shape for a standard hallway.

Runner rugs typically cost much less than a quality 8x10 living room rug although prices can get up there if you are shopping only on the high end. Many people use these rugs in entry way halls so they tend to get a bit dirty. In my opinion it's worth buying something that is going to last a while but it may not be worth spending hundreds on.

Below I've featured some of the best rugs from a number of different styles as well as a few cheaper runners lower on the page. I hope you find some inspiration below if not something worth buying.

Photo Credit - Checkerboard Carpet Rug Hallway Runner by Dean Flooring Company

Top Rated Area Rug Runners For Sale

The following area rug runners are perfect for long hallways or as a base to a long and narrow table. Of course you can use them for anything you want in your own home too. I've featured a number of the top rated best selling long rugs below. Further down the page you can see a few of the cheaper runner area rugs that score high remarks from past customers.

A lot of people place runner rugs in the kitchen in line with a counter top. If you are looking for some more ideas along this line check out the following page featuring area rugs perfect for the kitchen.

Best Area Rugs For The Kitchen
There are basically two different types of area rugs that are used in the kitchen. There are those that are purely decorative like the coffee rug pictured to...

Rooster Area Rugs
I just love Americana in home decor. Rooster area rugs fit right in with this theme. For me, they remind me of staying at my Grandmother's house when I w...

Cheap Area Rugs For The Hallway

You don't need to spend a fortune on a decent rug. The rugs below are all well made and cost much less than $100 - in many cases less than $50.

The following page is not exactly full of runner rugs but in many cases a cheap rug will work just fine in place of a true runner. See below for cheaper rugs from all styles.

Cheap Area Rugs That Look Awesome
Area rugs can be wildly expensive if you don't shop around. In some regard they are better rugs than cheaper alternatives but in large part you can usually g...

Vintage Runners & Area Rugs For Hallways

Brand new area rugs of all varieties have a distinct feel to them. A lot of people prefer vintage decor to be used in theri home. With rugs used or vintage items can be hit or miss. Older rugs can be worn or stained but reputable sellers will always disclose such flaws. If you are looking for an old vintage runner rug then check out the listings below on eBay. Each listing below is active as of right now.

Forgetting Something?

Most area rugs need a good area rug pad to keep them in one place. For rugs going down on hardwood floors this is especially important so that the rugs don't move or bunch up creating tripping hazards. The pages below feature quality rug pads that can be purchased in just about any size as well as a few other types of accent rugs for the kitchen and the living room.

Top Rated 8x10 Area Rugs For The Living Room
The 8x10 area rug is one of the most common sizes of rugs and it's perfect for most people in their living room. Whether you use it as a runner for an open s...

Best Area Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors
If you have hard wood floors then you absolutly have to get padding for any area rug you get. Most rugs will slide around on wooden floors and if you get the...

Best Area Rugs For The Kitchen
There are basically two different types of area rugs that are used in the kitchen. There are those that are purely decorative like the coffee rug pictured to...

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