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How to pack your household items when long distance moving overseas

Updated on November 27, 2011

Zoom for a funny removal truck

Removal tips and truck rental funnies
Removal tips and truck rental funnies

So you've taken the plunge and are moving long distance

Long distance moving and international moving are rated right up there in the top 10 most stressful things a person can do in their lifetime.

You are probably regretting the decision you made to move abroad or cross country already before you've even sat down to consider packing or hiring a moving van.

The first thing you going to want to do is create an itinary and a list of items to go in the moving truck or if you reckon you can do it yourself with a little help form your family and friends, get yourself a moving truck rental and do the drive yourself.That way you are certain that all your household beloved collection of painstakingly hardearned items are safe and sound under your own control and destiny.

The second thing you are going to need to do is start hourding moving containers of all shapes and sizes. Think about it. When last did you look at what is stored in boxes in your garage and at the top of your household cupboards. Its unbelievable how much crap you can collect over the years. You thought this moving idea was going to be a walk in the park didn't you.

So you've got a U-HAUL - What now.

Well, long distance moving companies and even local moving services, tend to generally bring along their own moving straps,moving containers, moving blankets and most moving supplies that you may need in the packing up stages of your household items.

The moving vans will be able to pack and stack moving containers a from floor to ceiling if it helps them create more space in the moving van. The difference with a U-Haul is that you are going to need to arrange the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest on the top and then fill in the spaces with smaller items as and how you manage to. You need to remember that this is what they do for a living and you can not allow yourself to get stressed out if you have chosen to do it your self. Moving straps with buckles will be a good idea to strap and secure the furniture to the inner sides of the moving van to limit movement once in transit.

When packing your moving containers, it is always a good idea to approach your local grocery store in advance and request them to give you some empty boxes that they receive their stock in as they are usually free and plentyful. You are definitely going to need a load of packing tape for sealing your packing containers. Be aware to try and number the containers and as you pack them have a list with the box numbers on it and next to each number write down any important items in that box that you believe will be needed once you have reached the other side.

Moving Tips and Moving Hints

Here are a list of moving tips and moving hint websites that we picked up along the way to help give you some direction with your moving if you need a list to work with.

Make sure to choose your moving company with care - hilarious moving accident

Moving tips,Moving Companies and storage companies

So you've now had a few laughs and got some direction as to how you need to source the most reputable moving companies to help you pack up your life and move to your new home.

Please remember to keep out some cleaning materials for the last part of moving, thats cleaning up after you move. The worst part for sure.Also keep a bag seperate with some toiletries and at least a few days clean clothes in case the moving truck does'nt arrive on time.

Keep a pair of scissors handy, some packing tape and whatever you do keep your list handy of the box numbers and whats inside each moving container otherwise your in for fun and games when you start looking for something that you packed and can't remember where.


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    • profile image

      Orange County Office Moving Company 

      9 years ago


      The information in your hub is pretty interesting,and informative.

      Enjoyed the video ..

      Moving office is tedious task requires lot of planning and choosing the right moving company

    • profile image

      Orange County Office Moving Company 

      9 years ago


      The information in your hub is pretty interesting,and informative.

      Enjoyed the video ..

      Moving office is tedious task requires lot of planning and choosing the right moving company


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